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What Happened To Governor Of Florida Ron DeSantis? Weight Loss And Health Update

Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis is doing fine, per what he has said with the media. How is the health of his wife, First Lady of Florida? 

Ron DeSantis is a famous politician and American representative who has served as the 46th governor of Florida since 2019. He was the Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy and worked in the US military service.

He is 44 years old politician, born on September 14, 1978. His real name is Ronald Dion DeSantis, and his parents gave him, his father, Ronald DeSanti, and his mother, Karen

Read about his current health update, family, children, and net worth.

What Happened To Governor Of Florida Ron DeSantis? 

Since 2019, DeSantis has become known for taking combative positions on controversial issues, including education. He signed several measures aimed at preventing the sort of “indoctrination” in July 2022. 

DeSantis has always focused on the school after how it took shape after Covid-19; he has worked with the different issues the district school has faced. Also, he said he does not trust public school views.

Talking about health, Governor Ron DeSantis is doing good with his health and has a happy life with his wife and children. The recent news was after his wife, who was suffering from Cancer. 

Ron’s wife, the First Lady of Florida, had breast Cancer and now is entirely free from it. She will be utterly free from Cancer in the year 2022. 

The health of Ron DeSantis is good, and he has been seen in a different program in politics. He is living a healthy life with a healthy family. 

Ron DeSantis Weight Loss and Health Update 

Donald Trump called Ron DeSantis a fat guy; he wrote Ron is a Yale Harvard fat boy who can’t get out of his way. 

Trump advisor Roger Stone wrote, ‘Not smart. Not honest and not going to be president,’ in his social media account. Trump was very against DeSantis before he was the governor of Florida.

DeSantis decided not to talk much about this topic and let it be; also, he was taking care of his wife at the time we were suffering from Cancer.

The Florida governor was up for re-election that year. DeSantis won the general election by heavily tying himself, and he ran a TV ad where he taught his children how to ‘build the wall’ and say ‘Make America Great Again.’

After the election, Trump said Look how I helped DeSantis to go to that level which nobody has seen before.

More on Ron DeSantis Wife and Children

Ron DeSantis is currently married to Casey Black (DeSantis). The couple shared their vows in 2010 after getting into a relationship for a long time. 

Casey became the first Lady after getting married to Ron. The couple shares three beautiful children, Mason DeSantis (son) and Madison DeSantis, and Mamie DeSantis (daughters); they welcomed their son first.

Gov. Ron DeSantis, wife and their three children.
Gov. Ron DeSantis, his wife, and their three children (Source: res.cloudinary)

They have not shared more information about their children; they are trying to keep information about their children private as much as they can.

Ron’s wife has always been private about her personal life, so she is also trying to keep their children’s information away from the media. 

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Ron DeSantis’s Net Worth

DeSantis is a well-known Republican governor from Floria; his estimated net worth is close to $52 million in 2022. Let’s have a closer look at DeSantis’s net worth and salary. 

Different sources have mentioned different amounts as per their calculation. The said amount is also not the exact amount DeSantis has been earning. 

Although $180,000 is the fixed salary, he has been earning as a Governor of Florida State. His wages increase yearly, and he might be making more in 2022. 

The primary source of income of his net worth is as a Republican governor. Although, he might also have different sources like business, investments, home rent earnings, and more.

Also, he has been investing in the socket market since 2010 in his wife’s name, Casey DeSantis. So, he is also earning from his investments in socket marketing.

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