Tyler Toney: Acting, YouTube & Net Worth

Tyler Toney is an American producer, actor, and entrepreneur. He is also famous as a Youtuber.

In fact, he is the founder of the popular Youtube channel named “Dude Perfect.” The channel posts comedy content.

Tyler Toney carrying his hunt

Actually, they post-experiment videos on sports in a humorous way.

Some people get satisfied with a single career and work hard to succeed. However, some try to explore and try different careers in their life.

Similarly, the actor Tyler Nathan already had a successful acting career. Yet, despite the stable career, he still craved for more and rose to fame as a social media content creator.

Quick Facts:

Here are some quick facts about the American YouTuber Tyler Toney:

Full Name Tyler Nathan Toney
Also known as Tyler Toney, Dude Perfect, Super Not Cool
Date of birth March 24, 1989
Place of birth Prosper, Texas, United States of America
Current residence Prosper, Texas, United States of America
Age [calculate_years datestring=”03/24/1989″] Years Old
Height 5 feet 9 inches (175 cms)
Weight 178.57 lbs (81kgs)
Eye color Hazel brown
Hair color Dark brown
Skin color Fair
Body type Slim-fit
Horoscope Aries
Birthstone Red Coral
Lucky color Red
Lucky number 9
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christian
Father’s name Jeff Toney
Mother’s name Pam Toney
Siblings Paige Toney
Marital Status Married
Spouse/Partner Bethany Toney
Children Three; Barrett Nathan Toney, Colton James Toney, Rhett Silas Toney
Education Graduate
High School Prosper High School
University Texas A & M University
Profession Actor, Producer, Entrepreneur, YouTuber
Debut 2009 (YouTube) : 2016 (Television)
Years active 2009 – present
Popular videos Unfold Stories, Face Off, Dude Perfect: Backstage Pass
Hobbies Traveling, Basketball, Football
Net Worth $6 million
Social media Instagram, Twitter
Dude Perfect Merch Dude Perfect 101 Tricks, Tips, and Cool Stuff, Flying Disc
Last Update [current-month] [current-year]

Tyler Toney: Early life

Tyler Nathan Toney was born in Prosper, Texas, the United States of America, on 24th March of 1989.

Toney was a very active and outgoing person from a young age. Also, get was very interested in sports and outdoor activities.

His parents supported him in every adventure he did from an early age.

The actor always had an interest in discovering something new. He was fascinated by marine animals, which may also be a reason for him to pursue a degree in them.

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Tyler Toney: Height, Weight, and Ethnicity

This YouTuber has a perfect fit body and athletic body features. He stands five feet nine inches tall and weighs about 178 lbs.

Tyler has distinctive body features such as an imposing body and a bushy beard. In addition, Toney has dark brown hair and hazel brown eyes.

Born on March 24, 1989, his horoscope is Aries, and he is [calculate_years datestring=”03/24/1989″] Years Old.

Moreover, the actor holds an American nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity. Also, he is a Christian by religion. In fact, he is a devoted Christian.

Tyler Toney: Educational Background

This social media star did his primary schooling at a public school in his hometown.

Later, Tyler went to Prosper High School for further study. And, he eventually graduated high school in 2007.

Afterward, he went on to join Texas A & M University, the first public institution of higher education.

It is the sea, land, and space-grant university. And also the only university in Texas to hold all three designations.

Also, it is the only flagship university that has the best return among public schools in Texas.

Tyler graduated from the university with a degree in wildlife and fisheries.

The actor was keenly interested in sports while in high school and college. He played football and basketball.

In high school, Tyler used to play as a quarterback. Also, this YouTuber met his close friend and partner, Garett Hilbert, while being on the same basketball team.

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Tyler Toney: Personal Life

Tyler was born into a typical family in Texas. 

His father’s name is Jeff Toney, and he is a pastor in a church in Austin. Moreover, his mother’s name is Pam Toney.

Similarly, Tyler also has a younger sister. Her name is Paige Toney.

In addition, he has a little family that he made with his longtime girlfriend.

He is married to Bethany Toney. They met in later 2000 and eventually married on October 22, 2011.

Their friends and family attended the wedding. Also, the couple enjoyed their honeymoon in the Caribbean.

Tyler Toney
Tyler Toney with his family, his wife Bethany, and his two sons and a daughter.

The couple also has three sons. His eldest son was born in February 2017 and is named Barrett Toney.

Likewise, his younger son was born in June 2019, and his name is Colton James Toney.

