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Tucker Carlson Kids: Meet Hopie, Buckley, Lillie, And Dorothy Carlson, Wife Susan Andrews

Tucker Carlson Kids is a topic of interest to most of his fans. They want to learn more about his personal life. 

Martin Swanson Since 2016, McNear Carlson has hosted Tucker Carlson Tonight, a nightly political talk show on Fox News. He is a conservative political commentator, author, and television broadcaster from the United States.

Carlson began his media career in the 1990s by writing for The Weekly Standard and other publications. He worked as a CNN contributor from 2000 to 2005 while co-hosting the network’s prime-time news discussion program Crossfire from 2001 to 2005. From 2005 until 2008, he hosted the nightly Tucker program on MSNBC.

He has worked as a political commentator for Fox News since 2009, and before the launch of his current show, he appeared as a guest or guest host on several fronts.

Carlson co-founded and held the position of editor-in-chief of the right-wing news and commentary website The Daily Caller before selling his ownership stake and departing in 2020. He has authored three books: The Long Slide, Ship of Fools, Politicians, Partisans, and Parasites. 

Tucker Carlson Kids: Meet Hopie, Buckley, Lillie, And Dorothy Carlson

For around 30 years, Carlson and Susan Andrews have been married. Carlson and Andrews have been pals since they were little.

Tucker Carlson
Carlson with his wife and kids. (Source: Washingtonian)

They initially met at St. George’s High School, where Andrews’ Father was the headmaster.

Hope, Buckley, Dorothy, and Lillie are their four kids. Lillie is the oldest, and Buckley, Hopie, and Dorothy are the next oldest in chronological order.

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Tucker Carlson Wife Susan Andrews

Tucker Carlson’s wife’s name is Susan Andrews. 

Susan Andrews and Tucker Carlson have been wed since they were both teenagers. Formerly, Susan’s Father served as the headmaster of Rhode Island’s prestigious St. George’s School.

Tucker Carlson
Tucker Carlson with his wife. (Source: Legit)

Some stories claim that before Tucker proposed to Susan, he got her Father’s blessing. In a 2000 interview with People magazine, Tucker gushed over his wife, Susan Andrews, and added, “She was the cutest 10th-grader in America.”

However, Susan recalled and told the reporters, “There was a bounce in his step. Even then, he struck me as cheerful and happy in his khakis and ribbon belt. We have to agree that despite everything, these two have remained close.

Tucker Carlson Net Worth

According to the celebrity net worth’s website, Tucker Carlson has a $30 million net worth. Tucker offered commentary on CNN from 2000 through 2005.

He was an MSNBC host from 2005 to 2008. In 2009, he began working for Fox News. In 2016, he began hosting “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” a nightly talk show.

The Daily Caller, a website unrelated to television, was co-founded by Tucker. He has also published books and columns, among other things.

According to Politico, Carlson was “probably the highest-profile proponent of ‘Trumpism,'” and wasn’t afraid to call out Trump when he strayed from it. Donald Trump, a former American president, had Carlson on his side.

He is believed to have significantly impacted several of Trump’s decisions as president, including the decision to delay a military strike against Iran in 2019 and commute Roger Stone’s 2020 prison term.

According to reports, Carlson is a vocal supporter of white political resentment. He is notorious for popularizing far-right ideologies in politics and debate.

Due to his outspoken hostility to liberalism and immigration, Carlson has been labeled a nationalist.

He once backed economic liberalism, but now he advocates protectionism. In 2004, he ceased to support the Iraq War, and since, he has voiced skepticism over American foreign policy.

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