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Ivana Trump Catholic: Religious Background Explained

Ivana Maria Trump was a catholic Czech-American socialite, businesswoman, media personality, fashion designer, author, and model. She, unfortunately, died due to a fall in her apartment in New York City.

The ex-wife of Donald Trump died from sustaining internal injuries from the blunt force due to her fall.

Ivana was 73 at the time of her death and mother to three children with Donald Trump.

Her children, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump, all regarded their mothers as incredible women.

Ivana had previously fled from the communism of then Czechoslovakia to the US and preached about her journey. 

Ivana Trump fled the country in the 1970s and married Donald Trump in 1977. 

She has played a major role in Trump’s businesses, as she had a major role in the success of Trump’s Castle.

Donald and Ivana later divorced in 1992 on the suspicion that Donald Trump was cheating on her. 


Ivana Maria Zelnickova was born in Gottwaldov, Moravia of Czechoslovakia. She was born in February 20 of 1949.

Her father was Milos Zelnicek and her mother was Marie Zelnickova. She was brought up in a Catholic household.


Milos worked as an electrical engineer while her mother worked as a telephone operator. Both of them encouraged their daughter to pursue skiing.

Although born in a Soviet-era of communism, Ivana was exceptional in Skiing and was able to join the junior national skiing team. 

She initially got married to Alfred Winklmayr of Austria to secure a foreign nationality in 1971.

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She later married Donald Trump in 1977, skyrocketing her business career and establishing herself as a competent businesswoman.

Later, they got divorced in 1992, after which she married Riccardo Mazzucchelli in 1995 and Rossano Rubicondi in 2008. Both marriages do not last long and end with divorces.

She spent most of her time with her children in New York and was very proud of them.


Ivana Trump was a Christian lady born in a Catholic household of Czechoslovakia. 

She attended church regularly and instilled Catholic beliefs and rules into her three children with Donald Trump.

Donald and Ivana Trump would frequently go to church with their children in hand.

Both of them shared right-sided political beliefs and sided with the Republicans, who have strong Catholic beliefs or Christian upbringing.

Ivana attended Charles University in Prague and earned a master’s degree in Physical Education in 1972.

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Ivana first started her career through modeling in 1974. Her clients included Eaton’s department store, Auckie Sanft.

She also worked in the promotion of the 1976 Summer Olympics that took place in Montreal, Canada.

All her marriages were done in a Christian setting with a Minister present and traditionally vows taken.

Ivana Trump was fluent in German, French, Czech, and Russian languages. 

Ivana also wrote many books on love and relationships throughout her life. Her last book is an homage to her children.


On July 14, 2022, Ivana Trump was pronounced dead due to a fall from the stairs in her New York apartment.

Donald Trump, their children, many politicians, and celebrities gathered to pay their respects to Ivana on their respective social media.

The NYC Medical examiner has announced the case as accidental. The cause of death is due to ‘blunt impact injuries to the torso. 

Ivana’s funeral was held on July 20 at the Church of St. Vincent Ferrer, a Catholic church she frequented.

She was buried at the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in New Jersey.

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