Alexander Munro

Alexander Munro: Wrestling, Olympics & Net Worth

Alexander Munro was a British athlete who participated in several athletic championships.

He was a strong man, a wrestler, and also a tug of war competitor.

Alexander is well known as an athlete who represented the police team and Britain. The athlete also competed internationally for Great Britain.

Moreover, Tug of war is an athletic contest in which two teams haul at opposite ends of the rope. People very appreciated sports during the 19th century.

Alexander Munro
Alexander Munro with his team members.

Additionally, Alexander also was an Olympiad who competed in two consequent Olympic games in the early 1990s.

He also represented Stockholm as well as London in the team games at the Olympics.

Similarly, the athlete has also won medals playing as a team member of the police team.

Quick Facts:

Full Name Alexander Munro
Also known as Alex Munro
Date of birth November 30, 1870
Place of birth Stornoway, Na h-Eileanan Siar, Scotland
Date of death January 3, 1934
Place of death Stornoway, Na h- Eileanan Siar, Scotland
Nationality British
Ethnicity White
Religion Christian
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Body type Athletic
Skin color Fair
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Horoscope Sagittarius
Birthstone Topaz
Lucky color Turquoise
Lucky number 3
Father’s name Not revealed
Mother’s name Not revealed
Siblings Not revealed
Marital status Unknown
Spouse/Partner Unknown
Children Unknown
Education High School level
Profession Police Officer, Olympic Athlete, Wrestler, Strongman
Sports Tug of war, Strongman championships, Wrestling
Country Great Britain, Scotland
Team Metropolitan Police “K” Division, city fo London Police-Metropolitan police “K” Division
Personal stats Not mentioned
Years active 1908-1920
Awards and medals Olympics silver and bronze
Hobbies Unknown
Tug of War Merch Ropes, Tugs
Net worth Unknown
Social media None
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Alexander Munro: Early Life

Alexander Munro was born on November 30, 1870, in Stornoway, Na h-Eileanan Siar, Scotland.

He grew up in Scotland and then later moved out in search of a stable career. Later he moved out to join the Metropolitan office.

Afterward, he lived in a police house in Westminster. Later, he was stationed at Plaistow, where he also started his sports career.

Eventually, in old age, the athlete returned to his hometown in Scotland. But, unfortunately, he also died in the same city where he was born.

The athlete died on January 3, 1994.

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Alexander Munro: Height, Weight, and Ethnicity

Alexander had a perfect athletic body. But, the exact measurements of the policeman’s height and weight aren’t known.

He also had fair skin and beautiful black hair. In addition, his physical features gave him a charismatic appearance.

In addition, he also had grown a big mustache which gave him a very manly outlook.

Besides, the athlete holds a British nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity. Again, he also follows Christianity while speaking of the religion.

Alexander Munro: Educational Background

There is no such evidential information about the education of the athlete.

However, the British Olympic athlete attended a high school in Britain.

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Alexander Munro: Family

Sadly, there isn’t much information about the athlete’s family either.

Hence, the whereabouts of the British olympiad’s family is still a mystery to the world.

Alexander Munro: Career

Although he is known as an athlete, the British athlete didn’t begin his professional career with sports.

Initially, he was in the service of his nation as a police officer. He first served for the metropolitan police station.

Later, he was assigned to the Bow police (k division) and stationed at Plaistow. Also, there, the team called him for the competition.

Moreover, it was the Plaistow Sub-Division Metropolitian Police tug of the war competition team.

This team included several Olympians as well, which gave him exposure to the Olympics.

Similarly, the athlete also was a member of the K-division tug of war team. The team took part in several sports events worldwide and gave them the victory along with reputation.

Alexander Munro continued to work as a sportsperson. He participated in the Summer Olympics of 1908, held in Stockholm. And he played the Tug of war through his police team.

Likewise, in the 1912 Summer Olympics held in London, the athlete represented Great Britain in the Tug of war competition.

Besides, he was actually a member of the joint City of London Police-metropolitan Police “K” Division British team.

Alexander Munro in Olympics.
The Tug of War competition of Summer Olympics of 1912.

Consequently, he decided to leave the police service to focus on his competition as an athlete. Accordingly, he resigned from the police force in July 1916.

Awards and Medals

The athlete’s team won the bronze medal in the team competition of 1908.

He also won a silver in the 1912 Sumer Olympics.

Alexander Munro: Social Media

The British Olympia died before the internet was invented.

However, there are some Instagram accounts made by the fans of the Tug of war competition. 

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Alexander Munro: Net Worth

Sadly, there is no information about the net worth of the Tug of war competitor Alexander Munro. But, he must have earned enough money as a policeman and athlete to live a luxurious life.

Interesting Facts about Alexander Munro

  • There is also a famous Pre-Raphelite sculptor with the name Alexander Munro from Britain. Moreover, he is known for the phenomenal statue/portrait of Palo. And also for Francessa.
  • The athlete was also the Scottish wrestling champion in 1908. However, he lost a valuable match to Gorg Hackenschmidt.
Alexander Munro's competitior
Alexander Munro’s competitor Gorg Hackenschmidt.
  • Alexander was 41 years old when he played in his first Olympic competition.
  • Also, the athlete was born on Wednesday.


Is Alexander Munro still alive?

No, the athlete Alexander Munro died 87 years ago. Also, he was sixty-seven years old when he died on January 3, 1934.

Who is the famous player of Tug of war?

Edwin Mills is the famous Tug of war player with three medals. In addition, he has been a top-ranked participant in the Olympics Tug of war competition.

Which country invented the Tug of war?

According to the evidence, the roots of the origin of the Tug of war competition is from India.

However, sports are said to be practiced in Cambodia and ancient Egypt.

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