Jem Wolfie: Early Life, Controversy & Net Worth

Jem Wolfie is an American Fitness Guru, Trainer, Chef, Athlete, Businesswoman, and Instagram model.

Therefore, she has had an overwhelming number of followers on her Instagram over the past few years.

Likewise, her talents and beauty have helped her achieve decent earning and an immense number of fans and followers.

Jem Wolfie
Jem Wolfie posing for a camera

Moreover, the 32 Years Old gained fame through Instagram when she started posting about fitness and founded the Good Eats meal prep job.

Despite all the hardships in her life, Jem never settles for any lesser than she deserves.

Besides, she knows her worth and goes any mile to get what she wants and deserves.

 Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Jem Wolfi:

Full Name Jem Wolfie
Nickname Jem
Birth Date 7 August 1991
Birth Place Perth, Australia
Residence Perth Hills, Australia
Religion Christianity
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity Mixed
Education Helena College, Perth Hills, Australia
Horoscope Leo
Father’s Name Unknown
Mother’s Name Unknown
Siblings 2 (names unknown)
Age 32 Years Old
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 62 kg
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Body type Curvy
Profession Fitness Trainer, Chef, Author & Model
Marital Status Single
Sexuality Straight
Children None
Early Life Career Chef at Feral Brewing, Basketball Player
Beginning of Professional Career 2015
Sponsorships Happy Way, Bang Energy, Atlantic Records
Body measurements 40-26-42
Net Worth $2 million
Income from OnlyFans $100,000 monthly
Hobbies Traveling
Favorite Food Mexican
Favorite Destination Miami
Favorite Actor Chris Evans
Favorite Actress Jennifer Lawrence
Social Media Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
Fitness Equipment Bowflex Home Gym Series
Last Update May, 2024

Jem Wolfie: Personal Life

Jem was born in Australia on the 7th of August 1991.

She belongs to a Christian family and is of mixed ethnicity. Her parents are Czechoslovakian and Australian.

She has not been open about her parent’s identity yet. However, her mother is a fitness enthusiast.

Likewise, she has two siblings. Unfortunately, their identities aren’t yet known either.

Wolfie had a decent life as a child. Moreover, she has always been very sporty and passionate about athletics.

However, she had recently talked about her insecurities towards her body during her early teen years when she got bullied and fat-shamed.

Nevertheless, Jem has overcome that stage in her life and became a fitness trainer eventually.

Jem completed her schooling at Helena College in Perth, North Carolina.

Moreover, she did not get a degree from any university as she had her heart towards sports and fitness.


Jem Wolfie has always been fond of sports and athletics. Hence, she used to play basketball ever since she was in high school.

Likewise, Jem had disclosed that she is an avid traveler and always travels if she has time.

As amusing as it may sound, she also talked about her love of taking naps.

Jem Wolfie: Career

Jem Wolfie has encouraged women to go for their dreams through social media posts for a few years.

Moreover, she’s an example of a hardworking woman regardless of the conditions life puts you in.


The model, Jem, started her career as a basketball player in the Western Australian Basketball League.

Likewise, she primarily planned to become a basketball player.

Jem wolfie posing with a basketball
Jem Wolfie posing with a basketball.

Her love for basketball began at the early age of eight. But, sadly, things did not go as she had planned when she had an accident.

In addition, the injury was severe, and she was not able to carry on with that particular aim.

Moreover, Jem had to work to heal her injury. For this, she joined a gym that gave her a new passion for fitness training.

Hence, she started her career as a fitness trainer.

Fitness Trainer

Once she started going to the gym, she kept doing her best to stay fit and heal her injury.

As a result, her injury healed, and her new career as a fitness trainer started.

As for her love of basketball, she is often seen playing and enjoying it on her social media posts.

Consequently, she began posting fitness instructions on her Instagram, which gained massive popularity in a short time.

Her follower count kept increasing as people worldwide got to know about her and her content.

Also, Jem is all about loving the body’s natural curves and keeping it healthy and fit.

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Wolfie was first offered sponsorship by Fat Burner Only, where she became the brand’s sponsored athlete.

