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Who Is Jesús Candel Pareja? Edad Wikipedia Biography And Familia

Jesús Candel was trending on social media after it was announced that Jesus died this morning. Let us learn about Jesús Candel Pareja and his personal details from this article. 

Early reports state that Spiriman passed away on Thursday, October 13, in Albolote, an Andalucian town in Granada. As a result, many people worldwide paid tribute to Jesús Candel Pareja and his family.

The funeral service for Spiriman will be held at the Granada funeral home on Saturday, October 15, at 11 am. 

Candel, who spearheaded the opposition to the healthcare cuts in Andalucia, revealed in August 2020 that he had metastasized, very advanced lung Cancer, which forced him to refrain from making public appearances for a while.

In February 2021, six months after being diagnosed, he declared victory against the illness. He claimed, though, that he had a relapse in June of this year.

“The severe lung Cancer I’ve had for more than a year assaulted me hard, causing several metastases throughout my body, which I eventually beat back. At this point, he claimed it had resurfaced and spread once more.

Following the news, tributes flooded Twitter. “Granada bids farewell to one of the few individuals with the strength and bravery to rally an entire city in support of public health. #spiriman DEP

Who Is Jesús Candel Pareja?

Jesus Candel is a married man. However, there is no information about Jesus Candel Pareja on the web.

The identity of Jesus Candel Pareja is kept hidden from the eyes of the public. As a result, we do not know anything about her professional life either.

In addition, the details of their marriage are also unavailable on the web. But Jesus Candel had four children with his Pareja.

So, we can speculate that the couple loved each other very much and were married for some time. Jesus Candel Pareja is left devastated after the death of her husband.

Jesús Candel Pareja
Dr. Jesus Candel, a.k.a. “Spiriman,” passes away from lung Cancer at age 46. (Source: El Periódico)

Spiriman, the emergency physician who gained notoriety on social media for attacking the healthcare system, passed away this morning. A guard was about to witness a patient die helplessly owing to financial constraints when she decided to report the case and almost left medicine, which she loved.

His wife, who shared his commitment to medicine, pushed him to delay hanging the robe until the very end. The public health sector saw a wave of optimism known as the “white tides,” which called for increased investment to ensure that patients who came to hospitals where Jesus worked in Granada received high-quality care.

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How Old Was Jesús Candel? Edad And Wikipedia Biography

Jesús Candel was 46 years old at the time of his death in October 2022. Jesus does not have a Wikipedia page under his name. 

Jesus Candel, well known by his nickname “Spiriman,” was a Granada-based physician who rose to prominence for spearheading the effort to improve Andalusian public health, particularly in light of mismanagement and budget cuts in this field.

Jesús Candel Edad
Dr. Jesús Candel, Edad 46, ‘Spiriman’, at a demonstration. (Source: Huff Post)

He revealed that he had metastasized, advanced lung Cancer in August 2020. He battled the illness until this Thursday, October 13, 2022, when he passed away in the Granada town of Albolote at 46.

This emergency physician was active on social media, gaining more than 535,000 Instagram followers and more than 115,000 Twitter followers.

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In his final posts on social media, he discussed his battle with Cancer and the establishment of a new Oncology Patient Support Unit (UAPO), for which he had initiated a fundraising Campaign.

Jesús Candel Familia: Ethnicity And Origin

Any information regarding Jesús Candel’s Familia is unavailable on the web. Jesús Candel was born to his parents in 1976 in Granada, Spain.

However, Jesus has kept the identity of her parents a secret from people around the world. In addition, the professional life of Jesús Candel’s parents is also unknown. 

Since the identity of Jesus’ parents is unknown, we couldn’t verify his ethnicity.

Jesus Candel spent the majority of her childhood in Albolote alongside her parents. Furthermore, Candel completed her education under the guidance of her parents.

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