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John Brzenk: Personal Life, Rivalries &Net Worth

American arm wrestler John Brzenk is widely known as “The Perfect Storm” and “The Golden Boy.” In his career, he has achieved 500 massive titles, including 26 world champion titles.

Brzenk is regarded as the King of Arm wrestling. From his early career, he has been defeating opponents bigger than him.

He is renowned as an undefeatable arm wrestler. Brzenk has a winning streak of 25 years straight.

His domination in the sport for 25 years is history as no other sports personality has even done it.

Brzenk made history as he was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2000. There he gained the title “The Greatest Armwrestler of All Time.” 

John Brzenk taking a selfie
John Brzenk taking a selfie

In the 1998, he was given the title, Greatest arm wrestler in the history of Sport”. 

In addition, he hosted a Youtube podcast called Pound for Pound Arm wrestling. There he gave his reviews and predictions about the sport.

Through the podcast, he gave information related to arm wrestling as well.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about the renowned arm wrestler John Brzenk.

Full name John Brzenk
Date of birth 15th of July, 1964
Age [calculate_years datestring=”07/15/1964″] Years Old
Birthplace McHenry, Illinois, United States
Residence United States
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education Not Available
Father’s name John Brzenk, Sr
Mother’s name Not Available
Nickname The Perfect Storm
Zodiac sign Cancer
Birth Stone Ruby
Height 6 feet 1 inch
Weight 225 lbs or 102 kg
Spouse Renne Brzenk
Children Kelli, Megan
Body Measurement Not Available
Hair color Black
Eye color Light grey
Arm 18.25 inches
Right Forearm 16.5 inches
Left Forearm 13.5 inches
Net Worth $1million -$5 million
Sexual Orientation Straight
Siblings Not Available
Profession Arm Wrestler
Salary Not Available
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Debut year 1982
Merch Arm wrestling Equipment
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

John Brzenk: Early Life and Education

On the 15th of July, 1964, John Brzenk was born in McHenry, Illinois, United States. His father, John Brzenk, Sr, was a former arm wrestler. 

The details of his education are not mentioned. Also, there isn’t any information about his mother and other family members.

Brzenk was very interested in arm wrestling from his childhood. His father had properly informed him about the sport as he was into arm wrestling as well.

Through genetics, he got huge forearms size from his father. No doubt his father was a huge influence on him to make his career in Arm Wrestling. 

So, during his school days, he arm-wrestled for five years and gained some experience.

Brzenk was in eighth grade when he arm-wrestled his father’s friend but broke his arm instead. He was 14 at that time and had hurt his elbow.

It was finally in 1980 when he competed in a tournament for the first time. Moreover, people started to call him Giant Crusher as he could even defeat opponents bigger than him.

John Brzenk: Body Measurement and Training Routine

American arm wrestler John Brzenk stands 6 feet 1 inch tall. He weighs around 102 kg and has a muscular body type.

Besides, Brzenk has a fair complexion with short black hair. Also, the arm wrestler has light grey eyes.

In addition, his right arm and left forearm measure 16.5 inches & 13.5 inches, respectively.

Brzenk trains very hard to build his physique. In addition, he follows a strict diet and lives a healthy lifestyle. 

He keeps a gripper in his car, which he trains with, and does bench presses to bulk up.

Brzenk does his arm-wrestling exercise on the table and repeatedly continues it over and over again.

Moreover, he feels that arm wrestling is the best form of working out. 

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John Brzenk: Career

John Brzenk started playing professionally in 1982 and the same year won his first world title.

He has had several victories overall in his 36 years of career and has only lost a few matches.

He arm wrestled many heavy opponents, and the heaviest of them weighed 660 lbs (299 kg). During the 1983 Wide World of Sports, he won it, and he was 18 years old at that time.

Brzenk was named the (right & left) Arm wars Light-Heavyweight Champion.

John Brzenk flexing his muscles
John Brzenk flexing his muscles

Also, he was UAL Right Handed Heavyweight Champion. In addition, Brzenk has a winning streak of 25 years.

Unfortunately, Russian arm wrestler Alexey Voyevoda broke it in a 2004 event game in Warsaw.

However, he managed to take his revenge and defeated Voyevoda in a match the next year.

Besides arm wrestling, he is also a professional mechanic. Moreover, he works at Delta Air Lines. Brzenk loves his job as a mechanic as he feels it provides him some rest from arm wrestling.

Also, as a mechanic, he doesn’t need to put in arm strength, which helps him rest. Despite his old age, Brzenk continued arm wrestling and competed in various leagues.

In 2015, the arm wrestler won the right-handed heavyweight championship during the World Armwrestling League. He has listed his name in history as a prominent arm wrestler.

Unfortunately, due to some injuries, Brzenk didn’t arm wrestle for a while. However, he is getting ready for his comeback in 2021. 

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John Brzenk: Documentary and Movie Cameo

John Brzenk was featured in the 2009 documentary film, Pulling John. The movie documented his arm-wrestling journey and was directed by Vassiliki Khonsar and Sevan Matossian.

