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Is Robert Rowiński Ilona Krawczyńska Partner? Marriage And Relationship

Netizens are left wondering if Ilona Krawczyńska partner is Robert Rowiński after the two won the 13th edition of Dancing with the Stars. Find out more about the Polish influencer’s love life!

30-year-old Ilona Krawczyńska is a Polish influencer born on September 23, 1992.

She is also known for co-hosting the premiere of the program Farma, a Polsat TV show with Marcelina Zawadzka.

Krawczyńska is a famous Polish lifestyle influencer and posts content on TikTok with her elder sister, Milena.

Her fame rose when she entered the reality show Dancing with the Stars’ 13th edition and won. She was paired with professional dancer and choreographer Robert Rowiński.

Is Robert Rowiński Ilona Krawczyńska Partner?

Speculations about Robert Rowiński as Ilona Krawczyńska partner have come into play since the two were paired together for the 13th edition of the reality TV show Dancing with the Stars.

The two delivered spectacular performances in the show and, in the end, won as well.

The chemistry between the pair was hard to miss and led fans to believe that Rowiński is Ilona Krawczyńska partner.

However, these are just rumors, and the two have not confirmed their relationship status.

Robert Rowinski and Ilona Krawczynska
Winners of the 13th edition of Dancing with the Stars, Robert Rowiński and Ilona Krawczyńska (Source: Instagram)

Robert Rowiński is very talented and well-known in professional dance and choreography.

Apart from Ilona, he has previously competed in Dancing with the Stars with other celebrities such as Maia Dunphy, country music star Cliona Hagan, and TV presenter Glenda Gilson.

Robert’s association with these talented and beautiful women is often misread and assumed to be romantic.

Rumors of him being Ilona Krawczyńska partner are, hence, not a new occurrence. He had made headlines previously when news about his involvement with Maia Dunphy went viral.

Soon after the word got out, Dunphy cleared the suspicions, claiming that the two were ‘Just friends.’

Ilona Krawczyńska Partner Robert Rowiński
After winning the hit TV show competition, Robert Rowiński has gathered over 28,000 followers on his Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

The fact that nobody has officially denied that the two are not dating has raised questions amongst fans that Robert may be Ilona Krawczyńska partner.

As for now, the speculations of the pair’s relationship status are nothing but rumors.

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Ilona Krawczyńska partner in Dancing with the Stars: Robert Rowiński

Robert Rowiński was born on May 20, 1984, in Koszalin and is a Polish dancer, choreographer, and model.

He and his older sister, Violet, are the children of Bożena and Bogdan Rowiński.

He enrolled at the College of Tourism and Recreation and completed his post-graduate MA studies at the Faculty of Journalism at the University of Warsaw.

He later undertook doctoral studies in sociology at Collegium Civitas and wrote his doctoral dissertation on the psychology of emotions in dance.

Robert Rowiński, who is rumored to be Ilona Krawczyńska partner, got into ballroom dancing at the early age of 10.

Robert Rowinski
He debuted as a dance coach in the popular TV reality show Dancing with the Stars 2010. (Source: Instagram)

Before debuting as a dance coach in Taniec z Gwiazdami, a TVN program, he danced professionally with Dominika Zaprzała, Kamila Drezno, Kinga Jurecka, Olga Kosmina, and Amy Bennett.

Robert also competed in competitions representing the top international dance class, ‘S,’ in Latin American and standard dances, representing Poland, Estonia, and England.

He established a dancing studio in Koszalin named Pasja in 2010 and later established a school there.

The talented professional dancer and coach also participated in Traviata, a dance production at the Grand Theater in Warsaw from 2010 to 2013 and again in 2017.

After his debut as a dance coach in the popular TV reality show Dancing with the Stars, he was partnered with many amazing talents for the show.

In its 13th edition, Robert was partnered with Ilona Krawczyńska, with whom he won the finals.

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