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Has Dr Squish Done A Face Reveal? Real Name Family And Net Worth

Dr. Squish has done face revealed. Her favorite collectibles like Gudetama, anime figurines and toys, Japanese toys, stress toys, and slime-making supplies were among them.

She enjoys sensory and physical toys and products because they help her relax and focus on her surroundings.

A soft toy called a “squishy” is made of soft polyurethane foam that gradually takes on the shape it had before being pressed.

Squishies come in various sizes and forms, including those of animals, fruits, and foods. To complement the representational item, they are frequently perfumed. The word “cute” in Japanese for the toy is kawaii, which also refers to it.

 Dr.Squish Done A Face Reveal? 

Dr. Squish is a YouTube celebrity and content creator who rose to fame for making videos showcasing the best plush toys on the market right now.

She also publishes enjoyable DIY putty and slime review videos. She has more than 3.4 million users on the website.

With the video, she made her YouTube debut in 2016, “Taking a squishy banana apart! Stress ball built with homemade slime.”


Dr. Squish Face Reveal
Dr. Squish Face Reveal

The Squishy Squad is the name she gives to her internet following. She also uploads slime films in a shorter format to TikTok in addition to YouTube.

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Her clip, “Taking the Golden Squishy apart! Can a Squishy Be Used to Make Slime? Physician Squish, ” has received almost 36 million views.

Ameerah Navalua and Dr. Squish collaborate to produce squishy and slimy YouTube entertainment.

Squish Family And Real Name

Dr. Squish is a well-known American YouTube for her “all things squish” videos. She currently lives in japan with her whole family.

Her videos typically include her squishing different toys and inspecting what’s inside.

She is frequently accompanied by her daughter Little Squish and husband Papa Squish, who fixes squishies and delivers them to her, filled with surprises. She also reviews putty and other squishily delicious items and produces all kinds of fascinating DIY slime.

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 Dr.Squich was born on May 11, but the year is still don’t know. The actual name and the family members of Dr.Squich have not been uploaded anywhere on the internet.

Net Worth of Dr. Squish

 And the net worth of Dr. Squishes is 1.05 million dollars.

Over 145.69 thousand views per day and approximately 4.37 million views per month are received by Doctor Squish’s YouTube channel.

The data mentioned above help us determine that she makes $17.48 thousand monthly or $262.24 thousand annually.

As of 2022, the channel had more than 3.5 million subscribers and had received more than 1 billion views.

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