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Jaye Sousoures: Joe Maddon, Career & Net Worth

If you know American famous baseball manager Joe Maddon, you might be familiar with Jaye Sousoures. And, those who don’t know Jaye will find this article very helpful.

Jaye is the second wife of American League Manager of the Year 2008 and 2011, Jay Maddon.

Joe Maddon was married to Betty Maddon, but it couldn’t last long. Joe dated Jaye a year after his divorce from Betty.

Jaye Sousoures is also well known as Epic Boxing and Fitness’s CEO and creator, located in South Tampa.

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Sousoures is a very charming person with an amazing personality. She is a versatile and independent woman.

Here, we will learn detailed information about Jaye Sousoures’s early life, career, net worth, and relationship.

To learn more about Jaye Sousoures quickly, have a look at these quick facts:

Quick Facts

Full Name : Jaye Sousoures Maddon
Birth Date : April 30th, 1962
Birth Place : Fullerton, California, United States
Parents Name: Eileen Sousoures and Ted Sousoures
Spouse: Joe Maddon
Nationality : American
Ethnicity: White
Education: Fuller Union Higher School and Western State University
Religion: Christianity
Age : 62 Years Old
Horoscope : Taurus
Height : 5 feet 6 inches
Weight : 171 lbs
Tags/ Popularly known as : CEO and founder of Epic Boxing and fitness’s
Wife of baseball manager Joe Maddon
Residence : Lewisville, North Carolina, United States
Children: 2
Feet Size : N/A
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Black
Hair length : medium
Hair type : wavy
Relationship Status : Married
Married Year: 8th November 2008
Residence: Ocean Boulevard in Long Beach, California
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram
Joe’s Merch Try Not to Suck, Signed Baseball, Signed Hat
Last Update May, 2024

Jaye Sousoures: Early Life, Education, and Family

Jaye Sousoures was born to Ted Sousoures and Eileen Sousoures on 30th April 1962 A.D.

She was born in Fullerton, California, United States.

Jaye’s father, Ted, was the contract administrator in the Aerospace industry. Her father died on March 10, 2011, at the age of 81.

Sousoures was one of the six children of Ted and Eileen. Louis, Christopher, Steven Phillip, and Theresa are her siblings.

She studied in Fuller Union Higher school, located in California, and then Jaye attended Western State University.

She achieved a law degree from the same university.

Jaye and her friend, Stephanie Renica, collaboratively founded Third Base Concierge in 2008, which provides paralegal service, accounting, computer tutoring, event planning, personal shopping, and running errands.

Jaye and Joe posing for a picture

The CEO is a mother of two sons who were from her first husband. 26-year-old Ryan and 19-year-old Dylan is the name of her two sons.

She also worked as an accountant when she was 29 years old.

Talking about her family, she lives a happy married. Jaye is not Joe’s first wife.

Joe and Jaye exchanged their vows on 8th November 2008 at St. Juliana Church, Fullerton, California.

The couple lives in their luxurious house in California, USA. Besides, they also own homes in Tampa, Pennsylvania.

They also own three dogs. One of the dogs is named Winston C Maddon, which was given as a gift by Joe to his wife.

The dog also has a Twitter account.

Age, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Jaye is 62 Years Old now. Her star sign is Taurus.

As a Taurus personality trait, she is very faithful and loyal towards her husband and family. The CEO fulfills all the responsibilities as a wife, mother, and entrepreneur.

Jaye stands 5 feet 6 inches tall. She weighs approximately 171 lbs.

Joe’s wife got a chubby face with captivating blue eyes. Jaye has the brightest smile. She has medium-length and wavy hair.

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Jaye Sousoures: Husband

Jaye met the love of her life at the health club in Long Beach. After dating for the whole five years, they got engaged in 2007 and got married after a year.

Jaye and Joe’s wedding photoshoot

Jaye and Joe both like fast cars and have a lot of things in common.

Their reception was held at Queen Mary in Long Beach. They went to Europe for their honeymoon.

Now, they are grandparents of five children and living a pleased and peaceful life.

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Joe Maddon: Family

Joe was married to Betty Maddon before Jaye. However, the couple got divorced after 18 years of marriage due to some unknown reasons.