She eventually bagged sponsorships from other brands like Bang Energy, Happy Way, and many other brands.

Similarly, she received sponsorship from famous American African rapper Kanye West‘s record label, Atlantic Records. This helped her gain more popularity and followers.

Chef and Entrepreneur

Wolfie started her career as a chef apprentice at Feral Brewing Company in Swan Valley.

Moreover, this was her early experience in the field, and she allegedly worked for many hours to improve her skills as a chef.

Besides, Jem also worked for Taylor’s Cafe in Perth.

After working as a chef at a few of the places mentioned above, she gained immense popularity after becoming the founder of Fresh & wholesome meal prep, The Good Eats food business, in 2015.


This energetic and visionary social media mogul has more to herself than the world may know.

The model is also the author of several books like Meal prep like a boss, Guide to an hourglass figure, Wolfie’s kitchen, Grow your gram, and Workouts by Wolfie weight training guide.


Jem Wolfie has been modeling for a while now.

She is globally known through her Instagram, where she posts attractive pictures of herself in swimsuits and gym outfits.

jem wolfie posing in gym attire
Jem Wolfie posing in her gym outfit.

Moreover, about 80% of her followers are men. Wolfie has gained millions of followers as a model on her social media accounts.

Similarly, her career as a model has helped her gain several sponsorships from brands, big and small. So, her primary focus has been on her modeling career for a few years now.

Jem Wolfie: Net Worth and Salary

Jem Wolfie has a net worth of $ 2 million.

Moreover, the ravishing model earns a great amount from her meal prep business as a fitness trainer and a model.

Furthermore, she has been receiving around $3000 for her Instagram posts.

She discovered OnlyFans in 2019. Similarly, ever since, she has been receiving $100,000 monthly from the website.

Jem Wolfie: Relationships

Talking about Jem’s relationship status, she is single. Furthermore, Jem never really prefers to bring her private life into the public eyes.

Henceforth, her relationships have always been secretive.

Nevertheless, this gorgeous 32 Years Old is always seen happy.

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Jem Wolfie: Controversy

Instagram Fiasco

Jem Wolfie is best-known for her Instagram account and the massive number of followers that she has.

Moreover, her Instagram boasted above 2.7 million followers until recently, when her Instagram account got deleted.

That is to say, a spokesperson of Instagram has accused her of frequently disregarding and violating the rules of Instagram.

Therefore, it has been reported that Jem was warned several times by the authorities of Instagram about the rules.

However, she kept posting racy pictures of herself and eventually got her account deleted.


The 32 Years Old Perth-based model enraged many people after posting a picture of herself wearing an American flag bikini.

Moreover, many people called out on her for disrespecting their flag and dressing in rather vulgar attire.

Political Bombard

While the 2020 US elections were running, Jem seemed to be pointing at Donald Trump’s presidency in a rather offensive way.

Moreover, she quoted, “America. I’m praying for you, and I’m hoping for a positive change.”

In addition, her post had many Trump supporters going furious in the comment section and bullying her.

Likewise, many claimed that she supported Joe Bidden, and her followers count also decreased.

Moreover, Wolfie claimed that her post was not political and even shared that she didn’t care about who the people vote for.

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Fighting back at the Trolls

The comments did not leave Wolfie silent. Instead, she defended herself by replying to some of the comments.

Jem Wolfie's replies to angry commenters.
Jem Wolfie’s replies to angry commenters.

Wolfie even replied: “F**koff then.” when one commented: “Are you a Biden supporter? if so, I will unsubscribe.”

Likewise, many comments enraged her, and she rebelliously replied to each one of them.

Social Media

Jem Wolfie is an Instagram model, so she is obviously active on various social media.

Facebook: 102K followers

Instagram: 129k followers

Twitter: 10.2k followers


Is Jem Wolfie married?

No, Jem is still single and unmarried.

How much does Jem Wolfie earn from OnlyFans?

Wolfie earns around $100,000 from OnlyFans.

Has Jem Wolfie undergone plastic surgery?

No, Wolfie claims that she has not undergone any plastic surgery.

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