Is DK Metcalf Related to Terry Metcalf? Relationship Explained

DK Metcalf is a star wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks, who has impressed fans and analysts with his speed, strength and athleticism.

But did you know that he is also part of a football dynasty that spans generations and teams? This article will explore the question: Is DK Metcalf related to Terry Metcalf?

Is DK Metcalf Related to Terry Metcalf? Relationship Explained

DK Metcalf is related to Terry Metcalf through his father, Terrence Metcalf, who was Terry’s second cousin once removed.

DK Metcalf also has another cousin, Eric Metcalf, a star running back and returner in the NFL.

DK Metcalf comes from a football family that has produced several talented players.

Terrence Metcalf is a former NFL guard who played for the Chicago Bears from 2002 to 2008. He was also an All-American at Ole Miss, where he blocked for Eli Manning.

Terrence Metcalf is the son of Terry Metcalf’s cousin, making him and DK Metcalf second cousins once removed.

DK Metcalf has said that he has spoken to Terry Metcalf on the phone and admires his legacy.

DK Metcalf family And Parents: Father Terrence And Mother Tonya Metcalf

Parents of DK Metcalf, Tonya, and Terrence have a lengthy background in the NFL. Terrence spent seven seasons as a player for the Chicago Bears.

Metcalf’s parents, a former NFL player, and a caring woman, fully backed him in his decision to pursue a football career.

More family members have played in the NFL besides DK Metcalf.

Another relative, Eric Metcalf, excelled as a running back and return specialist for multiple teams between 1989 and 2002.

Throughout his career, Eric Metcalf was named an All-Pro four times and won three Pro Bowls.

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DK Metcalf’s Early Life

DK Metcalf’s early life saw him born in Oxford, Mississippi, on December 14 19,97. He began his football journey at Oxford High School, also located in Oxford, Mississippi.

During his high school football career, he showcased his remarkable talent, amassing impressive stats of 224 receptions for 3,302 yards and an impressive 49 touchdowns. 

His exceptional skills didn’t go unnoticed, as he earned a four-star prospect ranking and was recognized as the No. 14 broad receiver prospect by

Metcalf’s commitment to the sport and his prowess on the field led him to play college football at the University of Mississippi, where he would continue to build upon his already promising football career.

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