After some time, Joe married Jaye. The baseball manager has two children Sarah Maddon and Joseph Maddon II, from his first marriage.

Sarah Maddon is a certified personal trainer at EZ personal training and Fitlab. She is married to Theo Brysty.

They have two children named Carson and Tre. And Joseph Maddon II is living with his wife Natalie and two children, Giuseppe and Coral.

Joe and Jaye Maddon do not have their children up till now. However, they are a charming couple and loyal towards each other.

They have successfully spent more than eleven years together.

Jaye Sousoures :Career

Since Jaye is a kind of private person, there is very little information about her career. Initially, she worked as an accountant at an athletic club where she met her husband.

Currently, she is the founder of Epic Boxing and Fitness. Besides, she also has a foundation; Respect 90. Sousoures also teaches law at the University of Phoneix.

The Maddon couple also owns their restaurant named ” Maddon’s post.” They serve varieties of delicious food with a great ambiance.

Jaye started the Respect 90 foundation in 2015.

The organization helps children to develop championship or leadership attitudes through academics, sports, and community involvement.

Jaye and her husband also created a project named HIP before the 90 foundation.

It aimed to develop and maintain an atmosphere to unify the various cultures of Hazelton, Pennsylvania.


Joe Maddon is an American baseball manager.

He initiated his professional career by playing in Minor League Baseball as a catcher, signing with California Angel Organization as a free agent.

He started his coaching career in 1995 under the manager Terry Collins, Mike Scioscia, Buck Rodgers, and Lachemann.

Joe Maddon worked for California Angels Organization for thirty-one years as a scout, roving minor league hitting instructor, minor league manager, and coach for the Major League team.

Maddon is the current manager of Major League Baseball. Previously, he also managed the Tampa Bay Rays in November 2015, and a month later, he signed a contract with Chicago Club.

After that, Chicago clubs decided not to extend the contract with Joe.

Then, The coach signed a three-year contract with Los Angeles Angels on October 16, 2019. His uniform number is #70.

Joe Maddon also has his signature glasses. His black-framed glasses replicas were given to fan when the Clubs reached the MLB playoffs.

These glasses are so popular that they also have a Twitter account.

The Baseball manager is a very humble and kind person. The coach is involved in various charitable and community works.

Maddon sponsored a charity boxing event and hosted a golf tournament.

In order to help needy people near Tampa bay, Joe started the annual event Thanksmas, which distributes traditional meals to needy people.

Jaye Sousoures : Net Worth

There is no accurate information about Jaye’s net worth. However, we can assume that she earns a generous amount of money to live a lavish lifestyle.

She earns a lot from her fitness center, the restaurant, the Maddon’s post.

Besides, her husband is one of the successful managers. He makes a huge sum of income by serving as manager for Chicago Clubs of Major League Baseball.

Her husband’s estimated net worth is approximately $12 million. His annual salary is $6 million.

Similarly, the manager’s three-year contract with the Los Angeles Angels worth was $12 million, making him the second most highest-paid manager of Major League Baseball.

They also own three homes at different locations; the home located in Tampa worth $1.76 million.

They are famous and respected for doing social work.

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Jaye Soscoures: Social Media

Jaye is active on both Facebook and Instagram. However, she doesn’t have a Twitter account. Her Facebook account is Jaye Maddon.

Her Instagram handle has 409 followers, while she is following only 80 people.

Jaye allows her social media followers to have a close and intimate look at her personal life.

Jaye shares a post of a baseball match, dogs, pictures with her near and dear, their trips, and pictures of her hobbies like meditation, gardening, etc.

Joe Maddon also has a verified Instagram handle. He has over 6k followers, while he only follows over 60 people. He is not much active on Instagram.

Joe also uses Twitter. He is quite popular on Twitter. He has over 388K followers, while he is following only over 50 people.

Besides, one of their pet also has a Twitter account, an English Bulldog. He has over 3k followers.


Does Jaye Sousoures and Joe Maddon have a child together?

NO, Jaye Sousoures and Joe Maddon do not have a child together.

What did Joe Maddon do before working as a baseball manager?

Joe Maddon worked as a coach for the California Angels before serving as a manager.

Is Jaye Maddon a pet-lover?

Yes, Jaye is the biggest fan of her pet. She has three pets in her home.

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