Holly Anna Ramsay posing for a photo. (Instagram)

Holly Anna Ramsay: Parents, Love Island & Net Worth

When we hear the word “Ramsay,” our mind automatically goes to Gordon Ramsay. Well, the Ramsay we will talk about today is Holly Anna Ramsay, the daughter of the famous British chef.

Just like her father, Holly is also attempting to make a name for herself; but in the entertainment industry.

In addition, Holly has dabbled in various professions to make a name and a living for herself.

Holly Anna Ramsay (Instagram)
Holly Anna Ramsay (Source: Instagram)

She is also the sister of Matilda Elizabeth Ramsay, another well-known chef and TV personality.

Furthermore, Holly’s father, Gordon, is said to dislike Holly’s cooking.

Read about Holly Anna Ramsay’s parents, career, sexual assault, and net worth. 

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Holly Anna Ramsay: 

Full Name Holly Anna Ramsay
Date of Birth  January 01, 2000
Holly’s birthplace London, England
Current Residence London, England
Nationality British
Hobbies Swimming
Ethnicity Not Available
Education Ravensbourne University
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Father’s Name Gordon Ramsay 
Mother’s Name Cayetana ‘Tana’ Elizabeth Hutcheson
Sister Megan Jane Ramsay and Matilda Elizabeth Ramsay
Brother Jack Scott Ramsay, Oscar James Ramsay, and Rocky Ramsay (passed away)
Age 24 years old
Height  5’6″ (1.67 m)
Body Measurements 34-26-35 inches 
Weight 57 kg (125 lbs)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Profession Social Media Personality, Podcast Host, and Model
Relationship  Not Available
Children None
Net Worth  $800,000
Social Media Instagram and Tiktok
Gordon Ramsay’s Merch  Cookbook, and Pan Set
Last Update March, 2024

Holly Anna Ramsay: Age and Body Measurements 

Holly has a toned physique, beautiful brown eyes, and blonde hair. Furthermore, the podcast host and model stand at 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Gordan Ramsay’s second-oldest daughter is 24 years old and was born under the Capricorn astrological sign.

She also likes to stay fit and healthy, and she weighs about 57 kilograms.

Capricorn energy is strong and resilient, concentrated on the loftiest goals.

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Holly Anna Ramsay: Personal Life and Parents 

The daughter of Gordon Ramsey and Elizabeth Hutcheson, Holly Anna Ramsay, was born on January 1, 2000.

Furthermore, she was born and raised in England’s capital city, London.

Gordon James Ramsay, her father, is a well-known celebrity renowned for his cooking abilities and attitude.

Cayetana ‘Tana’ Elizabeth Hutcheson, her mother, is a former Montessori-trained schoolteacher.

In addition, her mother is a broadcasting announcer and author of several cookery books. 


Furthermore, the Ramsays have five children together. Holly has an older sister, Megan Jane Ramsay, and a fraternal twin brother, Jack Scott Ramsay.

Similarly, Holly also has a younger sister, Matilda Elizabeth Ramsay, and a younger brother, Oscar James Ramsay.

Tana Ramsay had a miscarriage five months before the conception of her son Oscar whom they had named Rocky. 


Holly has a special relationship with her pets. Truffle, her French bulldog, regularly appears on her feed.

Holly maintains Truffle’s Instagram account, which is filled with cute photos of them.

Holly Anna Ramsay poses for a picture with her pet, Truffle (source Holly's Instagram)
Holly Anna Ramsay poses for a picture with her pet, Truffle (Source: Holly’s Instagram)

Furthermore, Holly had a cat for ten years before Truffl. She shared photos of herself with her cat and an open caption about her loss.

The Ramsay Family and the Beckham Family

Gordon Ramsay, her father, is a friend of former footballer David Beckham. Furthermore, the entire family is very close to the Beckhams.

Holly is also a very close friend of Brooklyn Beckham.

According to Gordon, the Ramsay and Beckham children have pledged not to date one another. 

Sexually Assaulted

On her podcast “21 and Over with Holly,” Holly Ramsay discussed her psychological health.

Holly revealed that she had been sexually assaulted twice while attending university. As a result, she has developed severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

She told her family about it and spent three months in a mental health unit for treatment and therapy.

Being sober 

In one of her Instagram posts, the 24 years old podcast host opened up about staying sober for one year. 

Furthermore, Holly’s post commemorating one year of sobriety has received over 18,000 likes.

According to the handle, she chose to abstain from alcohol as it worsened her mental health. 

Her father, Gordon Ramsay, also supported his second-eldest daughter Holly as she celebrated her accomplishments.


When it comes to Holly’s educational background, she is a well-educated person. 

