Jess Phillips weight loss

Jess Phillips Weight Loss Journey: Before And After Pictures

Look at Jess Phillips weight loss journey in this article. How much weight did she lose? Let’s find out.

Jess Phillips is a British politician serving as the Member of Parliament for Birmingham Yardley since 2015. She is a Labour Party member and has served as Keir Starmer’s Opposition frontbench’s Shadow Minister for Domestic Violence and Safeguarding since 2020.

2015 saw Phillips appoint Lucy Powell’s Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS). Powell is the Shadow Education Secretary. Phillips, a prominent opponent of previous Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, resigned as a PPS in protest of Corbyn’s leadership and declared that she would “find it exceedingly difficult” to remain an MP if Corbyn were to win re-election.

In the unsuccessful Campaign to unseat Corbyn in the 2016 leadership election, she backed Owen Smith. Phillips ran for the 2020 Labour leadership election position but withdrew in the latter rounds.

Here’s what we know about Jess Phillips weight loss journey.

Jess Phillips Weight Loss Journey: Before And After Pictures

Jess Phillips has become the nation’s talk due to a three-stone weight loss during the lockdown earlier this year. Jess Phillips shed three stones during the lockdown, while most of us gained weight.

When Jess Phillips revealed her weight loss to the public in early 2021, she underwent a tremendous metamorphosis. During her stay in her home during the Covid-19 lockdown, she shed an incredible three stone (19 kg).

While others were acquiring weight due to the unhealthy weight many people had amassed, Phillips demonstrated to the world that she was unique from the others.

Jess Phillips weight loss
Jess Phillips Weight Loss Journey: Before(L) and After(R) pictures. (Source: The Telegraph)

The MP followed a tight diet of 1,000 calories per day during the week, but she drank and ate bread on the weekends.

She discussed her journey and political career in an interview with The Times UK.” I’m still strictly sticking to 1,000 calories a day during the week, but I drink and eat bread on the weekends.”

While many people with the best intentions during Covid failed to complete their books, Phillips achieved two, regularly churning out 6,000 words per afternoon (“I find it extremely soothing, especially if I’m cross about anything”).

The other, Everything You Need to Know about Politics, reflects her six years as a Labour MP. One is a brief essay about parenthood.

Jess Phillips Family: Parents And Siblings

Jess Phillips was born Jessica Rose Trainor, on October 9, 1981, in Birmingham, the second-largest city in England.

Stewart Trainor, Jess’ Father, was an English instructor. Meanwhile, Jean Trainor, née Mackay, her mother, served as South Birmingham Mental Health’s chairwoman and the deputy chief Executive of the NHS Confederation.

Jess Phillips family
Jess Phillips with her drug addict brother Luke Phillips. (Source: The Times)

She has three older brothers, one of them is Luke Trainor, and was born the youngest of her parents’ four children. She was reared largely in her brothers’ hand-me-downs that had lost their shape from years of use. Thus, she never had any girly clothing as a child, and her friends were also primarily male.

She grew up learning to challenge “those in power,” especially when Jess felt she was being reprimanded unfairly, and as a result, she encountered difficulties rather frequently.

Her parents gave her a membership card to the Labour Party for her 14th birthday while she was a student at King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls. She was detained when she was fourteen years old for participating in a protest against the Criminal Justice Bill. She wasn’t charged, though.

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