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Kelly Slater: Philanthropy, Lifestyle & Net Worth

Kelly Slater is a well-known professional surfer who has won eleven world surfing championships.

The American surfer is often recognized as the best of all time. Kelly Slater was born on February 11, 1972, in Los Angeles, California.

Kelly Slater posing for a camera
Kelly Slater posing for a camera

Because of his dedication and enthusiasm for surfing, Kelly Slater has risen to the pinnacle of the surfing world.

The American surfer acknowledged surfing as his religion in an interview with CNN.

In this article, we have mentioned detailed information about Kelly Slater.

Quick Facts

Full Name Kelly Slater
Birth Date February 11, 1972
Birth Place Cocoa Beach, Florida, US
Religion Not Available
Nationality American
Ethnicity Irish and Syrian
Hobbies Golfing, Music and Martial Arts
Food Habit Vegan
Education Cocoa Beach Junior/Senior High School
Zodiac Sign Aquarius 
Father’s Name Stephen Slater
Mother’s Name Judy Moriarity 
Siblings Sean Salter and Stephen Salter
Age 52
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Reach Not Available
Weight 160 lb (73kg)
Eye Color Blue
Body Type Athletic
Profession Surfer
Associated Teams Team USA, DC Trident, Nation’s Capital Swim’s Club
Marital Status Single
Girlfriend  Kalani Miller
Active Years 1989-
Children Taylor Salter
Net Worth $22 million (as of 2024)
Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Merch Signed Photo, Pipe Dreams: A Surfer’s Journey 
Last Update May, 2024

Kelly Slater: Childhood and Early Life

Kelly was born to Stephen Slater (father) and Judy Moriarity  (mother).

Similarly, he also has two brothers named Sean Salter and Stephen Salter

Not surprisingly, the greatest surfer of all time was interested in surfing from a young age.

Moreover, he had a passion for surfing and began surfing at the age of five.

He spent most of his time on the beach because he enjoyed being in the water. 

Kelly Slater with his mother Judy Moriarity
Kelly Slater with his mother, Judy Moriarity

But, as a child, he wanted to become a comedian since, in his days, there weren’t many surfers who made good money. They were having a good time. 

Kelly Slater grew up with his two brothers, Sean and Stephen Slater, in Cocoa Beach, Florida. At the age of twelve, he won his first surfing tournament.

Kelly Slater: Age, Height, and Weight

The Florida native is 52 years old. The surfer stands around 5 feet 9 inches tall.

Slater is a world-class athlete who weighs roughly 73 kilograms. For 52 years old, he is in excellent condition.

Kelly Slater: Career

Kelly Slater has loved surfing since he was a child, and he has always aspired to improve his skills.

In his late teens, Slater began competing in surfing events. He also won big surfing competitions such as the Quicksilver Pro and the Australian Open.

The surfer holds the distinction of being the youngest and oldest individual to win the World Surfing Championship.

In addition, he won the Surfing World Championship when he was 20 years old, and he won it again at the age of 39.

Surfing was something he did from a young age, but he didn’t think he’d be able to make a profession out of it.

However, he holds the record for being the youngest surfer ever to win the World Surf League championship.

Slater has collected numerous awards throughout his surfing career, having won a total of 55 global surf league tournaments and holding the title of “World Championship Holder” from 1994 to 1998.

His skills as a professional surfer are unrivaled to this day.

Spiritual Surfing

“This is my religion,” Kelly Slater echoed this sentiment and agreed with it when talking about surfing. 

He mentioned that surfing is more than a job to him. For any surfer, the wave, or barrel, is the ultimate ride.

His surfing love supplied him with much more than just a surfing experience; it was also a spiritual experience for the world’s best surfer. It brought him comfort and a sense of amazement.

He hasn’t lost his talents and abilities despite being one of the oldest surfers.

Since then, he has been observed performing incredible reverse flips with a perfect score of ten, as early as last year.

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Ocean waves aren’t always gentle and kind. Kelly Slater’s devotion and passion for surfing have led him to perform a variety of dangerous things.

However, the joys of riding the waves have resulted in numerous mishaps, with Kelly Slater losing a number of his buddies. They were surfing when they drowned.

Kelly Slater’s passion for surfing inspired him to strive for the top despite the tragedy. During the early days of the American Summer, the giant and gigantic waves were off-limits.

However, modern technology has aided surfers all over the world in overcoming those massive waves. The world’s daredevils are ecstatic, and they can now accomplish far more than they previously could.

Kelly Slater: Net Worth

The American surfer is one of those individuals who devote their entire lives to sports. Never considering retirement and always competing and winning.

Kelly Slater has a net worth of $22 million as of May, 2024.

He has amassed this enormous sum of money as a result of his surfing and acting careers.

His celebrity and fortune have also been put to good use. He is often spreading eco-friendly messages.

