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Is Gerard Butler Gay? Gender Explored: Partner Morgan Brown And Net Worth

“Is Gerard Butler Gay?” The man could not get rid of this question even after everything transpired.

Gerard Butler is an eminent actor and producer from Scotland, United Kingdom. The actor started acting during the mid-90s and rose to prominence from his role as ‘King Leonidas’ in the movie “300.”

In addition to being an actor, he is also a fine voice artist. He was nominated for the “Annie Award,” and the “Behind the Voice Actors Award” for his voice work on the popular animated movie” How to Train Your Dragon” and “How to Train Your Dragon 2.”

Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler

Unfortunately, the public chose the worst possible time to question Gerard’s sexuality: when the actor recently lost his close friend Darius Campbell on August 11, 2022. 

However, bear with us as we clarify his gay rumors and partner.

Gerard Butler Gay: Gender Explored

Gerard Butler is not gay. He is a straight man with the pronouns he/him.

However, we understand where Gerard being gay news is coming from. Once in an interview with the media, the actor revealed he had had physical relationships with both men and women.

Following that, a debate erupted over his sexuality, and he was rumored to be gay; that is when the actor finally spoke up.

Gerard clarified that he is not ashamed to talk about his sexuality, and if he were gay, he would surely let the public know.

Furthermore, he added that he is neither gay nor homosexual.

His Age: How Old?

Mr. Butler’s age is 52 years old.

He was born in Paisley, United Kingdom, in 1969. His birthday is celebrated on November 13 every year.

He is the youngest child of his parents, Margaret Butker (mother) and Edward Butler (father). And he has 2 older siblings, Lynn Butler and Brian Butler.

Furthermore, his full name is Gerard James Butler.

The actor’s parents worked as bookmakers, and they got separated when he was only6 months old. 

According to his Wikipedia bio, Gerard only met his father after turning 16.

His Partner Morgan Brown: Who is She?

Gerard and his partner Morgan Brown are in an on-and-off kind of relationship.

The pair began dating back in 2014 and has broken up numerous times. They first broke up in 2016 and returned in the same year; then, they split again in 2020.

The couple was not seen together after that. However, just when the public thought things ended for real, they were recently seen together in 2022.

As per the Daily Mail, Gerard and Morgan were seen casually shopping in the streets of New York City.

The fans are delighted upon the news, hoping the couple will endure forever.

Now, speaking of Morgan Brown, she is a 49 years old interior designer who occasionally serves as a model.

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Gerard Net Worth

According to the Wealthy Gorilla, Butler’s net worth in 2022 is estimated to be around $40 million.

The actor has had a string of box office successes that have allowed him to amass a comfortable lifestyle over the past 2 decades.

Likewise, with the determination to serve the British legal world, the actor pursued a degree in law. However, life had different plans for him, and he ended up auditioning for movies.

So, at 27 years, Gerard began acting and is now known worldwide for his excellent skills. 

Meet Him On Instagram

Mr. Butler is available on Instagram as @gerardbutler.

He joined the platform on 2016, and as of 2022, his account has already got a blue tick. Likewise, the actor has made 243 posts, and 3 million people follow him on the platform.

Apart from Instagram, Gerard is also active on Facebook, Twitter, and Facebook.

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