Jenna Shea: Career, Relationships & Net Worth

Jenna Shea is a popular model and celebrity escort who has gained many fans worldwide because of her connection with celebrities.

The Californian first started modeling and getting attention in the early 2010s. Moreover, at the beginning of her career, there were rumors that she was in a relationship with the famous rapper Lil Wayne.

Similarly, Jenna is a beautiful woman who has modeled for more than ten years and currently shares her products through the internet.

Jenna Shea posing for a Picture

Likewise, the 35-year-old Virgo also has a youtube channel where she shares facts about herself and does minor entertainment.

Unfortunately, the famous media star revealed in January 2021 that the trending app TikTok banned her account for “nudity.” However, she tweeted that her content had no nudity. Recently, she was also in the Real talk podcast on Youtube with “B3nnybrat”.

The Glamour model is also extremely famous on her Instagram and Twitter, with several million followers. Furthermore, she is also known to help out young models earn money and live a better life.

Hence, she is idolized by several rising female models for her success in her career.

Quick Facts

It is no surprise that the attractive model has a lot of male as well as female fans. Likewise, before getting to know about this Californian model and content creator, let’s dive into some facts about her.

Birth name Jenna Shea Cosgrove
Birthdate September 8, 1985
Birthplace Ohio, USA
Raised in Inglewood, California
Other names Jenna Shea
Religion  Christian
Nationality American 
Ethnicity Polish
Horoscope Virgo
Father’s name Not known
Mother’s name Not known
Siblings Not known
Current Address Houston, Texas
Age 35 years old
Height 5 ft 6 inches
Weight 55 kgs
Hair color Blonde 
Hair Type Straight
Skin tone White
Eye color Blue 
Hips Size 41 inches
Bra size 38D
Waist 23 inches
Marital status Unmarried 
Relationship status Single 
Children None
Profession Urban model, celebrity escort, Instagram star
Net worth $1 million- $5 million 
Social media handles Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube
Merch Smooth Girl The Flavor Issue 2012, Show Pearls Men’s Magazine

Jenna Shea: Birth and Childhood

The stunning model was born on 8 September 1985. She was born in her mother’s hometown, Ohio, United States but later moved to Inglewood, California, where she was raised.

Childhood photo of Jenna Shea.
Childhood photo of Jenna Shea.

Her birth name is Jenna Shea Cosgrove. Not much is known about Jenna’s mother and father as she likes to keep her personal life low-profile.

Model Shea has shared on her social media that she is half Polish and half American but has not clarified which one of her parents is Polish.

However, in her social media, she shared that she had spent her childhood in the hood of California with several Black friends she adores. She has admitted that living in the hood has really shaped her, and it is also the reason behind her career choice.

Since her childhood, the successful model had been a surprise as she was very outgoing and liked by everyone in her neighborhood. Growing up, she had many black friends and loved partying and going out with them.

Besides, not much has been known about Jenna’s education. It isn’t clear if she has graduated high school or not. However, she has revealed that her best friend since high school is named John.

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Jenna Shea: Career and Professional Life

Jenna is a career-focused woman, which can be evident through her incredible success in the entertainment industry. Likewise, Shea was in her early 20s when she first started modeling.

Jenna Shea Taking Mirror Selfie.
Jenna Shea Taking Mirror Selfie.

In the early 2010s, she gained a lot of attention from the media and the general public. It was because of her involvement and connection with several celebrities. As a model, she is liked by a lot of male rappers, singers, and players.

Shea has been featured in a lot of fashion magazines, including SHOW and CRAZO. Jenna is also known for being an escort for famous Hollywood celebrities, singers, NFL and NBA players, and athletes.

Moreover, her job allows her to visit different places. She is known to visit Miami with celebrities frequently. Jenna had also featured in MTV Teenmomog alongside Farrah Abraham in 2016.

Furthermore, Jenna has also appeared in the No Jumper podcast on Youtube with her ex-boyfriend Aaron Carter. People are often curious about Jenna’s love life and who she sees at the moment.

Shea: Onlyfans

The irresistible model is currently among the top 0.09% of creators on the website Onlyfans. There, she advertises her products through photos and videos to her fans.

Likewise, she is an inspiration to many women who are part of the Onlyfans community.

Furthermore, Jenna also supports the new Onlyfans creators to gain more subscribers and succeed quickly.

A lot of women on a similar platform have been heavily supported by Jenna. For example, model Penny Lee has often been featured in Jenna’s youtube videos.