Her father announced on Instagram in August 2018 with a photo that she and her twin brother had graduated.

Holly Anna Ramsay is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in fashion design. Furthermore, she is studying at Ravensbourne University in London.

In addition, the 24 years old also completed her A-Levels in London. 

Holly Anna Ramsay: Career

Like many of us, she has a podcast called “21 and over with Holly,” discussing her mental health struggles.

Instagram is also one of her leading platforms for establishing herself as a fashion endorser.

Holly’s other part-time job is to work for clothing companies such as Brandy Melville. She is a model and influencer who EST Models represent.

Gordon’s media reach calmly supports Holly’s career.

Nonetheless, Holly has scheduled her career path, bringing her passion for building a career with her.

In addition, the 24 years old can be discovered moving back and forth to Los Angeles, California, for her projects.

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Are we going to see Holly Ramsey on Love Island?

According to reports, Holly Ramsey has also contacted the ‘Love Island‘ producers numerous times.

There was even talk that she had signed the contract with them.

Gordon Ramsay, her father, has closed down the speculations and told the media that they are false.

Moreover, he stated that Holly had no desire to participate in Love Island.

Who are the famous parents of Holly Ann Ramsay? 


Gordon Ramsay is a British chef who holds the renowned OBE title.

Ramsay rose to prominence as a TV personality in 1999, when his worldwide restaurant chain, Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, became a tourist attraction in England.

After launching his show Hell’s Kitchen in 2004, he quickly became the most famous chef in the United States of America. 

Furthermore, the celebrity chef appears as a reality tv host on many shows and is recognized for giving honest feedback.


Holly’s mother, Tana or Cayetana Elizabeth Ramsay, is an English TV newscaster and writer of several cookbooks.

Furthermore, she is also the broadcaster of Tana Ramsay’s Family Kitchen and many other shows.

Tana has previously hosted the cooking show Market Kitchen on UKTV.

The Ramsay Family (source Mamamia)
The Ramsay Family (Source: Mamamia)

In 2014, she showed up on the American version of MasterChef, co-hosted by her husband, Gordon Ramsay.

Holly Anna Ramsay: Net Worth

Holly Ann Ramsay has worked in a variety of fields. She is also a social media personality, a host, an actor, and many other things.

Furthermore, her hard work has enabled her to amass a substantial sum of money.

Holly has also made a good living from her work with branded clothing and accessories. Ramsay’s net worth is expected to be around $800,000 in 2022.

However, her yearly income or assets are not disclosed in the media.

Furthermore, the 24 years old has never had to worry about money because her parents were massive superstars who lived luxurious life.

Does Holly Anna Ramsay have strict parents?

Holly Anna Ramsay grew up in a lavish lifestyle thanks to her dad’s £150 million wealth.

Furthermore, her family has residences in London, Los Angeles, and Cornwall, and they enjoy lavish family trips frequently.

Her parents, however, are resolved not to mess up their children, and so, while they take trips in first class, the children are expected to make the journey in economy class.

Furthermore, her father claims that her children will not acquire his fortune.

On the other hand, Gordon wants to put down a 25% deposit on an apartment or house for his children to help them out when they’re ready.

It’s hard to say how impactful Gordon’s strict parenting style was with Holly.

According to a clip uploaded in March 2019, she rebelled after an argument with her father about her dirty room.

Furthermore, Holly is seen in the camera taking his highly-priced Ferrari for a spin right in front of his eyes.

In addition, she was giving him the middle finger, putting her father with no choice but to laugh it off.

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Holly Anna Ramsay: Social Media 

Holly is an avid social media user who enjoys posting photos and videos.

Additionally, she is also very popular on Instagram and Tiktok. She also shares photos of her happy life on Instagram, with over 290k followers.

Ramsay also manages the Instagram account for her podcast, @21andoverwithHolly.

In addition, her uploads primarily consist of fashion-related images and family holidays.

Holly, as previously stated, also manages her pet Truffle’s Instagram account.

Furthermore, the celebrity child creates videos with her family on TikTok. Moreover, she has over 260k followers on the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What did Holly Anna Ramsay do for her late brother? 

In 2017, Holly managed to run the London Marathon in remembrance of her late brother Oscar Ramsay.

Has Holly Anna Ramsay appeared on her father’s show? 

Ramsay has appeared on her father’s television shows on several occasions. In addition, her first appearance was when she was just four years old.

Similarly, the 24 years old has also been seen on her younger sister Matilda’s cooking show “Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch.”

Was Holly Anna Ramsay born prematurely? 

Holly and her twin brother, Jack Scott Ramsay, were born prematurely.

Tana, their mother, also expressed her “nervousness” at seeing her prematurely born twins in such danger.

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