Denis Cyplenkov

Denis Cyplenkov: Arm Wrestling, World Records & Net Worth

Denis Cyplenkov is a Ukrainian athlete who has mastered Arm Wrestling, Bodybuilding, and other fitness championships.

He is also known as the real-life Ukrainian Hulk accredited to his actual physical appearance.

Also, he has been considered the strongman champion several times. 

Denis Cyplenkov
The arm wrestler Denis Cyplenkov was having a holiday brunch.

The 41 Years Old athlete has fought in several championships at the national and international levels. 

Despite being a Ukrainian by nationality, he has often represented Russia in several competitions. Hence, he is often mistaken for being a Russian.

However, the truth is that he has been a team member of the Russian team in Arm Wrestling competitions. 

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about the Ukrainian athlete Denis Cyplenkov:

Full Name Denis Ivanovich Tsyyplenkov
Also known as Denis Cyplenkov, Hulk, Tsypa, Khalk
Date of birth March 10, 1982
Place of birth Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine
Nationality Soviet
Religion Christian
Ethnicity White
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Age 41 Years Old
Height 6 feet 1 inch (186 cms)
Weight 308.6 lbs(140 kgs)
Body type Athletic, Masculine
Skin color Fair
Eye color Grey
Hair color Black
Horoscope Pisces
Birthstone Amethyst
Lucky color Seven
Lucky number Aquamarine
Father’s name Not revealed
Mother’s name Not revealed
Siblings Not revealed
Marital status Unmarried/Single
Spouse/Partner Unknown
Children Unknown
Education High School attended
Profession Athlete
Sports Arm wrestling, Weight lifting
Coach Kote Razmade, Yakimenko SA
Sports country Russia
Debut date 1994
Years active 1994-present
Hobbies Swimming
Net worth $5 million
Merch Fitness wear
Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Merch Arm Wrestling Equiments
Last update March, 2024

Denis Cyplenkov: Early Life

Denis Cyplenkov was born on March 2010, 1982, in Krivoy Rog (Kryvyi Rih), Ukarine.

The arm wrestler had a very tough beginning in his life. In addition to the struggle for his career, he also faced a lot of criticism as a Ukrainian playing through the team of Russia.

His giant body has also brought all the attention to him in the initial days of his career.

However, he slowly adapted to the criticism and made his vast body a resource of fame.

Denis Cyplenkov: Height, Weight, and Ethnicity

The arm wrestler has a masculine athletic body which gives him a fierce appearance. He stands six feet one inch tall and weighs 317.5 lbs.

Additionally, his arms measure 63 cm, and his waist circumference is 24 cm.

Also, the athlete has beautiful brown eyes and light brown hair.

He holds a Ukrainian nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity. The wrestler also is a Christian by religion.

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Denis Cyplenkov: Educational Background

There isn’t any information about the educational degree gained by the athlete. But, it is rumored that the athlete started his sports career during high school.

Hence, the athlete has attended high school. However, there is no rigid information about the school that he attended.

Moreover, it is said that the Ukrainian Hulk went to secondary school No.105 at the age of six. It also explains that the athlete met his coach Yakimenko SA in his school.

And he also connected to his coach just because they had a common language.

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Denis Cyplenkov: Family Life

The athlete likes to keep his personal life very private. Thus, there is no information about his parents or siblings.

He has also never mentioned his family in any interviews or social media

Additionally, the bodybuilder is intensely focused on his professional career.

Thus, he hasn’t been involved in any relationships, or neither has he ever married.

Denis Cyplenkov: Career

The infamous arm-wrestler started his professional career at his school in 1993. Initially, he began the training with kettlebell lifting with his coach Yakimenko.

He also played different sports in his school, including arm wrestling and weight lifting.

Then, in 1996, he got into a sports standoff. He was indeed just a four years old boy at this stage.

Later in 2002, Denis moved to Moscow to pursue further training for his sports. He joined Vladimir Tuchinsky’s gym and began his intense training.

