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Ohio State Buckeyes: Who Are Emeka Egbuka Parents Henry Egbuka And Rhonda Ogilive? Age Gap And Family Ethnicity

Emeka Egbuka Parents are Henry Egbuka, and Rhonda Ogilive. Emeka Egbuka’s followers are interested in learning more about the Althele parents’ stay with us to know more about the family

Emeka Egbuka is a well-known, professional American football player who plays forward for the Ohio State Buckeyes. Emeka was drafted by the Ohio State Buckeyes on January 11, 2021, and is currently in his freshman season.

The Athlete won with an 11-3 record thanks to Emeka’s 40-yard dash. In addition, he has competed in Washington’s 2A state championship.

But how did they end up with such a physically active son? Everything you need to know about Emeka Egbuka’s parents is right here!

Who Are Emeka Egbuka Parents? Meet Henry Egbuka And Rhonda Ogilive

Henry Egbuka and Rhonda Ogilvie are the parents of Emeka Egbuka. The football player was raised in the United States by sports-mad parents who immigrated from Nigeria.

The father is a civil engineer who also plays competitive tennis and soccer. On the other hand, his mother is an American citizen who has long lived in Steilacoom. 

Emeka Egbuka Parents
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Emeka Egbuka was born in Cincinnati to Henry Egbuka and Rhonda Ogilive. They are initially from Lagos, Nigeria, but now reside in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Henry came to America for graduate school and stayed after meeting Rhonda during a job interview. Egbuka is a sportsman and Athlete who stands at 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighs 83 kg.

Emeka’s mother holds a bachelor’s degree from Howard University. She works as a lobbyist in Washington, D.C. Obie (24), their second son, attended Howard and played football before graduating with a degree in economics. 

In New York City, he works as an analyst for Moody’s Analytics. The third child, Henry Jr., studied psychology.

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Emeka Egbuka Parents Age Gap

Henry, 64, and Rhonda, 52, have been married since 1978 and have shared many experiences.

Emeka Egbuka and Family
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Rhonda Ogilive and Henry Egbuka’s age gap is 12 years. The couple met at the University of Oklahoma, where they were both studying Business Administration. Rhonda was 23 years old when they married in 2010.

Emeka’s mother, Rhonda, was born and raised in Steilacoom, Washington, in the United States. She even went to Steilacoom High School, where her son Emeka later enrolled. Rhonda enjoyed sports and excelled at them. She was a three-sport standout in high school at Steilacoom.

Much more Information about his parents isn’t available on the internet as they keep themselves away from social media.

Emeka Egbuka: Siblings & Ethnicity EXplored

Emeka Egbuka was born in Columbus, Ohio, on October 18, 2002. Henry Egbuka and Rhonda Ogilive, his parents, have been married for over 24 years. 

His father is a black Nigerian immigrant who came to the United States to pursue a master’s degree in engineering and met his wife at work. They share a home with their four children.

His mother is white and of Irish ancestry; she studied biology at Ohio State University before becoming a pediatrician at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Emeka Egbuka dislikes discussing race or ethnicity because it makes others uncomfortable, but he identifies as African-American. He does speak Yoruba, one of Nigeria’s official languages.

Emeka has five siblings. Emeka, their youngest child, is six years old. Bisi (26), their eldest daughter, is the mother of their three-year-old grandson, who was born with cerebral palsy. 

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