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Hunaid Lakhani Death Cause; Wife Family And Net Worth

Hunaid Lakhani’s death was a great shock to the Pakistani political and education system.

Mr. Lakhani was a great political person and educationist from Pakistan. He was popularly known for being the founder and chairman of Iqra University, a private University in Karachi.

The University was founded in 1998 to provide quality education to the native of Pakistan, and it is recognized as one of the best private universities by CIEC.

Additionally, the man recently served as a political leader of the “Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf” party. He was also the C.E.O. of “Hussain Lakhani Trust.”

Hunaid Lakhani Death: How Did Chairman Of Iqra University Die?

Hunaid Lakhani’s death occurred on Thursday, 8th September, 2022.

According to new portals, the cause of his death is identified to be Dengue. The Pakistani news media had been providing continuous updates about the politician’s health for the past few days. 

The great man was admitted to the hospital after falling sick and was diagnosed with Dengue. His health was said to deteriorate with each passing day, and he was battling his life on the ventilator.

Hunaid lakhani died
Hunaid Lakhani died on 8th September (Source: MM News TV)

But unfortunately, the tremendous Pakastani personality Huanid Lakhani lost his life to Dengue on early Thursday morning. Hunaid was only 49 years old.

His death has shocked everyone, and the entire country is saddened.

Politician Hunaid Lakhani Wife And Family

Hunaid Lakhani’s wife is Mrs. Erum Asad Lakhani.

Mrs. Lakhani and her husband Hunaid jointly founded Iqra University in 1998. She became the Chancellor of the University after her husband resigned from the position. We are not sure when the couple married, but they had been together for more than 2 decades.

The pair were known to be each other’s support system, but now with the passing of her husband, Erum has been left alone. Huanid and Erum also have children, but their details are not yet disclosed in the media. However, some portals suggest they have a son and a daughter.

As of now, late Hunaid’s family, especially his wife, is mourning his death. The family has planned Huanid’s Namaz-E-Janaza on Friday, 9th September, at Masjid E Saheem after namaz e Jumma (1:30 pm, Khayaban-E-Rahat).  

We hope that God will give Hunaid’s family and friends the strength they need to cope with his death.

How Much Does Lakhani Earn: His Net Worth

Lakhani’s net worth was in the millions.

As per the reports, the average income of a Pakistani politician is $1.5 million to $2 million. And the net worth of Pakastani Prime Minister Imran Khan is $50 million.

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However, Hunaid was more than just a politician; he was the founder of one of Pakistan’s best Universities, Iqra University. He was also the C.E.O. of Hussain Lakhani Trust. Additionally, he also had co-founded other organizations like FIXIT. 

Not only that, but the man was also a philanthropist who founded Hussain Lakhani Memorial Trust Hospital hospital in 2019. The hospital provided free treatment during COVID to the needy ones.

Hence we believe Hunaid Lakhani has massive earnings that not only benefited his family, but he shared his profits with needy Pakistani citizens as well.

Hunaid Lakhani Career

Lakhani’s professional career began in 1991.

The politician worked as a managing director in a real estate state company for many years. He completed his B.B.A. degree from American Intercontinental University in 1997. After a year of graduating, he returned to Pakistan and established a University with his wife.

As per his LinkedIn profile, he went to Harvard Business School to study Business under Owner-President Management Program. 

Later he joined politics in 2019 to serve his nation. Nonetheless, he also established Acamedy School in 2020.


Late Hunaid Lakhani at Iqra University (Source: Iqra Sweet Home)Lakhani’s good deeds and contribution to Pakistan are beyond description. And now, with his death, the Pakastani education system and politics will always feel his void. 

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