Josh Gates Religion: Is He Jewish? Faith And Belief Explained – Net Worth

Josh Gates, a well-known television personality, explorer, and archaeologist, was born and raised as a Christian, not Jewish.

Josh Gates was born in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts. The 45-year-old television personality has been the Host of multiple television series.

Gates is mainly known for being the Host and co-executive producer of Destination Truth, an American paranormal reality television series. 

Josh Gates Religion: Is He Jewish?
Josh Gates

Gates is a popular television presenter and narrator. He was born on August 10, 1977. Recently, his religion has been a topic of discussion. The television personality is believed to be Jewish. 

Josh Gates was married to Hallie Gnatovist, a co-star in Destination Truth. The couple was given birth to two lovely children, Owen, and Isla Gates. However, their relationship ended with a divorce in 2021.

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Josh Gates’s Religion

Josh Gates was born and raised in a Christian family. He has a mixed ethnicity; his father was an American, whereas his mother was British. So, he has a mixed heritage of British-Americans. 

Gates’s nationality is American. Both his parents followed Christianity. Gates also follow Christianity and greatly respects other religions like Buddhism and Hinduism. The news about Gates being Jewish is just a rumor. 

Is Josh Gates Jewish? Faith And Belief Explained

Josh Gates has been a Christian since his birth. He is now Jewish or follows any other religion. However, the TV presenter has questioned his faith in the Christian religion. 

While filming Expedition Unknown, Gates visited many places worldwide for mysteries, lost cities, and more. Due to his adventures on the show, he started questioning his beliefs in religion and faith. 

The reason behind this change was the experiences of paranormal activities he witnessed. The audiences might think of it as a clever way of video editing. But for Gates, it was life-changing. 

Another reason might be his age. As Gates got older, he was even less connected with his religion. Maybe he was searching for answers, and he didn’t get them.

The presenter is very much attached to the belief of spirit and soul. He talks about the common understanding in many cultures and religions about the soul and spirit being released after a person’s death.

Gates has mentioned multiple times that he witnessed paranormal activities beyond our understanding during his work. Due to this, he has gained tremendous respect for Buddhism and Hinduism. 

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Josh Gates’s Net Worth

Josh Gates has a net worth of $3 million. Most of his earnings come from his work. In his 20 years of career, Gates has managed to make both his name and fortune out of it.

Besides being a TV host, he has also co-produced various television series. Such as Destination Truth, Expedition: Unknown, Ghost Hunters, Stranded, and others. 

Josh Gates’s Career

Josh Gates has multiple hats that revolve around his hat. He is best known as a Television Presenter. He also studied archaeology and drama at Tufts University. This background as an archaeologist has helped him in his career.

In most of Gates’s television series, he travels worldwide to find answers. He looks into the mysteries around the globe. He tries to make sense of the things he witnesses on his journey. 

From 2007-2012, Josh Gates was the Host of the famous television series, Destination Truth. The series managed to get 1.7 million total viewers with the highest second-season rating on Syfy. The series ran for five seasons.

Gates has also been the Host of the television series Ghost Hunters. He was the Host of the series on multiple occasions.

In 2021, Gates was part of another television series, Expedition: Unknown. Due to this, he has earned the title of an experienced investigator.

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