Dimitris Kyrsandis

Dimitris Kyrsanidis: Early Life, Relationship & Net Worth

Dimitris Kyrsanidis is one of the established names in freerunning sports. Similarly, he rose to fame after winning Red Bull Art of Motion.

Dimitris was the winner of 2014 and 2015 Reb Bull Art of Motion. Likewise, he became third at Red Bull Art of Motion in 2017 and 2019.

Two times Red Bull Art of Motion champion Dimitris Kyrsanidis

A professional Red Bull athlete decided to be a parkour athlete because he wanted to do something extraordinary in his life.

In this article, you will find detailed information about Parkour athlete Dimitris from his early life, freerunning career to his current lifestyle and net worth.

Quick Facts

Before diving into detailed information about Dimitris Kyrsanidis, let’s have a look at amazing quick facts:

Full Name Dimitris Kyrsanidis
Also known as DK
Date of birth May 27, 1995
Place of birth Thessaloniki, Greece
Age [calculate_years datestring=”05/27/1995″] Years Old
Nationality Greek or Hellenic
Religion Christian
Profession Parkour, Freerunner
Active years 2007-present
Height 5 feet 1 inch
Weight 70 kg
Body type Well-maintained
Skin color Pale
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Horoscope Gemini
Birthstone Emerald
Lucky color Green
Lucky number 5
Father’s name Not revealed
Mother’s name Not revealed
Siblings Niko and George
Marital Status Engaged
Engaged on May 28, 2021
Fiance Alexandra  Efeoglou  
Children None
Current Residence Thessaloniki, Greece
Sponsorship Krap, Adidas, Red Bull
Salary $400k to $1 Million
Net Worth $2 Million to $5 Million
Adidas Merch Shoes, T-Shirts
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Dimitris Kyrsanidis: Early Life, Family, and Education

A celebrity freerunner was born on May 27, 1995, in Thessaloniki, Greece. Therefore, he is a Greek national.

Dimitris is very private when it comes to his family. As a result, there is no information about his parents.

However, he has two siblings. Their names are Niko and George. Sadly, there is no further information about his siblings as well.

Similarly, there is no information about his education.

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Dimitris Kyrsanidis: Age, Weight, Height, and Zodiac

Born on 27th May of 1995, Dimitris is [calculate_years datestring=”05/27/1995″] Years Old now.

This freerunner has a well-maintained body. He weighs approximately 70 kg or 120 lbs. Similarly, Kyrsandis stands tall at 5 feet 1 inch or 155 cm.

However, he doesn’t have a specific workout and diet routine. 

Dimitris has beautiful dark brown eyes and dark brown hair that perfectly blends his skin tone.

Dimitris Kyrsandis
Dimitris Kyrsanidis taking a selfie

Unfortunately, his shoe size and dress size are not available.

Besides, his astrological sign is Gemini. Like Gemini’s personality trait, Dimitris is flexible, extroverted, and clever. His birthstone is Emerald.


Greek national started his freerunning career at the young age of 12. He was very fascinated by sports as it was extraordinary than any sport.

He was mesmerized by Parkour’s flips, rolls, and jump.

Dimitris started freerunning pro in 2007, and he has never looked back since. 

Beside freerunner, Dimirtris is also a YouTuber. In his channel, he uploads freerunning videos. 


  • He became first in freestyle in FIG Parkour World Cup held in Hiroshima, Japan.
  • Likewise, Dimitris became the second FIG Parkour World Cup champion in a speed run category.
  • Similarly, he secured the third position in the FIG Parkour World Cup held in Chengdu, China.
  • In 2018, DK won Air Whip Challenge held in Helsingborg, Sweden.
  • Further, he became third in FIG Parkour World Cup, Montpelier, France.
  • Back in 2016, Dimitris became second in Air Whip Challenge.
  • Lastly, Dimitris Kyrsanidis became third in Krap Challenge held in Bologna, Italy.

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Dimitris Kyrsanidis: Personal Life

Celebrity freerunner is very private when it comes to personal life. Therefore, there is very little information.

Dimitris practices freerunning in the park next to his house.

Besides, he is busy making YouTube videos when he is not freerunning. Likewise, he travels to different places.

Dimitris Kyrsanidis: Girlfriend

Red Bull athlete is happily in a relationship with Alexandra Efeoglou. 

Alexandra is also from Thessaloniki, Greece. She is a pharmacy assistant.

Dimitris Kyrsandis with his girlfriend Alexandra
Dimitris Kyrsanidis with his girlfriend, Alexandra

They started dating in 2019. Shortly after, the duo got engaged on May 28, 2021, on the same day when Dimitris was born.

The couple seems very happy and loving. Alexandra and Dimitris love to travel to different places in the world together.

Dimitris Kyrsanidis: Sponsorship

DK is one of the professional freerunner. Therefore, he has a lot of sponsorship deals with famous brands.

To explain, he is the brand ambassador of the famous clothing line Adidas. Similarly, he also has sponsorship deals with Krap.

DK was a former ambassador of Team Jiyo. Besides, he serves as a professional parkour stuntman/actor at Tempest Freerunning.

Lastly, he has YouTube Partnership with Xtreme Video.

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Dimitris Kyrsanidis: Net Worth

Dimitris is one of the successful parkour athletes. Therefore, he has earned enough to live a luxurious life.

He earns money from his freerunning career, competitions, brand endorsement, and sponsorship.

As of [current-year], Dimitris Kyrsanis’s net worth is somewhere between $2 Million to $5 Million.

Likewise, his estimated annual salary is $400k to $1 Million.

Dimitris Kyrsanidis: Social Media

The athlete is active on various social media platforms.

Dimitris has a verified Instagram account with 223k followers. Further, he usually posts about 

Likewise, he also has a Facebook page with 73k followers. So he is pretty active on his Facebook Page.

Further, Dimitris has a Twitter account. However, he is not active on Twitter. 

Lastly, his Youtube Channel has 109k subscribers. He is very active on his channel. All of his videos are related to freerunning.

Dimitris Kyrsanidis: Trivia

  • His favorite athletes are Pasha Petkuns, Paulo Victor Freitas, Alexander Zyulev, and Cherepko Semen.
  • Furthermore, he is Christian Orthodox. Therefore, for him, God is the biggest inspiration.
  • Likewise, Parkour athlete dreams of making Thessaloniki, Greece, one of the top destinations for free runners like him.
  • He believes that winning Red Bull Art of Motion is the most significant achievement.
  • Similarly, Dimitris loves the aerial part of freerunning.
  • Besides, he also goes to the gymnastic gym.
  • Before training, he prays to God and does warm-up exercises.
  • While competing, Dimitris is most nervous about getting injured.
  • Moreover, he believes that his family is his biggest fan as they were always supportive from the beginning.
  • Furthermore, he wants to build Freerunning, Parkour, street workout, and tricking all in one academy in the future.
  • He doesn’t like stretching as he is terrible at it.
  • Dimitris doesn’t drink beer.
  • He can only breathe through his one nostrils.
  • Further, he doesn’t know how to drive. So naturally, therefore, he doesn’t have a driving license.
  • Lastly, he is a talkative person. 


Is Dimitris Kyrsanidis married?

No, Red Bull Athlete Dimitris is not married. But, he is engaged to Alexandra Efeoglou. 

Moreover, she is also from Thessaloniki, Greece. She is a pharmacy assistant.

Does Dimitris Kyrsanidis have a child?

No, Dimitris Kyrsanidis doesn’t have a child.

How did Dimitris Kyrsanidis and Alexandra meet?

There is no information about how Dimitris and Alexandra meet.

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