Pradhyuman Thakur Murder

Pradhyuman Thakur Murder: Ryan International School Update, Who Killed 7 Years Old Student?

Pradhyuman Thakur murder is a gruesome case recalled by the public members as they want to know the people responsible for it. He was only seven years old when he had to leave this earth. 

The case has had multiple twists and turns. There was a convict who confessed and was charged with the murder of the boy.

But his innocence was later revealed as it was found that Police officers were responsible for framing the bus driver for the murder.

After the investigation into Thakur’s death, several government reviews of Ryan International School’s operation were carried out, and both State and Union governmental bodies issued revised school safety guidelines.

Thakur’s death attracted widespread public concern and criticism of the safety conditions in Delhi NCR schools.

Pradhyuman Thakur Murder: Ryan International School Update

The Pradhyuman Thakur murder case sent a lot of parents across the country worrying about the safety of their children. He was only seven years old when the murderer stabbed him in the toilet. 

The boy was rushed to the medical professionals at first sight of him. But the injuries sustained from the events were too dangerous for him to live through. Thakur passed away, leaving behind disheartened parents and worried classmates. 

The bus driver who carried young Thakur to the hospital was initially charged with the murder. According to Wikipedia, the bus driver even confessed to killing him. 

But it was later revealed that the driver was innocent, and four Police officers framed him for the murder leaving him helpless.

They were later charged with their crimes, and the case was transferred to the Central Bureau of Intelligence. 

The parents are still overcome by their loss. The boy’s Father said he still weeps at night for his innocent kid who was stabbed to death in the school bathroom, calling it the darkest day of their lives.

Pradhyuman Thakur Murder
16-year-old student caught in the charges of Pradhyuman Thakur Murder. (Source: YouTube)

The murder had shocked and severely alarmed parents around the nation, and it had sparked concerns about children’s safety in the metropolis. 

Most parents claim that after first taking strict measures, schools saw that things had stabilized and ceased trying.

They claim that despite commitments to examine the upkeep of safety and security regulations frequently, nothing further has been done or followed up on.

Who Killed 7 Years Old Student Pradhyuman Thakur?

The case regarding the murder of Pradhyuman Thakur has taken multiple twists and turns over the years. Initially, an innocent person was charged with murder. 

But after CBI took over the case, it was finally revealed that a student of the same school did the murder. 

Bus driver Ashok Kumar was jailed for two years on the charges of killing the seven-year-old. But according to Wikipedia, he was innocent and framed by four Police officers. The officers in question have been caught, and they were punished accordingly. 

In the Pradyuman Thakur murder case at Ryan International School in the JJB, the CBI turns up a Class 11 student.

On Wednesday, December 20, 2017, the juvenile justice board in Gurgaon, India, declared that the 16-year-old juvenile accused would be treated as an adult.

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The victim’s mother claims that since her son was killed, she hasn’t even looked at the toys, drawings, or bicycle that belonged to her kid. It seems they are still looking for him because he is unharmed.

She and her husband recall the days they would watch him cycle around the streets they live, playing his favorite game of cricket and watching airplanes fly by.

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