is Otto Kilcher still alive?

Otto Kilcher Accident 2022: Is He Still Alive? Death Hoax, Illness And Health Update

Otto Kilcher is alive and well. He survived a potentially fatal accident where a herd of ox mauled him during a snowstorm.

Otto is a tv personality best known for the show Alaska: The Last Frontier, which is currently on its 11th season. It is a reality show on Discovery Channel where the extended Kilcher family lives the frontier life in a homestead near Homer, Alaska, away from the luxury of modern amenities.

Otto was also on the 2012 tv documentary Rousseaus Children, along with his family.

Otto Kilcher Had An Accident During Season 11 Premiere: Is He Still Alive?

The famous television personality Otto Kilcher is alive and well even though Otto faced a potentially deadly incident while on the show, he was rescued and is seemingly back on track.

Season 11 of Alaska: The Last Frontier premiered on October 9, and fans quickly learned that one of the main cast, Otto Kilcher, had been injured during a dangerous snowstorm. The unfortunate injury left uncertainty regarding the rest of the season.

Otto Kilcher family
Otto appears with the rest of the Kilcher family on the Discovery Channel show.
(Source: The Things)

An ox critically trampled Otto in a severe snowstorm during the maiden episode of the 11th season. While we do not know the extent of his injuries, he appears to be doing well now.

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Otto posted an Instagram video showing the worrying encounter. We can hear him say, “Say hi to my friends if I don’t come back,” which indicates that he was aware of the danger approaching with a group of oxen in the distance. 

Emergency responders had to be called on the spot, and Otto was rushed to the hospital. He wrote, “It was a great day at the head of the bay; it just ended poorly.”

Otto Kilcher Death: It Was A Mere Hoax

The rumors about his death were merely a hoax. While he did face a horrific accident during a snowstorm a few weeks ago, he has since been saved and is on the path to full recovery.

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His supposed demise has been mentioned in rumors before. He experienced a health scare at the beginning of 2016, which led the internet to spread the rumor that he had passed away.

Perhaps it is because Otto lives in a fairly remote and secluded area of Alaska. What he is up to usually remains a secret, and false news tends to get easily circulated on the internet.

Following the recent dreadful incident, fans took to social media and wrote good wishes for Otto and the Kilcher family. They expressed hope for his quick recovery.

Illness And Health Update 2022

Other than the recent accident, Otto Kilcher is completely healthy at the moment. However, he has recently had some serious health scares, which started in early 2016. The Father of three had to undergo hernia surgery and also dealt with blood clots. 

But even after the health issues, he is still selfless. In one episode, the Discovery star risked his well-being to rescue a paralyzed cow.

Since his recent accident, Otto has returned home and is now back to work. One of Otto’s recent posts on Instagram shows him riding a horse.

Otto Kilcher accident
Otto Kilcher with his horse. (Source: Distractify)

The show’s main man has been actively promoting the show on social media. Through the comments on his Instagram page, Otto has kindly replied to his fans and well-wishers. He said there are currently “good vibes around” in his life.We can assume that Otto will soon resume his regular work on the homestead.

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