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Who Is Renee Paquette Father, Stephen Paquette? Wikipedia And Age

Ever since joining WWE and AEW, Renee Paquette has risen in popularity significantly, and so has the interest in Renee Paquette father. Learn more about him down the article.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Renee Paquette is a Canadian-American TV personality now working as a backstage interviewer for AEW, but before that, she was popular for her time in WWE from 2012 to 2020.

However, that wasn’t the path that she initially set out for.

After finishing high school, she applied to numerous colleges while delving into improv comedy training. When she was 19, she moved to Los Angeles to become a comedic actress. But, she soon returned to Toronto, shifting gears to try her luck in auditions for music videos, films, and commercials.

Despite her efforts, the auditions didn’t roll in as she had hoped, leading her to become interested in broadcasting.

In 2009, she began working on The Score Television Network’s program called Right After Wrestling, renamed Aftermath later on. 

Three years later, in October 2012, Renee entered the world of WWE, initially adopting the ring name Renee Sterling before landing on Renee Young as a nod to Neil Young.

She became a familiar face to wrestling fans for years, appearing many times in the WWE series. However, in August 2020, at SummerSlam, she revealed her departure from the company, stating that 2020 SummerSlam would be her last appearance with WWE.

Renee said that the cancellation of WWE Backstage played a part in her decision, and she also felt like she had achieved her goals within the company.

In 2021, she created her podcast, Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette, later renamed The Sessions with Renee Paquette. Also, she made a YouTube channel under her name, Renee Paquette, which now boasts over 169k subscribers.

Since October 12, 2022, Renee Paquette has been signed with All Elite Wrestling, making her debut on the AEW Dynamite.

As such, she has gained millions of followers across her various social media accounts. So, many fans have started to wonder who Renee Paquette father is.

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Who Is Renee Paquette Father, Stephen Paquette? Wikipedia And Age

The name of Renee Paquette father is Stephen “Tex” Paquette or just Stephen Paquette, but fans seem to refer to him as just Grampa Tex.

Reportedly, Stephen is a concert promoter, so he would frequently get her daughter Renee into the events she wanted to go to. As a kid, she had the opportunity to meet several famous WWE superstars such as Triple H, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Trish Stratus and Chyna because of her father, Stephen.

Renee Paquette father in beach
Renee Paquette father, Stephen Paquette, takes her to the beach (Source: Instagram)

However, there’s no information on Stephen’s birth date or age, but judging by his images, he appears to be in the age range of around 60s or 70s.

Moving on, Renee Paquette father, Stephen, is married to Carole MacKay, with whom they gave birth to her and another son named Erik Paquette.

According to his Instagram account, Erik seems to be happily married to a woman named Laura Bristow. Together, they gave birth to a cute son called Paul, born on November 29, 2022, at 5:37 a.m.

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Stephen Paquette Wife, Carole MacKay, And Grandchildren, Paul And Nora

Now Renee Paquette father, Stephen Paquette, can call himself grandfather to two kids from both his son’s and daughter’s side.

As discussed earlier, he has a grandson named Paul, born from his son Erik’s side on November 29, 2022.

Renee Paquette father, Stephen Paquette, and his grandchild
Stephen Paquette and his grandson Paul (Source: Instagram)

Stephen’s other grandchild is Nora Murphy Good, born on June 15, 2021, to his daughter Renee and American professional wrestler Jonathan Good, popularly known as Jon Moxley or Dean Ambrose.

On the other hand, Stephen’s wife, Carole, was introduced to the audience in one of the WWE’s reality TV show episodes, where she took the side of Dean Ambrose in a minor dispute between Renee and him.

Interestingly, Carole and Renee have matching heart tattoos on their wrists, symbolizing their mother-daughter bond.

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