June Onkundi Nurse

Durham Facility June Onkundi Nurse: A Woman Stabbed To Death And Killed By Patient

June Onkundi Nurse is a trending search on the internet as the nurse practitioner was killed by one of the patients. 

In this article, we will explore further the case details and figure out the motive behind the murder. 

June Onkundi’s family member claimed that she cherished her position as a mental health nurse practitioner.

The family member said that her patient stabbed her while working. An accusation of first-degree murder is brought against James Gomes.

Despite the danger posed by June’s job, the nurse always did her best to be the best team member. Even during the last of her days, she was doing her job. 

Durham Facility June Onkundi Nurse: A Woman Stabbed To Death 

The 400 block of Crutchfield Street was the scene of a deadly stabbing on Tuesday afternoon, according to the Durham Police Department.

Just after 1:40 pm on Tuesday, according to Police, officers responded to a disturbance with a weapon complaint. They found June Onkundi had been stabbed when they got there.

June Onkundi Nurse
June Onkundi Nurse was stabbed to death during work.
(Source: MSN)

Onkundi was transported to the hospital, succumbing to her wounds later.

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James Gomes, the suspect, was reportedly brought into custody even though he was still on the site when Police arrived. The 47-year-old Gomes is accused of first-degree murder.

On Nov. 9, Gomes is scheduled to return to court for a probable-cause hearing.

More than a third of Gomes’ life has been spent in jail. A prosecutor in court on Wednesday mentioned Gomes’ five prior convictions. They’re all connected to violence against women. It influenced the judge’s choice to imprison Gomes without a bond.

Gomes will also be given a public defender.

On Tuesday night, a WRAL News crew observed numerous forensics team members entering and exiting the building—home to multiple medical offices—while carrying heavy evidence bags.

Unknown facts surround the stabbing’s circumstances.

Durham Police have not received a response to their question about the suspect’s relationship with the victim from Wednesday. They were also questioned about potential motives, but no response was provided.

June Onkundi Nurse Career Details

June Onkundi Nurse was a practitioner in the field when she, finally succumbed to death after being stabbed by one of her patients. The convict responsible for the stabbing is said to have a previous criminal history. 

Gomes has been charged with new offenses just a few months after each release from prison.

Gomes was found guilty of second-degree kidnapping and first-degree attempted rape in July 2006. Officials informed WRAL News that in March 2005, he tried to rape one of his coworkers at Merrick-Moore Elementary School in Durham by putting a knife to her throat.

Gomes was freed from prison in July 2018, according to court documents.

Police claimed Gomes committed additional offenses in March 2019. In addition to kidnapping, he was accused of assaulting a woman and assault by strangulation.

Only four months ago, he was released from prison on those allegations.

Police officer
Police explore the detailed criminal history of Gomes, the killer who killed June. Source: WRAL

June was a nurse dedicated to the service of patients in the facility. According to her coworkers, she always treated her patients with the utmost care, & this incident didn’t make any sense. 

Her family has asserted the fact that her loss is going to be a big one for them. They were always aware of the danger possessed by her job, but they never thought her career would take her life away. 

June Onkundi was a multifaceted individual. As a mental nurse practitioner, she was a wife, sister, mother of four kids, cousin, and friend to everyone else.

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