Randy Lemmon Die Of Stroke

Did Randy Lemmon Die Of Stroke? Illness And Health Update Before Death

Following Randy Lemmon’s untimely death, people are seeking more information about the circumstances and learning more about the details of his life. So the question is, Did Randy Lemmon Die Of a Stroke?

For over 35 years, Randy Lemmon has been the Garden Guru for Houston & the Gulf Coast, providing tips, tricks, and scientific advice to help manage the region’s unique climate.

His popular weekend gardening program was known as the “Most-listened-to Garden show in the country,” It earned him a devoted following of serious landscapers and weekend gardeners alike.

Lemmon’s enthusiasm for lawns, parks, and outdoor living was infectious, and he shared his knowledge and expertise with everyone who tuned in.

Fans of the show are devastated by the news and are left with many questions, the biggest being, how did Randy die? Did Randy Lemmon Die Of a Stroke?

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Did Randy Lemmon Die Of A Stroke? Illness And Health Update Before Death

We will explore the question, Did Randy Lemmon Die Of a Stroke?

On January 5, 2023, Randy Lemmon, the Houston radio host of the Garden Line program on NewsRadio 740 KTRH, passed away.

We must make this announcement with great regret. His Facebook page, titled GardenLine with Randy Lemmon, validated this information.

He passed away at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City due to complications from a stroke, with his devoted family by his side when he took his last breath.

Unfortunately, Randy Lemmon, known as the “Garden Guru” for Houston and the Gulf Coast, passed away due to a stroke.

The news of Randy Lemmon’s passing away on his birthday was met with a heavy heart by his fans and admirers. After a long battle against stroke-related issues

Who Was Randy Lemmon?

Randy Lemmon was born on January 4, 1962, in Whittier, California, to Richard “Dick” Lemmon and Phyllis Lemmon.

After the family moved to Houston, Randy attended Robert E. Lee High School and later went on to Texas A&M University, graduating in 1984 with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism.

Randy lived in Moses Hall while studying at Texas A&M, obtaining a Master of Science in Agriculture and working for the University’s College of Agriculture.

Who Was Randy Lemmon Wife? And Family?

Jack Lemmon is survived by his wife of 22 years, Yvonne, and their two children, Selena (16) and Randal (21).

As a devoted Father to his children Selena and Randal, he provided them with unconditional support in all of their endeavors, whether it be Randal’s tennis tournaments or Selena’s budding musical career.

Randy Lemmon with his family.
Randy Lemmon Die Of Stroke: Randy Lemmon with his family. (Source: Facebook)

His surviving family includes his sister, Terri Langer (Ron), and his sister-in-law, Jennifer Spriggs (Kevin) and Melissa Salce (Joab).

He is also survived by nieces Lindsey Langer, Lauren Langer, Jessica Spriggs, Jamie Spriggs, and Paighton Salce, and nephews Preston Salce and Parker Salce.

Randy’s legacy lives on through his aunt Janelle and Ron Stokes and their two sons, Conner and Reid.

To honor his life, a memorial service is being planned. For over 35 years, Randy was a trusted source of knowledge regarding lawns, gardens, and outdoor life in his local climate.

His expertise was unparalleled, and his research was incomparable.

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Randy Lemmon Long Radio Career

Randy Lemmon began his radio career after many years working for the Texas Farm Bureau as a television and radio producer.

He then worked at Texas A&M University for nearly a decade, creating news and analysis for an agricultural network he had founded with the College of Agriculture.

Randy Lemmon had a long radio career.
Randy Lemmon Die Of Stroke: Randy Lemmon had a long radio career. (Source: Facebook)

As part of his duties there, he produced the R.C. Slocum show. In addition, Randy wrote four books on a range of topics, such as mulching rules of thumb and fertilizer regimens.

Randy Lemmon Consulting, founded by Randy, has recently spread its reach to homes along the Gulf Coast to share Randy’s expertise and passion.

Aside from his green thumb, he was also known for his humorous nature, culinary prowess, and diehard support for Aggie football and Astros baseball.

Additionally, Randy enjoyed attending concerts, playing disc golf and racquetball, and watching Broadway play.

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