Does David Hasselhoff Wear A Wig

Does David Hasselhoff Wear A Wig? He Has A Disease, Just Like Cancer, Death Rumors Explained

Fans’ speculations that David Hasselhoff wears a wig to maintain his appearance are not true – his hair is natural. 

David Michael Hasselhoff, also known as “The Hoff,” is an American actor, singer, and television personality.

David first gained recognition as Dr. Snapper Foster on The Young and The Restless. His other prominent projects include Knight RiderBaywatch, Nick Fury, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Does David Hasselhoff Wear A Wig? No, He Doesn’t

No, David Hasselhoff does not wear a wig. One of the articles on The Richest reveals that despite rumors, David’s hair is all real. 

The article mentions other similar celebrities like Elvis Presley and Ron Jeremy, who are also falsely rumored to wear a wig. Moreover, it lists 15 of the most obvious Celebrity Toupees, including Gene Simmons, Marv Albert, Andre Agassi, Paul McCartney, and Sylvester Stallone.

News & Records further confirms that David’s hair is all-natural. 

Although he does not wear a wig in real life, David has done it in reel. In the 2013 period sitcom The Goldbergs, the actor made a guest appearance with a wig on the second episode of the 10th season. 

David Hasselhoff wig
A wigged David Hasselhoff with the cast of The Goldbergs.
(Source: Facebook)

Similarly, the Baywatch star played a pirate with dense, curly hair in Peter Pan at London’s New Wimbledon Theatre in 2010.

David Hasselhoff Has A Disease, Just Like Cancer

“He has a disease, just like Cancer.” These are the sad words of David Hasselhoff’s former wife, Pamela Bach, about his severe alcohol addiction.

The end of their marriage is reportedly credited to his alcoholism, drug abuse, and physical violence. There were leaked court papers in which David broke Pamela’s nose during a drunken row.

Pamela was married to David for 17 years. She is the mother to his two daughters, Taylor Ann, 32, and Hayley, 30. She left her career for her family and later said David’s drinking habits ate the family up.

David Hasselhoff Pamela Bach
David Hasselhoff and his then-wife Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff at the 2005 Hollywood Christmas Parade.
(Source: AmoMama)

In 2019, David Hasselhoff received a defibrillator implant hoping to stave off a heart attack. Doctors warned him to slow down and take care of his health.

Following a doctor’s visit, the much thinner and older-looking David did not look his usual self. He said he had decided to change his ways. He was also planning a Greece vacation.

A heavy drinker in the past, David sobered up in 2007 after a video his daughter took went viral. It showed him drunk, shirtless, and clumsily eating a hamburger.

Previously, he had had many troubles and trips to the hospital due to his drinking. But later, the actor admitted to attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and teetotalling.

David Hasselhoff Death Rumors Exposed

For someone with so much fame worldwide, it is no wonder that rumors about his death crop up now and then. 

In 2016, there was a rumor that he died in a water sports accident. Recently, another false death news spread over the internet, including Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. Nevertheless, David is alive and in perfect shape.

In July, the film star celebrated his 70th birthday. At the Party, he appeared to be fit, celebrating in a joyous mood in the presence of his family and other celebrities from the entertainment industry. He has shared that he feels ‘reborn’ and believes ‘Life is just beginning for me.’ 

As mentioned above, the only thing David has struggled with is his alcohol addiction. Because of alcohol poisoning, he had to make many hospital visits. However, he is said to have cleaned up by now.

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