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Who Is David Wesley Prevatte? Uncle Of Paitin Fields Charge With First Degree Murder And Statutory Rape

David Wesley Prevatte is the twenty-three-year person who raped and killed his five-year-old niece in mid-November 2017. He seems to face the death penalty for the crime committed to the child, Paitin Fields.

 Prevatte was 19 years old at the time of Paitin’s death. The state field had noticed in Pender Country Superior Court about Prevatte and his counsel that it would proceed capitally in the case.

Who Is David Wesley Prevatte?

David Wesley Prevatte is the uncle of Paitin Fields, who he had read and tried to murder. He was the person who took the limp body of his five-year-old niece into the emergency room at Pender Memorial Hospital.

David Prevatte, uncle of Paitin charged for her rape and murder (Source: starnewsonline)

However, he severely denied his crime and was accepted in the end.

The crime sequence does not end here. Instead, David was arrested after breaking into a neighbor’s home and stealing the laptop five months after the murder case. He then traded the computer in a local pawn shop.

He was also accused of stealing his girlfriend’s camper trailer on Fire.

The nature of the young boy seems to have been weird since after. Prevatte was charged with breaking larceny after entering and burning the lead investigator in the Fileds case. 

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David Wesley Prevatte Uncle Of Paitin Fields Charge With First Degree Murder And Statutory Rape

David Wesley Prevatte, who raped and murdered his niece, is charged with first-degree murder and statutory rape. After four years of the incident, the arrest was made in February 2022.

Paitin Fileds during her happy days (Source: WBRZ)

Fields passed away three days after being admitted to the hospital, but the cause of death was determined to be a homicide, and her uncle was the culprit.

Paitin started losing cranial nerve reflexes and brain activity in the following days and was pronounced dead at NHRMC.

Pender County Sheriff’s office opened a homicide investigation then after.

Prevatte was taken into custody in Lafourche Parish, Louisiana, after announcing Pender County Sheriff Alan Culter on February 4, 2022.

David is facing prosecution in the Pender Country.

According to them, the suspect could face the death penalty if convicted of murder which seems to come true in the coming days.

Details To Paitin Fields Family

Paitin Fields was born on June 23, 2012, to her Father, Robert A. Fields, and his mother, Lora Elizabeth Flowers.

She was one of the beloved children of her parents and the whole Fields family. 

The sudden and tragic death of the innocent soul left the whole family and country devastated.

Fileds was preceded in death by one sister, Lakota Renee Fields; her maternal grandfather, John W. Flowers; and her great-great-grandmother, Ruby E. Wilkins.

She is survived by her parents, one sister, her maternal grandparents, her paternal grandparents, her maternal great-grandmother, and several uncles, aunts, cousins, and friends who loved her dearly.

Though her grandparents, who were there at the time of her death, were said to be highly uncooperative in the case, they seem to understand the pain their granddaughter faced.

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