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Meet Joey Salads Girlfriend Gila Goodman, American Youtuber Family And Net Worth

Joey Salads Girlfriend, Gila Goodman, is a topic of all interest to their fans. He is a social media personality.

Joey Salads, a well-known YouTuber, is famous for his social experiments and practical pranks. He does use social experiments in the majority of his films. Additionally, he keeps a vlog where he uploads videos of his daily activities.

Saladino has admitted to playing jokes on several occasions. He has come under Fire for creating his movies for sociological studies, practical jokes, and encouraging the idea that African Americans are violent.

In his 2016 film “Black folks don’t like Trump,” Saladino departs a car with Donald Trump Campaign stickers before a large group of black people break the car’s windows and smash its doors to get inside.

After receiving criticism for the movie’s inaccurate portrayal of black Americans from critics like h3h3Productions, Saladino claimed that the film was made with actors.

Saladino made a joke that didn’t seem deliberate, so he peed it in his mouth. Even though the video has already been taken down, the pictures are still accessible. 

Meet Joey Salads Girlfriend, Gila Goodman

He is dating Gila Goodman, Joey Salads’ girlfriend. His girlfriend, Gila, is very known on social media. The couple seldom ever upload photos of one another on their social media accounts.

He regularly plays practical jokes on Gila and posts the videos to his YouTube and Instagram accounts. Right now, Joey and Gila are still together and living luxurious lives.

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Gila Goodman, popular personality on social media, especially on Instagram. Source: Youtube

He was once romantically linked to Tanisha Coetzee, a social media star. They originally connected while making a prank video, and as a result, they began dating. But at the beginning of 2018, the two decided to end their relationship.

Some people attributed the separation of Tanisha and Joey to Joey’s treatment of Tanisha and his jokes about her.

Tanisha reassured them that he always treated her like a princess while they were together, easing their worries.

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American Youtuber, Joey Salads Family

Saladino was raised in New York in Staten Island’s Prince’s Bay. Saladino “tweaked operations,” according to his old boss, the manager of a nearby pizzeria, to make the business work more smoothly.

St. Joseph by the Sea High School was where Saladino studied. Then, he enrolled in the College of Staten Island, where he later dropped out after claiming to have “learned nothing.”

joey salads 1
Joey Salads. Source: The famous people

In May 2020, he was banned from the social media site Twitter. The account was permanently disabled, according to a Twitter spokeswoman, “for repeatedly violating our platform manipulation and spam rules.”

Joey Salads Net Worth Explored

The predicted net worth of Joey Salads in 2022 is $1.2 million. He earned this money from his profession as a YouTuber and practical joker.

According to certain online resources, a Youtuber in the United States makes an average of $82k yearly.

He surely earns money as a media personality through sponsorships, endorsements, and advertisements from several brands and companies. Joey and his family are living happily and comfortably in the United States.

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