Kelly Slater: Accomplishments 


He has won the World Surfing Championship eleven times (Five in a row). He also became the championship’s youngest and oldest winner.

Similarly, in May 2005, Slater became the first surfer in the world to get a perfect 20/20 in the ASP two-wave scoring system.

In 2013, the American Swimmer repeated the feat after an eight-year hiatus.


Kelly Slater enjoys playing the guitar and the ukulele. He has performed at a variety of musical events.

He was also a member of “The Surfers,” a band. His greatest triumph in the music world is his collaboration with Pearl Jam.

In addition to performing Rockin’ in the Free World with Pearl Jam in San Diego, the American surfer also starred in a Shirley Manson video.

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Mixed Media 

Slater is an actor, a surfer, and a musician. During his childhood, Slater aspired to be a comedian.

He has appeared in several television shows, with Baywatch being one of the most well-known.

He was featured 27 times as Jimmy Slade in the Baywatch series. The eleven-time world surfing champion appeared as Jimmy Slade, a recurring character.

Endless Summer II, Campaign 1, Surfers-the Movie, Cloud 9, and View From a Blue Moon are other films he has appeared in.

Kelly Slater had his own computer game, “Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer,” and he appears as a playable character in the popular game Tony Hawk.


Along with his acting and surfing, the Florida native is a proponent of a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

He also works as a fundraiser and public speaker for suicide prevention.

Because he has lost several friends to depression and suicide, he strongly advocates for suicide prevention.

Slater is also concerned about the environment, preserving oceans worldwide, and conserving temperate reefs in California.

He serves on the board as advisors for the “Sea Shepherd Conservation Society,” an ocean conservation group.

The American Surfer appears to do it all. He was found helping a wave-swept mother and son. Salter and his son rushed to Sarah White’s aid.

Wave Pool

The Wave Pool project was an experiment for ten years. It was done to get the ideal inland wave in Inland California.

The project was a huge success, and it produced a lot of attention in the surfing community. The waves had an ideal shape and speed, which created a buzz.

The World Surf League paid an undisclosed fee for a controlling stake in Slater’s Wave Company.

Top professional surfers such as Filipe Toledo, Mick Fannin, Gabriel Medina, and others participated in a test event.

Kelly Slater: Personal Life

Slater enjoys golf and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He was born to Judy Moriarity and Stephen Slater, and he has two siblings.

Moreover, he was born and raised in Cocoa Beach and still lives there.

The world greatest surfer with his girlfriend Kalani Miller
The world greatest surfer with his girlfriend, Kalani Miller

Kelly Slater has not been married but has been dating Kalani Miller. The couple has long been together and is hoping to tie the knot soon.

Moreover, the player also has a daughter of 24 years old.

Many celebrities dated the professional surfer. Gisele Bundchen, the spouse of Tom Brady and Cameron Diaz, are among the most popular women who dated Slater.


Slater believes that appropriate nutrition, sleep, and minimal stress are essential for a happier and healthier lifestyle.

He has been acutely aware of his health and longevity after losing his father to cancer and other friends to various diseases.

As a result, he exercises regularly and visits the physiotherapist for regular examinations.

Houses and Cars

In 2017, Slater paid $7.8 million for a beach house in Hawaii. The house consists of seven bedrooms and seven and a half bathrooms.

The design is multi-cultural in nature. Slater’s house also has a pond with a statue of the Buddha in it.

Aside from the main building, there are two guesthouses, all of which have access to the private garden, pool, and lawn.

Moreover, the view of the ocean from the master bedroom’s private terrace is breathtaking.

He has a sizable collection of automobiles. As a personal car, his favorite is a Land Rover.

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Kelly Slater: Social Media

Kelly Slater has maintained his social media presence.

The world’s best surfer engages with his fans, informing them about his charitable initiatives, environmental conservation efforts, and upcoming competitions.

Facebook: Over 1.9 million Followers

Instagram: Over 2.7 million Followers

Twitter: Over 896k Followers

Frequently Asked Questions 

How did Kelly Slater and Kalani Miller meet?

Kalani and Kelly first met in 2005 and have been together ever since. They were both in San Diego for a trade show where they met for the very first time.

The couple started as friends before falling in love. They have yet to marry.

Who is considered the best surfer of all time?

Numerous surfers can be regarded as the best of all time. The top four surfers of all time are Duke Kahanamoku, Lard Hamilton, Kelly Slater, and Miki Dora.

Is Kelly Slater a vegetarian? 

The world’s best surfer follows a strict diet that includes foods high in Omega-3, Protein, Fiber, and Antioxidants.

Salter has recently switched to a vegan diet and has been doing so for the past month.

He has remarked that the new diet he has been following has made him feel great.

Does Kelly Salter have a son?

Kelly Slater doesn’t have a son but has a daughter named Taylor Slater with Tamara. Taylor Slater was born in 1996. 

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