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Fact Check: Is Oliver Anthony Gay? Gender And Sexuality

Is singer Oliver Anthony gay? Curiosity about the singer/songwriter has risen ever since his single Rich Men North of Richmond hit no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Christopher Anthony Lunsford, who goes by the name Oliver Anthony, was born in Farmville, Virginia. He was born in the early 90s, so he could be in his late twenties or just arrived in his thirties.

The American country singer/songwriter rose to fame in August 2023 when he released his single Rich Men North of Richmond. The song quickly climbed its way to number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

On top of this, he also became the first artist to reach the top of the list without prior charting history.

Oliver began his career in music in 2021 and started sharing his music via Spotify as Oliver Anthony Music. Before hitting the limelight with his recent hit single, Oliver had already gained quite a popularity.

Is Oliver Anthony Gay? His Rumored Sexuality And Relationships

With the rise in fame, fans’ interest in Oliver’s personal life has also increased significantly. And it is mostly about his relationships, gender, and sexuality.

Oliver Anthony gay rumors have started to spread recently. However, as the up-and-coming artist is quite private about his personal life, it is difficult to answer.

His social media has a lot of content about his music and a few pictures of his family, friends, and lifestyle. There is little to no information about his current dating life or any relationships he had in the past.

Questions about Oliver Anthony gay may have risen due to the lack of information about his dating life.

Oliver Anthony
Oliver Anthony performs for small groups of fans often. (Source: Instagram)

Fans and followers often raise assumptions and fill in the blanks themselves. The lack of updates about his dating life may not prove he is straight, but it also does not prove that Oliver Anthony gay rumor.

Further, Oliver has never been married, and sources confirm he is single. However, he is also the father of a beautiful daughter named Isabella Lunsford.

The identity of the mother of little Isabella is unknown. In fact, there is no information about the mother of Oliver’s daughter, and he has never spoken about her.

This is another reason Oliver Anthony gay rumors began in the first place.

Though Isabella is proof that Oliver was involved in a heterosexual relationship, the mystery woman raises more questions than she answers.

Oliver has never been linked to a romantic relationship in the past. Even his relationship with Isabella’s mother is a mystery. It is unclear if they were just in a relationship or if they were ever married.

Oliver Anthony gay rumors and questions about his sexuality and gender can only be answered factually when Oliver himself talks about the matter.

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Oliver Anthony’s Career In Music 2023

Christopher Anthony Lunsford’s stage name ‘Oliver Anthony’ is the singer’s way to pay homage to his grandfather and honor the Great Depression era that molded his family’s history.

His raspy tone in his distinctive and expressive voice, along with his talent with the guitar, justifies the huge mass of following he has gained.

Oliver Anthony
Oliver Anthony’s single, Rich Men North Of Richmond, was awarded the Blue Collar Song of the Year. (Source: Instagram)

A video of Oliver performing, with his pet dog by his side, gained over 2 million views in just 3 days. On top of that, the song claimed the top spot on the iTunes Country list.

Oliver struggled with alcoholism and mental health problems for 5 years. Only 30 days after taking an oath to become sober, his musical journey took a huge leap when he recorded the hit single Rich Men North of Richmond.

He shares his experiences through his melodies and lyrics, which provide solace and empathy to his listeners, especially those struggling.

Oliver expresses a wish to stay true to his music and principles despite his newfound stardom. His debut album is apparently in the works.

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