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What Happened To Baby Jessica And Where is She Now? Family And Net Worth

Baby Jessica fell into an abandoned well shaft over three decades ago and was freed after 58 hours. Jessica is now 36 years old and leads a beautiful family of four with her husband, Daniel Morales.

In October 1987, the news of 18-month-old Jessica McClure Morales, aka Baby Jessica falling into a well shaft transfixed the world. She fell 22 feet into an abandoned well shaft in her aunt’s backyard in Midland, Texa.

After 58 hours of nerve-wrenching efforts, the rescuers brought her back to the surface. It has been 35 years since Baby Jessica was rescued. Where is Baby Jessica now? Let’s take a look at her life as a wife and mother.

What Happened To Baby Jessica?

At around 9:30 am on Wednesday, 14 October 1987, 18-month-old Jessica McClure was playing with four other toddlers in the backyard of her aunt Jamie Moore’s home-day care center in Midland, Texas.

Jessica’s mother, Reba (Cissy) McClure, stepped away for a moment. She suddenly heard other children screaming. When she came to the backyard, the little girl was not around. She discovered what had happened.

Baby Jessica somehow fell into an abandoned well shaft with only an eight-inch diameter. Cissy got scared and panicked. She immediately contacted Police. Talking with the People magazine, Mrs. McClure said that Police reached within three minutes, but she felt like a lifetime.

From that point, the 58-hour-long deliverance began, which is still an unforgettable memory for many people in Midland, especially some rescuers.

Soon firemen, Police, and other people arrived with equipment. They planned to drill a parallel shaft to the well and another horizontal cross-tunnel until they discovered that the well was surrounded by rock.

After that, a mining engineer arrived with new technology, waterjet cutting. Forty-five hours later, the baby fell into the narrow shaft, and the parallel and cross-tunnel were completed.

A paramedic, Robert O’Donnell, ultimately freed the little girl from her position pinned inside the well with one leg above her forehead.

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Where Is Baby Jessica Now?

Born on 26 March 1986, Baby Jessica is now 36 years old. She still lives in Midland. In addition, McClure has been blissfully married Daniel Morales since 28 January 2006.

The married duo shares two kids, Simon and Sheyenne. The Morales family is happy and picture-perfect.

Baby Jessica husband and kids
Baby Jessica is happily married and has two kids. (Source: NYTimes)

As reported by People in October 2017, Baby Jessica’s husband works as a foreman in a pipe supply Company. On the other hand, the Greenwood High School graduate serves as a special-education teacher’s aide at an elementary school.

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Baby Jessica Aftermath Story

Jessica was rushed to the hospital after her rescue from the good shaft. Doctors feared they would have to cut off her leg because of blood flow sustained from her leg elevated above her head for a long time.

Baby Jessica
Baby Jessica was rescued after 58 hours. (Source: People)

However, they tried hyperbaric therapy in an attempt to avoid full amputation. As a result, the surgeons only had to amputate a gangrenous toe. Now, her right foot is noticeably smaller than her left one.

Other visible scares include a scar on her forehead, sustained when drilling was still ongoing. She fell asleep and rubbed her forehead against the good casing. But the forehead scar is barely visible now.

Furthermore, the paramedic Rober died of suicide on 27 April 1995 at 37. He shot him with a gun because he had post-traumatic stress disorder after the rescue. Baby Jessica’s parents also ended their marriage in 1990.

Baby Jessica Net Worth

As stated above, Jessica McClure Morales works as an aide to a special education teacher. Thus, Baby Jessica’s net worth must be a significant sum.

As per Zippia, a special education aide earns $31,638 per year. Jessica must be making around that range.

Moreover, after turning 25-year-old, Baby Jessica gained access to a trust fund that comprises donations from around the world. It has been reported that she used it for her children’s college and purchased the house 2 miles away from the well she fell into.

Additionally, a chunk of her trust fund was lost in the 2008 stock market crash before Jessica could access it. 

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