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Who Are Tina Lee And Eric Lee? Kodi Lee Parents, Siblings Family And Net Worth

Fans are wondering who Kodi Lee Parents are. He is a Korean American singer-songwriter and pianist.

He is the first contestant on America’s Got Talent 2019 to receive the golden buzzer and a standing ovation from all four judges. 

Born on July 6, 1996, in Temecula, California, Kodi is a rising musician with a steadily growing fanbase.

The native of South California is the winner of the fourteenth season of America’s Got Talent.

Not only that, he is blind and autistic. But these conditions haven’t hindered his musical abilities.

He was diagnosed with optic nerve hypoplasia at three months old, followed by his autism diagnosis at four years of age.

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His family discovered his love for music at a young age and encouraged him to pursue what made him happy.

He is one of the twenty-five people on earth with an audio-photographic memory, meaning he can perfectly recall music after hearing it a single time. 

Kodi Lee Parents: Meet Tina And Eric Lee

Kodi Lee parents are Tina and Eric Lee.

While Eric Lee is Korean, his mother, Tina Lee, is of American descent, making Kodi Lee Korean American.

Eric Lee is a master of martial arts and holds a black belt. But professionally, he is a graphic designer. 

Kodi Lee Parents
Kodi Lee with his mother(third from left) and father(right). (Source: People)

He is in charge of building the kodileerocks website and handles all of Kodi’s merch designs as well. 

As for his mother, it has yet to be disclosed if she holds a corporate job, but she appears to be Kodi’s full-time caretaker.

She doesn’t share much about her personal life with the world but seems to direct the conversation to Kodi and put the spotlight on him whenever possible. 

However, she mentioned in one of her interviews that she had some difficult times with Kodi’s autistic meltdowns but urged all parents with autistic children to be patient with them.

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Kodi Lee parents appear to be his most prominent source of support as he makes his way through the music industry.

Kodi Lee Siblings And Family

Kodi Lee has two siblings, Kayla and Derek Lee. 

The two are his biggest supporters and often appear in his Youtube videos.

Both his siblings studied martial arts as kids, but as adults, they have moved on to their life goals.

Kayla graduated from Elsinore High School like her brothers and is currently in college. She hopes to become a model and a photographer.

However, Derek seems to keep his life private.

Kodi Lee Siblings
Kodi Lee with his siblings Kayla and Derek. (Source: Heavy)

He has yet to provide much information about himself, like his mother, and his social media presence is dedicated to his brother, Kodi.

As such, Derek’s educational pursuits still need to be clarified.

Regardless of how much of a social media presence his family keeps, Kodi Lee parents and family urge his fans not to pity him.

They want Kodi’s fans to see him for his talent and not just with pity for his blindness and autism.

What Is Kodi Lee Net Worth In 2024?

According to Forbes, Kodi Lee’s net worth is estimated to be $8 million. So how did the young singer-songwriter accumulate his wealth?

With the much-appreciated love and support from Kodi Lee parents, he auditioned for America’s Got Talent, immediately getting a golden buzzer that propelled him straight to the live shows.

He also went on to win that season of the show, which granted him prize money of $1 million.

In addition, he has his own merchandise store, which is doing pretty great, thus adding to his net worth.

Kodi Lee
Kodi Lee celebrating after winning AGT season 14. (Source: Good Housekeeping)

But the most significant part of his wealth comes from his songs, which he wrote himself. While these songs did not reach the top of the charts, they performed well.

His songs were loved and well-received, giving the singer’s wealth an enormous boost.

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His wealth is predicted to rise in the future as he releases more of his songs and merchandise.

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