Besides, Jenna also frequently gives shout-outs to several other young models on her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

On 10 October 2020, Jenna shared on her social media that she has made up to one million one hundred eighty-four thousand three hundred and eighty-two US Dollars on Onlyfans.

Likewise, in several of her interviews, people have asked Jenna if she is involved in the adult industry.

Jenna has repeatedly made it clear that she is not a part of the adult industry regardless of her internet content.

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Jenna Shea: Relationships

Though the stunning model hasn’t been married yet, she has been in several relationships that have gained media attention. Jenna mostly dates celebrities and players.

Likewise, at the beginning of her career, Jenna was in a short-term relationship with rapper Lil Wayne, which raised a lot of controversy in the media following Jenna’s statement that she was bored with rapper Lil Wayne while in Miami together.

Similarly, Jenna had dated American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and dancer Aaron Carter for a few months.

In a podcast, they even expressed their wish of wanting a child. However, the relationship didn’t last as long as they wished it would.

Jenna with her ex-boyfriend, Aaron Carter
Jenna with her ex-boyfriend, Aaron Carter.

Moreover, in a Youtube video, she revealed that she prefers Black, Hispanic and Mixed men over White men.

Other celebrities in a relationship with Jenna include Andre Drummond, French Montana, Rob Kardashian, James Harden, Jules Santana, Tyga, Austin Day, Soulja Boy, Youngberg, Mac Main, and so on.

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Jenna Shea: Lifestyle

Jenna is a model who doesn’t work under any company. We can almost assume that she has made a successful career through internet platforms like Onlyfans, Instagram, and Twitter.

Likewise, the urban model lives in her beautiful house in Houston, Texas. She is known to have male partners but currently isn’t in a long-term relationship.

Jenna Shea with her friend.
Jenna Shea with her friend.

The outspoken model also loves to go on Instagram lives and interact with her fans who wish to know her better. In addition, we can occasionally find her in various interviews and talk shows.

Similarly, It is no surprise that Shea is subject to many rumors and criticism from the media. In addition, a lot of females from her field hold grudges against her for her success.

However, Jenna prefers to keep the negativity out of her life as she calls herself a “hustler.”

Her outgoing and charming personality has also benefited her in her career. Jenna doesn’t shy away from personal questions and opens up about her relationship in almost all of the interviews that she attends.

Besides making millions off the internet, she also helps her fellow models and aspiring performers by promoting their pictures and profile.

Jenna also has her website, “,” where she shares similar content on her Onlyfans account.

The model is also known for her beautiful natural curves, seen in her modeling pictures.

Furthermore, Jenna has also shown herself as a supporter of the Black Lives Matter Movement. She shared that she grew up in a Black neighborhood and was seriously concerned about Black people in America.

Jenna also had a pet pitbull who recently passed away. Also, Jenna has a pet cat, and she seems to be very fond of it.

Jenna Shea: Net Worth

Jenna has worked as a model and escort for more than ten years and is also a member of the Onlyfans community with her workshop that teaches beginners to gain fame in social media.

The fabulous 35-year-old has revealed her salary multiple times on social media and has admitted to making many dollars.

As of 2020, Jenna Shea’s salary is between $1 million and $5 million.

Jenna Shea: Social Media

Jenna is extremely popular in her social media accounts as she shares exciting and interactive content with her fans.

Similarly, Jenna has an Instagram ID named only1jshea with over 7 million followers and follows over 6k people. She mostly promotes her Onlyfans account on her Instagram, and she has over seventy posts as of January 2021.

Jenna has a Twitter Id named @iamjennashea with over 481k followers and is following over 12k people. Jenna is very interactive with her fans on Twitter. Besides, Jenna also has a Snapchat account, Meetjennashea.

Jenna taking a selfie.
Jenna taking a selfie.

Likewise, Jenna has a Facebook page with over 500k likes. Also, she has a Youtube account with over 4k subscribers. She has uploaded 12 videos as of January 2021 and has received 333,067 views.

The fabulous model and celebrity escort lives a luxurious lifestyle in her beautiful house in Houston, which she often shares on her Facebook.


What is Jenna Shea’s sexual orientation?

Jenna Shea is straight.

How old is Jenna Shea?

Jenna Shea is 35 years old.

When did Jenna Shea and Aaron Carter break up?

The couple broke up in early 2020.

How much does Jenna Shea earn via Onlyfans?

In October 2020, Jenna revealed that she had earned $1184382 via Onlyfans.

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