Moreover, this movie is 1 hour 13 minutes long and is rated 7.6/10 by IMDb. The movie reflects Brzenk’s personality and his arm-wrestling journey.

Even more, viewers can know a lot about his mind and thought process through his documentary.

However, due to his old age and his muscle getting weaker, he thought of taking a break from the sport.

Brzenk’s documentary even shows him taking his steps towards retiring from arm wrestling.

However, he is in dilemma whether to retire when he is still on top or when somebody else wins over his title. 

In addition, the arm wrestler did a cameo in the movie Over the Top in 1987.

Moreover, actor Sylvester Stallone was a lead role. However, he wasn’t credited for his role in the movie.

Eventually, the movie opened doors of opportunities for arm wrestlers as it became popular in many countries.

Countries like Russia and India tried their hands on the sport after the movie received lots of praise. 

John Brzenk: Achievement and Titles

Arm wrestler Brzenk has earned several titles and competitions. He earned the title “Superman” after outwinning opponents way bigger than him.

Brzenk, during the 1998 World Championships, won five different weights championships.

Moreover, he won two weights with his left hand and three with his right hand. 

Besides, John was named the 1995 middleweight world championship. Also, he earned renowned titles at A1 Russian Open, Arnold Classic Titles, AWI World Titles, and such. 

Similarly, Brzenk gained AWI World Titles of Pro Super Heavyweight in 1986, 1987, 1988, 1995 & 2001.

His recent achievements include his middleweight title in 2015, 2016 & 2017.

John Brzenk: Rivalries

John has a rivalry with fellow opponents Travis Bagent, Devon Larratt, and Denis Cyplenkov.

Since they have competed with each other in some leagues, they are known to be rivals.

In addition, they are some best arm wrestlers of today, and all their fans want to see them compete. The viewers want to see who is the ultimate champion. 

Arm wrestling, like any other sport, is a winning and losing game. However, some athletes take it to the next level.

They somehow want to take revenge for their losses by defeating them later, which creates rivalry.

Devon Larratt and John Brzenk had been competing since 2006. During the 2008 professional, super match, Larratt defeated The King of wrestling Brzenk while destroying his winning streak. 

Their fans got divided and want to see them compete in the coming 2021 matches. Brzenk defeated Ukrainian arm wrestler Denis Cyplenkov in several competitions.

They had gone head to head during the 2008 Zloty Tur, 2009 Vendetta in Vegas, and the 2010 Zloty Tur.

Left-handed champion Travis Bagent participated in the event called For $3000, can you beat John Brenzk Armwrestling?

Moreover, the match took place at the west coast Pro-Arm and was created by promoter John Burgeson. 

John Brzenk: Injuries

In 2011, Brzenk had to undergo arthroscopic surgery for his right shoulder. He believed that it happened to be a result of his old injury of 20 years.

Brzenk injured his shoulder while throwing a softball some 20 years before but didn’t have surgery then.

However, the injury made it harder for him to compete as it caused pain a lot.

But, suddenly, in 2011, he decided to keep his arm wrestling career behind to undergo surgery. 

John Brzenk: Personal Life

Popular arm wrestler John Brzenk is married to Renne Brzenk. However, the details of their marriage are not made public.

Moreover, Brzenk likes to keep his personal life away from the public eye.

The couple has two grown-up daughters Megan Brzenk and Kelli Brzenk.

John Brzenk with his family
John Brzenk with his family

In addition, Brzenk is a happy grandfather of two grandkids from his daughters.

His daughter Megan tied the knot to Stephen, and they have a baby boy, Lincoln.

Similarly, his other daughter Kelli married Jade Gray. Also, they gave birth to a baby daughter.

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John Brzenk: Net Worth

John Brzenk has earned a massive amount of money as an arm wrestler.

However, John Brzenk has an actual net worth of $1 million – $5 million. In addition, he bagged $80,000 from a competition.

Professional arm wrestlers earn around $54,000 monthly. In addition, they receive prize money according to the competitions, which add to their income.

Brzenk lives a luxurious life with his family. However, the details of his house and cars are not known.

Also, the arm wrestler earns some amount of money from his work with Delta Airlines.

John Brzenk: Social Media

John Brzenk is active on Instagram with over 26.7k followers. On the site, he shares some photos of his daily life and also his family.

However, he only has 14 posts on his social media handle. Brzenk has a Twitter account with 699 followers.

He joined the networking site in August 2013. However, he seems very inactive on Twitter.

Brzenk prefers keeping his personal life private. Thus, he isn’t very much active in the networking sites.


Which arm wrestler ranks the first in the world?

Currently, Levan Saginashvilli ranks the first amongst the other arm wrestlers.

Moreover, the champion arm wrestler has 4780 points under his name.

Why do arm wrestlers use steroids?

Arm wrestlers use steroids as it increases their muscle mass and even their strength.

However, it is illegal to use drugs substances during the competition.

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