Joe Musgrove Wife: Is He Married To His Girlfriend Arica Christensen? Family Kids And Net Worth

Who is Joe Musgrove wife? Musgrove has been in a two-year relationship with his girlfriend, Arica Christensen, and the two are both working.

Joseph Anthony Musgrove is a Major League Baseball pitcher who currently plays for the San Diego Padres. He has previously played for the Toronto Blue Jays, Houston Astros, and Pittsburgh Pirates.

Musgrove was drafted 46th overall in the first round of the 2011 MLB Draft by the Toronto Blue Jays. At the time, he had committed to play college baseball for San Diego State but opted to forego that commitment to sign with the Blue Jays. 

He appeared in eight games with the Rookie Gulf Coast League Blue Jays before being assigned to the Bluefield Blue Jays, the other Rookie affiliate, in late August. In a total of nine games and 24 hours.

Joe Musgrove Wife: Is He Married To His Girlfriend Arica Christensen?

Joe Musgrove’s future wife is Arica Christensen. The data scientist and the Padres player have been dating for two years and make an adorable couple.

Arica Christensen, 23, is Joe Musgrove’s girlfriend, not his wife. Christensen has been a data scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton for the past two years.

Joe Musgrove Wife
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Within a year of starting at Booz Allen, the 23-year-old was promoted from Data Scientist Jr to Data Scientist Mid and Senior Consultant.

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Arica graduated from the University of San Diego with a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering in 2020. She previously worked as a Senior Designer at General Atomics.

The couple has a seven-year age difference, with Joe being the older partner, as the Parades’ pitcher will turn 30 this December. Though it’s unclear when they began dating, the two’s most senior post dates back to December 2020.

And Arica would have been proud of her boyfriend’s outstanding performance against the New York Mets last night. However, the star pitcher did raise some eyebrows with his gleaming ears during the game.

Joe Musgrove Family & Kids

Joe Musgrove’s Father is Mark Musgrove, and his mother is Diane Musgrove. He has two sisters and one brother. Diane and a young Musgrove played catch in their front yard because he was frequently busy working as a Police officer and private investigator in San Diego, California.

Joe Musgrove’s Father, Mark Musgrove, is also a fan of his son. The Father of four is a former San Diego cop paralyzed from the neck down for two years due to an autoimmune disorder known as Guillain-Barre syndrome.

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Mark currently works as a private investigator in San Diego. He has difficulty performing some physical tasks but can drive and pursue his passion.

And while Mark was in the hospital, his wife, Diane Musgrove, worked multiple jobs to support the family.

Diane Musgrove, the star pitcher’s mother, owns a small coffee shop called Caffé Adesso. The coffee shop is in Alpine, California, and is mostly frequented by Padres fans who are willing to wait in long lines for her coffees.

They both supported and became pillars of Joe Musgrove’s passion for what he has become.

Joe Musgrave has no children. Not for the time being, anyway. The 29-year-old has been in a two-year relationship with his girlfriend, Arica Christensen, and the two are both working.

How Much Is Joe Musgrove’s Net Worth?

Joe Musgrove earns $8.6 million annually and has a net worth of $2 million. According to Jon Heyman of the New York Post, the Padres recently agreed to a five-year, $100 million extension with the All-Star pitcher.

After signing the contract, Joe will earn $20 million until 2027, joining the likes of Yu Darvish, who reportedly earns $19 million.

The pitcher recently signed an endorsement agreement with Sycuan Casino Resort and will appear in future marketing campaigns. He previously thanked HanksPBS for a supply of protein-rich peanut butter.

Joe enjoys his sneakers as much as he wants to play baseball. He previously shared images of his Nike sneakers with his Instagram followers.

Chevrolet even gave the Padres pitcher a red jeep in 2021, and he currently lives in a modest condo in Lawrenceville for $740,000.

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