Frederick Humphreys: Wrestling, Police & Net Worth

Frederick Humphreys was a renowned British sports wrestler in the late 1800s. He was also one of the police constables who participated in the Olympics.

He was a Tug of war competitor who won gold in the Olympics.

Besides, he also competed in individual competitions as a sports wrestler and earned several medals.

Undoubtedly, the sports at that era wasn’t well equipped as it is in the present times.

Frederick Humphrey's team
The gold-winning team of the Tug of War competition in the 1912 Summer Olympics included Frederick Harkness Humphreys.

However, the athletes always managed to make the best results with the limited resources they got.

Frederick Humphrey was a police constable in the City of London Police. And his collar number was 970.

Likewise, his two brothers were also in the service of London police as the constables.

Quick Facts:

Full Name Frederick Harkness Humphreys
Also known as Frederick Humphreys
Date of birth January 28, 1878
Place of birth Highbury, London, England
Date of death August 10, 1954
Place of death Ealing, London, England
Nationality British
Ethnicity Not Available
Religion Christian
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Body type Athletic
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Skin color Fair
Eye color Brown
Hair color Light Brown
Horoscope Aquarius
Birthstone Garnet
Lucky number 2
Lucky color Grey
Father’s name Not revealed
Mother’s name Not revealed
Siblings Not revealed
Marital Status Married
Spouse/Partner Not revealed
Children Unknown
Education Not mentioned
Profession Police Constable, Athlete, Wrestler
Years active 1908-1920
Debut 1908 Olympics
Sports Tug of War, Wrestling
Team British Team City of London police
Country England
Personal stats Not mentioned
Hobbies Unknown
Awards and medals Gold and Silver in Olympics
Net Worth Unknown
Social media None
Tug of War Merch Ropes, Kongs
Last Update May, 2024

Frederick Humphreys: Early life

Frederick Humphreys was born on January 28, 1878, in Highbury, London, England. He was a very proficient child from a young age.

And he was also dedicated to serving people, and hence he joined the police force.

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Frederick Humphreys: Height, Weight, and Ethnicity

The sports wrestler has a very athletic body. But, his height and weight are unknown.

However, according to the sports record, he did participate in 73 and 93 kgs category heavy weight lifting.

Additionally, the athlete had brown eyes and light brown hair with a clear face. This certainly gave him a decent appearance.

He held a British nationality. Also, he was Christian by religion.

Frederick Humphreys: Educational Background

The athlete attended primary schooling in his hometown. And later joined the high school as well.

However, the details of his academic qualifications are unknown.

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Frederick Humphreys: Family Life

Frederick came from a very humble family. Moreover, he also had two younger brothers who were also dedicated to serving the nation like him.

However, the athlete liked to keep his family information private. Hence, there are not any details about his family.

But once, he was seen taking a picture with his family after winning the 1920’s Olympics.

His niece showed those pictures of him with his family and the medals he won on a BBC television episode.

Also, this information was revealed on television by his two nieces.

Frederick Humphreys: Career

Frederick began his professional career as a police constable. Initially, he served in the Royal Navy for eight years.

He also fought in the Boer War as a Navy. Later he joined the police force after the war. And he was based at the Bisphogate Police station.

Frederick also served as a mechanic for the Royal Navy Air service from 1915 to 1925.

Alter rejoined the police force as a constable and retired in 1925.

The athletic career of the police constable began when he was still in the service. 

He had also become a part of the British team City of London Police. They competed in the Summer Olympics of 1908, which was held in London.

And then, their team won a gold medal.

Later, the team again participated in the Olympics of 1920 held in Antwerp. And the team also won a gold in that competition of Tug of War.

Fredrick Humphreys
The Tug of War competition of Summer Olympics 1920 was held in Antwerp.

Frederick was also a joint City of London Police-Metropolitan Police “K’ division British team member.

The team competed in the Summer Olympics of 1912. And they won a silver medal in the Tug of War competition.

Their team also included other Metropolitan police of all other cities of London Police such as Joseph Dowler, Alexander Munro, Walter Tammas, Walter Chadffe, Thomas Peel, John Sewell.

Other Athletic Ventures

Later, Frederick also competed in wrestling competitions in different heavy weight lifting categories.

He took part in demonstration bouts around Europe and the United Kingdom.

Additionally, the athlete also competed in heavy weight lifting in the Olympics of 1908. He took part in the Olympic Greco-Roman super heavyweight competition.

The weightlifting competitions were also held in London. However, the athlete was eliminated in the very first round.

Likewise, Frederick also competed in the freestyle heavyweight event. But there also he was eliminated in the quarter-finals.

The athlete won several gold and silver medals in Olympic and other nations as well as international competitions. However, the whereabouts of his victory medals are unknown at present.

His nieces mentioned that his medals had gone missing a long time ago in an interview on BBC.

Frederick Humphreys: Social Media

The athlete belongs to the early nineteenth century. Thus, the internet and social media weren’t prevalent at that moment.

Hence, there isn’t social media presence of the athlete.

Frederick Humphreys: Net Worth

Similarly, the net worth of the athlete hasn’t been calculated either. Since the athlete has died already, there isn’t any information about his property or earnings.

However, the athlete has won medals several times in the Olympics, so he must have earned a considerable amount from them all.

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Interesting facts about Frederick Humphreys

  • Frederick was the oldest ever tug of war gold medalist at the 1920 Olympics. He was actually 42 years and 203 days old when he won the gold medal.
  • The athlete is often confused with the homeopath in the late 18th century. He was a physician and a founder of Humphreys Homeopathic medicine company in New York.
  • Frederick was one of the three London Policemen who won Olympic gold medals in 1908, 1912 and silver in 1912.
  • Later, the tug of war competition was removed from the Olympics, presumably due to controversies.


Is Frederick Humphreys still alive?

No, Frederick Harkness Humphreys is no more in this world. He died on August 10, 1954.

Where was the Summer Olympics of 1912 held?

The summer Olympics of 1912 was held in Stockholm, Sweden.

When was the last Olympic Tug of War held?

The last Olympic tug of war competition was held in 1920. Also, the last competition was won by the team of Great Britain.

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