Denis Cyplenkov
Denis Cyplenkov is training in the gym for his arm-wrestling championships.

Followingly, in 2008, he won the international arm-wrestling belt on a professional level.

And he strictly turned professional since the year and dedicated all his might to the sports.

Then again, in 2010, he became the absolute champion in Nemiroff World Cup in sport.

Also, the athlete had held a record for strict curl with a bar of 113 kg. He made this record in 2015 during a competition of the World RAW Powerlifting Federation.

Health Issues and Competitions

In 2019, Denis was selected for the first edition of Top 8 in arm wrestling. Unfortunately, however, he had to drop it off and had to be hospitalized.

Actually, the athlete had kidney problems, and the doctors suggested bed rest. At the moment, the athlete had also suspended his career as a Ferris driver.

The kidney damage was due to the intense training. The harsh high-intensity training led to a rupture of a blood vessel to his kidneys.

Moreover, this stopped the proper flow of blood to the kidneys and invited a lot of medical treatments.

However, he resumed his training again in early 2020. At the end of the year, Denis wrestled with Leven Saginashvili in the left arm competition.

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Denis Cyplenkov: Social Media

The tremendous athlete is also active on social media platforms, where he interacts with people around the globe.

His Instagram handle is @cyplenkovden. And it has over 219K followers.

The athlete seems to post pictures about his personal life on the Instagram platform.

His Instagram bio says, “Personal Blog. Welcome.” It also states the 10% discount promo code DC10 on sports spirit. He is endorsing the brand on his profile.

Similarly, the athlete also has an active Twitter account. Moreover, he joined Twitter in January 2015.

Additionally, the athlete also has a professional Facebook page. He has a verified Facebook page named @cyplenovooficial

The athlete created the Facebook page on January 10, 2015. And it also has over 90K followers on the page, and its contents have several likes.

Contrastingly, his Facebook page has more professional content, such as his arm wrestling videos and other competition clips.

Denis Cyplenkov: Net Worth

Denis Cyplenkov has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

The 41 Years Old athlete earned that net worth at such young age because of his hard work.

Moreover, the number of competitions and his victories got him such a huge net worth.

Also, the athlete’s revenue in 2021 was approximately $1.4M.

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Interesting Facts about Denis Cyplenkov

  • Denis Cyplenkov has the enormous hands one has ever seen. 
  • He also has humongous fingers. And once, he posted a picture of his fingers with a fellow participant, and it went viral on the internet.
Denis Cyplenkov
Denis Cyplenkov compared his big hands and humongous fingers with his fellow competitor.
  • The Hulk met Andy Pushkar in the right arm for the competition of 2018. Later, Pushkar died in a car accident in Ukraine on his way to the airport. Hence, Denis donated the championship belt to the deceased’s family in a competition held in his honor.
  • Denis is one of the best vegan and natural arm wrestlers in the world. He doesn’t use any steroids to bulk his muscle or to gain weight.
  • He also holds the first world record 108 in a clean biceps curl. Then later, he made a record of holding 113 kgs (249 pounds).
  • However, the record of strict curl record is held by powerlifter Leroy Walker. He made this record on August 28, 2021, and he has a record of 114 kgs.
  • Denis’s mother is Ukrainian, and his father is Russian. Since these are neighboring countries, his parents kept shifting according to the work they had.


Has anyone ever beat Denis Cyplenkov in arm wrestling?

Yes, the world-famous wrestler John Brzenk has defeated Denis Cyplenkov in the arm wrestling competition.

And it was trending news at the time. John Brzenk is also called the most outstanding arm wrestler of all time.

What is the actual nationality of Denis Cyplenkov Rusian or Ukrainian?

Denis Cyplenkov is a Ukraine-born athlete. But, he is a member of the Russian strongman team and has won several titles through the team.

Who is the best arm wrestler in the world currently?

As of the world arm wrestling rankings report, Levan Saginashvili is the best arm wrestler in the world. He is a left-handed wrestler with 4780 points.

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