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Drag Race: Who Is Vanity Milan Husband Siim Adamson? Family And Net Worth

Vanity Milan’s husband has been very supportive of her lifestyle and is also a costume designer. He resides in the United Kingdom, in the city of London. 

Christopher Adamson, better known as Vanity Milan, is a British drag queen who appeared on the third season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. 

In 2022, he will compete in Canada’s Drag Race: Canada vs. the World. Adamson began doing drag in London in 2019. That year, he won “The Crown,” a tournament presented by Kitty Scott-Claus. 

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His drag name is derived from his mother’s description of him as vain and obsessed with fashion. He gets his outfits made by his husband.

Drag Race: Who Is Vanity Milan Husband, Siim Adamson?

According to Vanity Milan, the well-known drag queen is married to Siim. She announces her marriage to everyone and frequently sends her spouse gorgeous images.

Vanity Milan Husband
Vanity Milan Husband, Siim Adamson (source: metro)

She also displayed some interesting photographs of them visiting Venice. According to reports, her acquaintance is an Estonian citizen.

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Her husband is a costume designer as well. He resides in the United Kingdom, in the city of London. Vanity Milan relocated to Estonia in 2011 and stayed for five years. 

When Vanity relocated to the nation where her husband was born, she pursued her passion for dancing. She met Siim Adamson, born and reared in Estonia, during her time there.

Her spouse, Siim, launched a modest firm named Siim Adamson Design, as previously stated.

 In addition, Siim Adamson Design is a small firm specializing in clothing for clubs, performances, and events. His Company also rents out costumes and props to go with them.

Vanity Milan Family And Ethnicity Explored

Vanity Milan was born in Mitcham, South London, England, United Kingdom. Her parents are of Afro-Jamaican descent, according to reports. 

untitled design 3 940x480 1
Vanity Milan In drag queen (source: thetab)

On the other hand, Vanity never revealed any information about her family members, including her parents. 

She is yet to divulge her true identity as of 2021. Her stage name, however, is due to her mother. 

She is a very vain person, as she described, and wherever there was a mirror or anything, you could see her reflection and find her admiring me.

Her parents have avoided social media and the press to conceal their identities. They have spent most of their lives in Jamaica.

How Much Is Vanity Milan’s Net Worth[current-year]? Vanity Milan Job Explored

According to internet sources, Vanity Milan has a net worth of less than $200 thousand.

Anyone who wants to help her can go to her website, where she has set up a store for her merchandise. Hoodies, T-shirts, bags, and phone cases are available.

Vanity Milan, a South London-based drag queen, is a dancer, singer, and comedian who can win the show for real.

 In 2019, Vanity competed in a show called The Crown. Kitty Scott-Claus hosted the show. Every week, Vanity and the other contestants had to compete, and someone was eliminated.

She has a great foundation in performing arts and is flexible. These are her assets. She never thought of herself as a queen who fit into a single category because she believed her drag career was ever-changing. 

She has always learned and can serve looks, comedy, singing, and dancing. Dance is her specialty because no one else can dance like her.

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