Has Sage Mommy Done A Face Reveal? Age Real Name And Net Worth

Yes, Sage Mommy has revealed her face on TikTok. Stay with us to know more about the YouTuber.

Sage Mommy is an American YouTube star and vlogger. She has over 63.4k subscribers, and her channel has been around since 2011. Her videos are often about parenting tips, DIY projects, and reviews of products for moms.

Has Sage Mommy Done A Face Reveal? 

Sage Mommy’s face reveals what happened in 2021. The YouTuber used the TikTok app to reveal her face to her fans and followers. She is a popular YouTuber with over 63.4k subscribers on YouTube and her followers on Instagram.

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Mommy Sage’s face Reveal
Image Source: TikTok

Sage Mommy Age & Real Name Revealed

Sage Mommy is a famous YouTube star and TikiTok creator. She has over 830k followers on her channel, which is dedicated to “raising awareness about the importance of self-care.” In addition to her YouTube channel, Sage has an Instagram account with over 100K followers.

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Image Source: Twitter

Her Real name is Laura, and she has another TikTok account under the username @laurathesimp

Sage Mommy was born in California on March 2nd, 1992 (she is currently 27). She graduated from high school in 2014 and went on to college at USC before dropping out after two years due to financial reasons. After leaving college, she moved back home with her family, where she began working as a nanny while attending bartending school at night time.

Sage Mommy Net Worth Explored

Sage Mommy earns money from TikTok and Youtube, contributing to her $200–400 k net worth.

About the YouTuber, not much is known. The data will be revised as soon as we can.

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