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Is Crystal Gayle Related To Loretta Lynn? American Singer-Songwriter Death Cause And Siblings

Yes, Crystal Gayle is related to Loretta Lynn; they are sisters. American singer-songwriter Loretta passed away a few days back, and the death cause is due to natural reasons.

Even though the sister duo had a huge age difference, they were very close. They even had the same professional background, so the connections were deeper.

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Is Crystal Gayle Related To Loretta Lynn? Know About Other Siblings

Crystal Gayle is related to Loretta Lynn as a sibling. They have seven siblings, and Loretta is the eldest of all. Gayle and her siblings are said to be of Cherokee ancestry on their maternal and paternal lines.

Even though all the siblings have not been introduced one-on-one, their brother Jay Lee Webb is also a singer. Not only that, Peggy Sue, their sister, is also of musical background.

Sister duo Crystal Gayle and Loretta Lynn
Sister duo Crystal Gayle and Loretta Lynn [Source- Country Music Nation]
Also, Crystal Gayle was born on January 9, 1951, and her beloved sister Loretta was born on April 14, 1932. Despite the age difference of nineteen years, the duo shared a good bond.

Music writers and journalists have mentioned the pair had “sibling rivalry.” In an interview with People, Lynn expressed that such a rivalry was not there among them. They both have claimed a lot of love and look at each other when in need.

American Singer-Songwriter Loretta Lynn’s Death Cause

American Singer-Songwriter Loretta Lynn passed away at 90 a few days before. Even though her death cause is preferred as the natural cause, she also had an injury a few years earlier.

Lynn died in her home while asleep in Hurricane Mills on October 4, 2022. Even though the exact cause of her death has not been mentioned, it seems to be old age.

Also, her family had officially shared her death news but did not clearly show the cause. Likewise, this news is extremely saddening for many of her well-wishers.

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Loretta Lynn Shares Old Photos With Twin Daughters To Celebrate Their Birthday
Loretta Lynn Shares Old Photos With Twin Daughters To Celebrate Their Birthday [Source- Classic Country Music]

Loretta Lynn’s Husband And Children

Loretta Lynn got married to Oliver Vanetta “Doolittle” Lynn when she was sixteen years old and is the mother of six children. Even though her two children passed away, others are doing well. She also became a grandmother in her early thirties.

Also, her husband passed away when he was 69, and they were married for almost half a century. Even though they were together for so long, she did not get the proper support and love from her spouse.

She has expressed her marriage as “one of the hardest love stories” as he kept cheating on her several times, and both fought many times.

Their children, Betty Sue Lynn (she died at the age of 64) and Jack Benny Lynn (he died at the age of 34), are no more. On the other hand remaining children are Ernest Ray “Ernie” Lynn, Clara Marie “Cissie” Lynn, and twins Peggy Jean and Patsy Eileen Lynn.

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