Finally, their third son, the youngest one, was born recently, and his name is Rhett Silas Toney.

Tyler Toney: Career

This social media celebrity has been involved in multiple professions. He is an actor, Youtuber, and an entrepreneur.

Actually, he was already active on social media as soon he graduated his college.

Their channel officially started with a recording of a video in their backyard. The video gained over 200K views in a week.

So naturally, this encouraged them to put more videos on the channel. And hence, Tyler and Gilbert created dude perfect eventually.

The headquarters of this comedy group is located in Frisco, Texas. However, his acting career began in 2016.

He debuted in TV shows as well. Actually, he has starred in tv series “The Dude Perfect Show.”

His team has also launched their mobile game, named Dude Perfect, on Android as well as Ios.

They made the launch in 2011 and have followed it up later with other games like Dude Perfect 2, That’s Lit, and Endless Ducker.

Their team is also equally active in social service.

For example, they have pledged to sponsor a child’s educational and living expenses from the organization called Compassion International Organization.

This organization work for the long-term development of children living in poverty.

Tyler Toney: Social Media

Being a social media star, Tyler is definitely active on several social media platforms.

Sadly, he does not have a personal youtube account, but he has co-founded a youtube channel named Dude Perfect with Coby Cotton, Cory Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, and Cody Jones.

But, he has a personal Instagram handle with over 1.6m followers and is a verified Instagram account.

Most of the pictures are about his endeavors and personal life.

His Instagram bio says,” Public figure. Sinner saved by Jesus, husband to @bethanytoney, Dad to Barrett, Colton, Rhett, Bearded Guy of Dude Perfect, hunter, shooter, fisherman, Proud-Texan”.

Tyler Toney posing for a camera

Similarly, the YouTuber’s Twitter handle is @TyerNToney. He has over 20.6K followers.

However, unlike the Instagram account, his Twitter account hasn’t been verified yet.

He joined Twitter in January 2010. However, he hasn’t posted any bio detail on his Twitter account.

Dude Perfect

Tyler Toney is mostly active on his group youtube channel, which has over 56.9m subscribers.

The group joined youtube on March 17, 2009. And the channel has links to their official social media accounts. Additionally, it also has links to their email address and website. 

Their Instagram handle is @dudeperfect. And it is a verified account with 11.4m followers. The Instagram bio says, “Tall Guy, Bead, Twins, Purple Hoser.”      

Likewise, their Twitter handle is @DudePerfect. It is also a verified account with 432K followers.

They also have a Facebook page, @DudePerfect, with 18M followers, a verified page created on February 9, 2011.  

Tyler Toney: Net Worth

The YouTuber Tyler Toney has a net worth of $6 million.

He collected this enormous net worth through his acting career. Besides, he also earns a considerable amount from his YouTube channel and different entrepreneurial ventures.

The income from several commercials and endorsements also adds to his total worth.

He owns a luxurious farmhouse in the United States. And he also owns a Ford ranger that is worth $50,000.

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Interesting Facts about Tyler Toney

  • The actor Tyler Toney is actually scared of needles and electricity. He revealed this fact in a video called In Extreme Weather Golf Battle.
  • Tyler’s group youtube channel is the 20th most subscribed YouTube channel. It was initially founded with his four other ex-college roommates.
  • He has made videos on famous football clubs like Chelsea, Manchester City, and Arsenal.
  • The team of Dude Perfect is going to organize a tour in 2022. They are endorsing their tour from their social media pages.
  • Their group also has two twins among the five members. The twin brothers of the team are Corry Cotton and Cobby Cotton.


Is Tyler Toney the leader of the YouTube channel Dude Perfect?

Yes, Tyler Toney is the leader of the YouTube channel Dude perfect. In fact, he is the youngest member of the group.

This YouTuber performs most of the intro and outros of the channel’s content. Hence, he is considered the leader of the group.

Who is the CEO of Dude Perfect?

The guy named Cody Cotton is the CEO of Dude Perfect. Additionally, he is also the co-founder of the channel Dude perfect.

What is the net worth of the YouTube channel “Dude Perfect”?

The estimated net worth of the YouTube channel Dude Perfect is around $30 million.

Who are the members of the channel Dude Perfect?

There are eight members in the channel Dude Perfect. It includes the CEO Cory Cotton, Co-founder Garrett Hilbert, and Chief Business Officer Jeff Toney.

These are actually the management team of the channel. In addition, there are additional technicians and crew members in the group.

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