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Who Are Scott & Amy Crum? Dustin Crum Parents Age Gap Family And Net Worth

Scot & Amy Crum are the parents of NFL team Kent State Golden Flashes quarterback Dustin Crum. Along with Dustin, Scott & Amy have four children together.

Let’s Look at details regarding their family and networth.

Who Are Scott & Amy Crum? 

Scott and Amy Crum are the proud parents of the American national and NFL team Kent State Golden Flash rising and bright prospect quarterback Dustin Crum.

They gave their son a lot of encouragement and helped build Dustin’s career from a young age.

The details regarding Scott and Amy have not been available for the public to see. Many recognize them through their son Dustin’s achievements.

Scott and Amy were blessed with Dustin on 5th January 1999. Along with Dustin, they have four children together.

Their other three children are Devon Crum, Hunter Crum, and Harlee Crum.

Dustin Crum’s Family Background

The famous parents of Dustin Crum are Scott and Amy Crum. In total, they had four kids, including Dustin.

 In Grafton, Ohio, his parents received a blessing as it is the birthplace of Dustin Crum.

 They give their son a lot of encouragement and are currently, Amy & Scot are proud parents of their son Dustin Crum.

His uncle Mike Crum played football at Youngstown State and Eastern Michigan.

Dustin Crum Girlfriend: Who Is He Dating?

Dustin Crum is currently not a married person, nor is the quarterback for Kent State Golden Flashes engaged. 

However, the 23 years old is dating a girl named Maddy Zdinak.

Dustin Crum with his girlfriend posing for picture.
Dustin Crum with his girlfriend posing for pictures. (Source: Instagram@dcrum)

The couple has shared some of their lovely pictures on their social media.

Dustin has, however, never talked about her openly in the media despite the pair having an open relationship.

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The pair don’t share the details of the timeframe of their relationship and further information at the time of writing this article.

The couple looks lovely and does seem to be in a healthy and good relationship with each other.

Dustin Crum’s Career and Net Worth

Since 2017, Dustin Crum has been the quarterback for the Kent State Golden Flashes.

He has placed in the finals of MR. Ohio twice.

During his first collegiate game, Dustin completed a second pass attempt for 40 yards while playing for Marshall in 2017.

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Crum, a freshman quarterback for Kent State, ran for 77 yards against Northern Illinois, including 68 yards on one drive.

In his nine games as a quarterback for the football team in 2018, Dustin Crum completed 16 of his 27 passes for 176 yards and two touchdowns.

In 2021, Dustin Crum was a member of Athlon Sports and Phil Steele’s first preseason team.

Dustin Crum plays for one of the sound teams in the NFL named Kent State Golden Flashes. 

He has had lucrative deals and contracts that have made him some good money in his career.

Crum in 2022 had a base salary of $705k, and subsequently, it is set to increase in the following year. 

His contract value over three years is supposed to be around $2.5 million, which can roughly give us an idea of his net worth.

Although there is no information about how much exactly he is worth. But by seeing this figure, we can conclude that he is wealthy at this point in his career.

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