Is John Berman Leaving CNN

Is John Berman Leaving CNN? Where Is He Now? Illness And Health Update

Is John Berman Leaving CNN? As the absence of the Journalist started to be noticed, people were questioning the same thing. Keep reading this article as we take a closer look into John’s life in search of answers. 

John is one of the most recognized faces in his profession. Despite the early start to his career, it wasn’t until later that he started to earn fame. By this year, he has already proved himself against the best in the world, and people admire him and his works and are ready to see him perform for the rest of his life. 

People began to worry as the rumors about John’s leave started to circulate. He was very good at what he did, which made people unsure about his sudden decision to leave. But John expects his admirers to understand his decision as he takes a break from his tireless work and goes on a personal venture.

Is John Berman Leaving CNN?

There have been rumors in the media that have reported very concerning headlines like: “Is John Berman Leaving CNN?” 

But according to our sources, there is very little truth to those rumors. The rumors were put out by CNN chief executive Chris Licht who came out and cleared the confusion. 

John had been an anchor for the popular show “New Day” for many years. People were accustomed to seeing the familiar face of John among many in the popular program, but since the program was ending, they announced that John would no longer appear anchoring New Day. 

People misunderstood this as they thought it was an official announcement of John’s farewell from the show. But in fact, it was an announcement regarding the ending of the exhibition New Day. 

John has started working on a different show but has not left CNN. Since he has been a regular hard-working team member of the popular multinational cable news channel, he has merited a stay for a longer time. 

John Berman Illness And Health Update

There has not been any fatal illness that John has suffered as of now. But he did say that he suffered from rhabdomyolysis, which can happen from heat stroke. 

In an interview, he explained his rare medical condition, but since it is not that frequent of a complication, he has not had much trouble with his health. He has been a professional Journalist for many years but has rarely taken leave due to a medical condition which is a testament to his fitness. 

John Berman
John poses for a photo.
(Source: 360dopes)

Currently, he is a regular anchor for CNN; after anchoring the popular show “New Day” for multiple years, he has moved on, but he still works for CNN. 

We know that he has not had any medical complications in recent years. John continues to work hard for his professional career and enjoy his personal life without diseases troubling him. We wish him good health for the rest of his life. 

How Much Is John Berman Worth?

John Berman is best at what he does; the Journalist has been at the top of his professional talents in the past few years. Because of his excellence in his profession, he has merited a net worth enough to fulfill his lush demands and ask for a good quality of life. 

All journalists are starting the dream of working for a reputed organization like CNN. John has achieved that dream and has been a consistent team member for CNN for multiple years. He started his career when he was very young, so despite achieving so much, he still has many of his professions to look forward to.

According to celebritynetworth, he has an impressive net worth of around $5 million. The number has constantly been increasing in the past few years. 

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