Is Mike Ditka Still Alive? Where is He Now? Family And Net Worth

“Is Mike Ditka Still Alive?” is one of the most common questions asked by his fans. He is a famous personality for all football lovers.

Michael Keller Ditka is a former American football player, coach, and television analyst.

He played tight end for the National Football League’s Chicago Bears, Philadelphia Eagles, and Dallas Cowboys and was a five-time Pro Bowl selection and a six-time All-Pro tight end.

Both the College (1986) and Pro (1988) Football Halls of Fame include him as a member.

He won three Super Bowl championships and an NFL championship with the Bears in 1963.

He also played for the Cowboys in Super Bowl VI and coached them to win Super Bowl XII. He also guided the Bears to victory in Super Bowl XX. He participated in the NFL’s 75th and 100th Anniversary All-Time Teams.

Is Mike Ditka Still Alive?

Yes, Mike Ditka is still alive. He was born on October 18, 1939, and is currently 82 years old.

While leading the Bears from 1982 to 1992, he twice earned the AP and UPI NFL Coach of the Year trophies. (1985 and 1988). He led the New Orleans Saints as head coach from 1997 to 1999.

Mike Ditka
Mike Ditka is on the sideline during a Bears game. Source: Sportscasting

Only Ditka and Tom Flores had won an NFL title when they were active players, assistant coaches, and head coaches.

In the contemporary era of the NFL, only Ditka, Flores, Gary Kubiak, and Doug Pederson have won a championship while coaching a team they previously played for.

Ditka is the only person to have participated in the previous two league titles won by the Chicago Bears—as a player in 1963 and as head coach in 1985.

The X League, a women’s tackle football league that Ditka took control of in 2020, was formerly known as the Lingerie Football League.

He has claimed that this is where the nickname “Iron Mike” came from, which alludes to the steel town in Pennsylvania where he was born and raised.

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Where Is Mike Ditka Now?

Ditka has kept busy after leaving the Saints by working as a motivational speaker, a sports analyst for CBS Sports, and an actor in commercials.

He likes to ride motorcycles, collect classic automobiles, and play golf. In addition to being a part of various charity and nonprofit organizations, he owns the Mike Ditka’s Restaurant chain, which has locations in Chicago, Illinois, Naples, Florida, and New Orleans, Louisiana.

He supports a scholarship at the University of Pittsburgh, his alma institution. Ditka and his wife Diana have been together since 1977; they have four children from Ditka’s first marriage.

Mike Ditka Family And Net Worth

On October 18, 1939, in the Pennsylvania town of Carnegie, near Pittsburgh, Ditka was born Michael Dyczko.

He grew up with his siblings Ashton, David, and Mary Ann in the nearby town of Aliquippa as the oldest child of Charlotte (Keller) and Mike Ditka Sr.

What Happened To Michael J Fox
Retired Bears coach Mike Ditka had some choice words for current professional athletes
(Source: Chicago Suntimes)

His Father, a welder, came from a Polish and Ukrainian family in the coal-mining and steel-making region of Western Pennsylvania.

He was one of three brothers. On his mother’s side, there are Irish and German ancestors. His hometown changed the family name to “Ditka” since it was difficult to pronounce the Ukrainian surname “Dyczko.” Attended St. Titus Academy was Ditka.

At Aliquippa High School, Ditka excelled in three sports while playing for head coach Press Maravich. The team doctor, Dr. John L. Miller, accompanied Mike and other players to Pitt games and persuaded them to enroll at Pitt.

Ditka remarked, “Doc Miller sewed me up multiple times.” Ditka enrolled in college on a football scholarship to escape the manufacturing jobs prevalent in his hometown.

Notre Dame, Penn State, and the University of Pittsburgh were all interested in him because he wanted to study dentistry.

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