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Is Trevor Noah Fired? Why Is He Leaving Daily Show? His New Job Career Earning And Net Worth

Many reports claim that Trevor Noah was fired from Daily Show. Continue reading this article as we dissect the present and the future of the career of the South African comedian. 

In the world of standup comedy, very few comedians can match the hype of Trevor. With his standup specials, he has left an unforgettable impact on his fans’ lives. 

Trevor specializes in copying the accent of people from all around the world. He has accumulated a massive amount of laughs for his talents. After a successful standup career, Trevor ventured into his television life as he joined The Daily Show. The show with Trevor managed to earn a massive reputation and fan following. 

And if the rumors are to be believed, we can no longer see him hunting chuckles from the audience as he is fired.

Is Trevor Noah Fired? Why Is He Leaving Daily Show?

Many media outlets have taken the headlines “Trevor Noah Fired” as the rumors began circulating. But there is little to no truth in those rumors as Trevor leaves on his own accord. 

The comedian recently announced that he would leave the show, seven years after officially becoming a part of it. In the years Trevor has been on the show, it saw new heights as many awards went into the hands of The Daily Show. 

Trevor Noah Fired ?
Trevor Noah in The Daily Show
(Source: Comedy Central)

Trevor has been a constant presence on the tonight show for many years. He is almost the face of the show as his company brought it to many heights. Fans can not imagine the show without a familiar face of Trevor. 

Find Out More About Trevor’s New Job

After the announcement that he will leave The Daily Show, fans are curious about his new career choice. In an emotional statement, Trevor said he would leave the profession he had worked in for the past seven years. 

But, he has not confirmed his next career move. Since the standup world was fruitful, he might venture into this old profession. But as he has made no announcements, there is no way to know for sure.

Trevor has a massive fan base, and people are eager to see what he joins in next. As soon as he makes any statement, we will inform you about his newly chosen endeavors. 

Follow The Details of Trevor Noah’s Career

Trevor is one of the most successful South-African comedians of modern time. After his ventures on the stage, he took his sense of humor to The Daily Show and continued his outstanding career. 

Seven years after joining The Daily Show, Trevor announces that he is leaving it, maybe starting a new journey in his career. The latest step of his life is unknown to us, but we will find out soon enough. 

Standup Comedian Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah performing standup comedy
(Source: YouTube)

Looking back at his career, we see a successful man who earned a reputation alongside money. The awards he has won speak volumes about why and how he has been as famous.

Trevor Noah’s Net Worth

According to celebritynetworth, Trevor Noah has an impressive net worth of around $100 million. Most of his earnings are thanks to his sense of humor and standup specials.

Besides, Trevor has also been a regular part of The Daily Show. He was essential to the show’s success for the past seven years. As he has chosen to represent the show no longer, they will have massive shoes to fill. 

Fans have grown accustomed to laughing over Trevor’s jokes, so people hope that he continues to pursue his interest in the field of comedy. 

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