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Who Is Alper Biçen On Twitch? Wikipedia Age Parents And Net Worth

Alper Biçen is a Turkish Twitch streamer and content creator who has gained many followers.

While growing up, one of Alper’s sole goals was to show his father that there is another world out there, so they made it our mission to fight battles he couldn’t resist.

He spends time with his audience and streams dozens of games on Twitch, which he has been using since 2013.

Alper Biçen Wikipedia: Who Is He?

Alper Biçen doesn’t have a Wikipedia page dedicated to his name. 

Alper Biçen is a popular Turkish Twitch streamer and content developer with a large following.

In 2017, Alper won the “Broadcast Open” competition with Logitech and Multiplayer, and his broadcasting life began to change.

He won the prize for broadcaster of the year in that competition by receiving the most votes from the jurors. He didn’t stop producing content after winning the competition, including real-life basketball videos, celebrity interviews, and NBA and game videos with Turkish subtitles.

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Alper Biçen Age: How Old Is He?

Alper Biçen was born on October 24, 1996. He is 26 years old as of 2022.

Alper was a big football fan when he was little and played football in the infrastructure of football clubs until the 1st grade of secondary school. 

In the last three years of the eight years he spent at Burdur Gazi Primary School, he was on the school’s basketball team and won the championship with the team every year he played. 

Because he disliked school, his family sent him to Burdur Industrial Vocational High School so he could at least have a chance to work in the future. Instead of going to school, he would go to the PlayStation cafe across the street and play 2K games daily.

Alper Biçen Parents Are His Pillars

Alper Bicen loves his parents and is grateful for their love and support.

His father’s name is Veli Biçen. He hasn’t revealed his mother’s name yet. 

Alper posted a picture of his father and expressed his love and gratitude, stating that His father always called him “my rebellious son” when he was three.

Alper Bicen Parents
Alper Biçen with his Parents and brother (Image Source: Instagram)

Alper also stated that he has always been the rebel son because he shouted louder at everything and constantly caused problems growing up because his father taught him not to stray from the right path at any cost.

He adds that he will never stop loving his parents, no matter what happens.  

Alper Biçen Girlfriend: Who Is Özlem Yıldırım?

Alper Biçen got engaged to his longtime girlfriend Özlem Yıldırım on July 17, 2022.

His girlfriend shared their engagement pictures on Twitter and captioned them, “I grew up with you and you with me.”

Alper Bicen Fiance
Alper Biçen with his Fiance Özlem Yıldırım on their engagement (Image Source: Instagram)

In the engagement picture, both of them are showing their engagement rings. Alper looks smart and handsome in the black suit, and his fiance, Özlem, is flaunting her beautiful gown. The couple has matched the color of their gown and tie as well.

Alper has also proudly revealed on his Twitter bio that he is the fiance & future husband to Özlem Yıldırım.

They have made their relationship public and show each other love and respect. Alper frequently uploads their beautiful picture on his Instagram account.

Alper Biçen Net Worth In 2022

According to, i.e., youtubers, Alper Biçen’s net worth in 2022 is estimated to be between $39.5K- $ 237K.

His weekly earnings are $298K, and his monthly earnings are $840K.

Alper is a very hardworking Twitch streamer with over 296K followers on his channel. Because of sponsorships, which are regularly seen on Twitch in broadcasts, gamers are paid to play specific games.

Alper also earns from his YouTube channel, which has 292K subscribers. 

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