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Who Will Replace Trevor Noah On The Daily Show? Why Did He Resign- His New job And Net Worth

Who Will Replace Trevor Noah On The Daily Show? It is a burning question on the internet after Trevor announced his departure from the show. 

Trevor Noah had been the face of The Daily Show for more than seven years, and this sudden announcement shocked many people around the globe. People are curious about the reason behind this decision from Trevor and want to know if someone of equal pedigree would replace him or not. 

Since Trevor took the show to new heights, searching for his replacement would be hard and fast. Fans were accustomed to seeing the South African and his jolly sense of humor, so The Daily Show must ensure they don’t disappoint. 

Who Will Replace Trevor Noah On The Daily Show?

Trevor Noah will be a major miss in the upcoming episodes of the Daily Show as he has been consistently delivering on the stage for almost a decade. However, his replacement is yet to be officially announced. 

In a tearful announcement, Trevor confirmed that he was leaving The Daily Show. Since he leaves behind a big legacy, The Daily Show must think properly before choosing replacements. So they are taking their time. 

Who Will Replace Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah in The Daily Show
(Source: Comedy Central)

Trevor replaced Jon Stewart as the face of the show almost seven years ago, and he managed to reach new heights during his run. The show also benefited from Trevor’s impressive persona as he won multiple awards. Millions of people are thankful for Trevor and his chuckles. 

Why Did Trevor Noah Resign?

Since the Daily show was performing well among the audiences, it shocked everyone when Trevor announced his resignation. People were curious about the thought process that led the comedian to make that decision. 

Explaining his actions, Trevor explained how he wanted to explore more. Since much of his early career depended on exploration, he wanted to return to that way of living.

Trevor will no longer be a part of The Daily Show, but we can be sure he will not leave his interests as a comedian and writer. 

Learn More About Trevor’s New Employment

Fans are trying to know more about his new job decision after it was announced that he would be leaving The Daily Show. Trevor made a tearful announcement that he would leave the field he had been employed in for seven years.

His next step in his profession hasn’t been announced, though. Since the standup scene proved successful, he might try his hand at this age-old trade. However, there is no way to be specific because he has not made any pronouncements.

Vast people support Trevor and can’t wait to see what he gets involved in next. We will inform you about his new efforts as soon as he says anything.

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He Has An Impressive Net Worth

Trevor Noah reportedly has a staggering net worth of almost $100 million, according to celebritynetworth. His sense of humor and standup specials are responsible for most of his earnings.

Trevor has somehow revolutionized the world of standup comedy. He used to learn different languages and accents to deliver as authentic performances as possible. Following his theatrical endeavors, he brought his sense of humor to The Daily Show and continued his illustrious career.

Standup Comedian Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah performing standup comedy (Source: YouTube)

In addition, Trevor has frequently appeared on The Daily Show. He has been crucial to the show’s success for the past seven years. They will have enormous shoes to fill because he has chosen not to continue representing the show.

Fans hope that Trevor keeps pursuing his hobby because they have grown accustomed to chuckling at his jokes.

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