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How Many Tattoo Does Antonio Rüdiger Have? Their Meaning And Design

For PES 2017, Abo Hozifa tattooed a fresh design on Antonio Rüdiger. We appreciate Abo Hozifa’s beautiful tattoo!

Antonio Rüdiger, also known as Rudy, plays football professionally and is German. He is a center-back for the German national football team and Chelsea FC, an English professional football team that competes in the Premier League.

On July 23, 2011, against Arminia Bielefeld, this German center-back made his professional debut for the professional football club VfB Stuttgart. On January 29, 2012, he played his first Bundesliga game for VfB Stuttgart against Borussia Monchengladbach.

How Many Tattoos Does Antonio Rüdiger Have? 

Antonio Rüdiger is as tricky as they come, as long as you’ve seen him play. The German is covered with tattoos all over his body, which is not surprising. We can see the tattoos on his chest and arms as he and his (ex) teammate Fabregas celebrate the 2017–18 FA Cup victory over Manchester United.

According to the official website of Chelsea, Havertz revealed his brand-new tattoo earlier this week. It featured Batman holding a Champions League football and was inked right below his shoulder.

Antonio Rüdiger's new tattoo
Antonio Rüdiger’s new tattoo
Image Source: Twitter

The Sun claims that the young player’s Chelsea teammates were less than impressed by Havertz’s new tattoos, with some leaving comments on later-deleted social media pages.

According to reports, Cesar Azpilicueta wrote: “Hope this is the sticker from the chips and will be erased after a shower.” Antonio Rudiger responded with a string of smiling face emojis.

After that, it’s claimed that the Chelsea captain posted a picture of him and Havertz enjoying their Champions League victory with the remark, “Hope you don’t tattoo this buddy, love you. #KingKai.”

Antonio Rüdiger Tattoos & Their Meaning

Although the meaning of Havertz’s tattoo is still unknown, even Chelsea’s website conjectured that it would acknowledge that illustrious night in Porto by following in the footsteps of Mason Mount, Reece James, and Ben Chilwell.

That is, it less likely that the timing of Havertz’s new body art and the upcoming “The Batman” film is not coincidental. You can never know for sure.

Antonio Rüdiger tattoo being trolled
Antonio Rüdiger tattoo being trolled.
Image Source: Twitter

It’s also unknown why Havertz later deleted the pictures of the tattoo, and it’s impossible to predict whether his new Batman tattoo would be visible when he wears short-sleeved jerseys.

Whatever the case with Havertz’s new tattoo, it’s evident his Chelsea friends weren’t overly impressed, which may indicate that jokes are still being traded at Cobham. Be gentle with the boy.

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