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Is Kayce Smith Leaving Barstool Sports? More On Her Family And Net Worth

The rumors about Kayce Smith leaving Barstool sports after undergoing cancer treatment are all false. Let’s know more about Kayce Smith’s family and her Net Worth.

Kayce Smith is one such woman who not only established herself as an outstanding sportscaster but attained the label of a survivor when she remarkably recovered from melanoma skin cancer.   

A fast-riser in the Barstool world, Smith, has made a name for herself as a writer, host and overall personality for the media company.

However, Kayce attended Texas A&M University and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Communication.

Similarly, Kayce Smith launched her show titled, The Kayce Smith Show. Likewise, from March 2017 to March 2018, Smith also worked as a host for NBC Sports Boston.

Besides, She was a jealous sports lover, and her passion for the field struck when she eventually pursued her journalism career.

Is Kayce Smith Leaving Barstool Sports?

Kayce Smith is a renowned and top sports broadcaster in the United States. Currently, Kayce is working as a blogger at Barstool Sports. Smith delivers and presents a real story without missing any details. Her passion and dedication to broadcasting have made Kayce Smith look out for the future.

However, Not only that, but Kayce’s attractive quality and understanding of games have made her a public favorite. 

In August 2012, After college, Smith started working as a radio host on TexAgs.com. She worked for two years on TexAgs.com before finally joining Fox Sports as a sideline reporter.

However, her career at Fox was short-termed as she left in less than three months. But later, she was promptly offered a reporter job for the worldwide sports network, ESPN. There she earned lots of recognition by mass for her excellent work and contribution to the task.

Kayce Smith ( Sportcaster)
Kayce Smith ( Sportscaster)

In the year between March 2017 to March 2018, Kayce enrolled Barstool Sports, and, as of now, she has become an essential member of the network. 

Kayce Smith’s life was not always easy. On the day of her 25th birthday, Kayce discovered she was suffering from stage 1 melanoma- a type of skin cancer.

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On that particular day, Kayce was watching the game of her favorite team, Texas A&M. Being their biggest fan, she was anguished when they lost the match. To such an extent, she ripped her jacket on the cold night of October.

Throughout her medical therapy, she remained strong and fought one of the most challenging battles.

Eventually, Kayce returned to her broadcasting duties like it was just another day. She became a role model and inspiration to young men and women undergoing almost all challenges.

Kayce Smith Family

The broadcaster Kayce Smith was born on October 25, 1988, in the United States of America. She belongs to American nationality and holds the Caucasian ethnicity.

Similarly, Kayce Smith’s father’s name is Ron Smith. However, her mother’s name is still not disclosed. Also, Smith has a younger sister name, Ally Elaine Smith. Kayce is pretty close with her father and sister.

Kayce is in a romantic relationship with Nathan Sebesta. For the moment, they have not disclosed any plans for their marriage yet.

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Nevertheless, through several public outings and Smith’s Instagram, it is revealed that both the couple is in deep romance and just condiments in each other’s company for the moment.

Kayce Smith’s Net Worth

After serving for over a decade as a sideline reporter, host, and sportscaster, Kayce earned an estimated net worth of $2 million as per the report of 2022. 

Besides, TV Host and Broadcasters Kayce Smith earn between $50,000 and $55,294 per year on average.

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