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Grace Armstrong – Aitch Sister Age And Wikipedia: Boyfriend And Parents

The rapper Aitch dedicated the song “My G” to his down syndrome-affected sister, Grace Armstrong.

Aitch, also known as Harrison James Armstrong, is a rapper from Manchester, England. Rapper “H” is another name for him, derived from the first letter of his name.

Aitch, a rapper from Britain, is one of the world’s top 25 emerging Hip Hop artists.

Only in 2018, after the release of his breakthrough song “Straight Rhymez,” did he begin to receive widespread notice. Since 2015, he has been consistently releasing music.

Over 24 million people have viewed “Straight Rhymez,” his solo breakthrough single. Stormzy, a rapper out of London, also took notice of it. His song “Rain” has received over 140 million Spotify plays and over 51 million YouTube views.

Three singles were created by Aitch, one of which, “Taste (Make It Shake),” peaked at number two on the UK Singles Chart.

In the top 40 rankings, it also reached its peak. He has shared the stage with rappers like Cadet and Wiley and had an appearance on the adolescent rapper duet A1 x J1’s cover of the top 20 single, “Latest Trends.”

His most recent album, “Closer to Home,” released in 2022, includes the song “My G.” 

There are 16 tracks on this album, including MY G. It also includes well-known musicians like Ed Sheeran and AJ Tracey, which immediately after its release helped it become a hit.

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Meet Rapper Aitch Sister Grace Armstrong aka Gracie “G”

Aitch’s younger sister Grace Armstrong, called Graciecie, is the subject of his song My G. Hats, Gracie’s identical twin sister, is another sister he has.

The tune My G from the album “Closer to Home” is a fan favorite because of its heartfelt lyrics and catchy sound. His sisters share the same remarkable names as rapper Aitch.

Graice Armstrong
Grace Armstrong And Aitch When They Were Young (Source: Instagram)

Grace Armstrong already has a lovely name. She goes by the names Gracie and occasionally just G, as the rapper does in his song. His second sister is known as “Hats,” too. Hats seem like a shorter version of a more lengthy name.

His other sister also got something from “H,” since the rapper goes by Harrison’s moniker.

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Grace Armstrong Age: Wikipedia Explored

Aitch Armstrong’s younger sister is Grace Armstrong. She is likely around the age of 17.

Aitch has not specified the exact ages of his two non-identical twin sisters, who are younger than her.

They are most likely five years or younger than him based on his family images on social media. Aitch is 22 years old because his birthday is December 9th, 1999. His sisters would therefore be in their late 16s or early 17s.

In honor of his younger sister Grace Armstrong, who has Down syndrome, Aitch wrote the song “My G.”

Aitch’s younger sister, Grace Armstrong is healthy; having Down syndrome does not make someone disabled. He wants to convey to her through his song that she is simply unique.

According to Ed Sheeran, who is a part of the song, the Down Syndrome Association will receive all earnings from the music video.

The music video opens with a note he sent to his sister. “The focus of this song is Grace. You own the biggest heart on the planet! Nobody wants to change. Little x, I love you.”

He revealed to GQ that Ed Sheeran joined the project after learning about his sisters and sang the hook.

“The music industry recognizes only Ed as AJ Tracey and my sister, who I greatly like but cannot sing as well as Ed. I gave him a video of her singing one of his songs since I thought she was so cute as a sort of “guilt trip,” you know?”

Grace Armstrong Parents

Grace Armstrong and Rapper Aitch are incredibly devoted to and respectful to their family. He is content that he has enough money to fulfill his parents’ wishes.

He settled their home loans. He even purchased a home for them on the opposite side of Manchester, close to New Moston.

He claimed that his mother is now living like a queen. On the other hand, his Father is in charge of all Aitch’s investments and spending.

Gracie Armstrong
Grace Armstrong With Her Twin Sister And Brother (Source: Instagram)

Aitch has effectively shielded his parents’ identities from the public eye.

The song “Closer To Home” on his most recent CD has his Father’s voice. The Father yells that he has opened the Excel sheets, revealing how much money the artist is wasting.

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