Who is Charles?

Who Is South Sudanese Diplomat Charles Oliha? Family Arrest And Charges

Who is Charles Oliha? There is an allegation of rape against him, but he seems out of police control. Where is he? How can he go out of the grip of the law? 

According to the police, Charles Oliha is a foreigner with a diplomat position for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His nationality is Sudanese.

What Happened With The Victim?

From the victim’s statement, the rape occurred around midday on Sunday. The victim lives in the same building where Oliha resides, so when a woman came to her apartment.

Oliha, without consent from her, came inside her apartment and raped her more than once. Oliha raped her two times.

She was unaware of the incident when her friend visited her and came to know about the incident. Her friend pressed to complain at the police station. So, she did.

Oliha, after the complaint. He stayed in custody for a night. But soon to be released at daybreak nearly at 5 am. 

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After he showed his diplomatic position papers, NYPD officers let him go as he had diplomatic immunity.

How Did Charles Follow The Victim?

The anger and enigma are increasing in the case of rape by a Sudanese diplomat, especially when he walked out of custody using diplomatic immunity.

The woman reported that following her to her apartment, then forcing his way inside, he pushed her against a wall and raped her twice. During the incident, he used a condom the first time and without a condom the second time.

South Sudan diplomat dodges NYC rape rap, claims immunity: NYPD sources
South Sudan Diplomat: Charles

After the disgusting incident, the woman was not in her normal condition. She went into a disturbed state and filed the complaint only after her friend’s arrival and compulsion.

 The incident occurred at noon, and the woman called the police at night around 11 pm. 

At the moment, Charles’s location is not available.

Where Is Charles’s Family?

Who is Charles Oliha? His full name is Charles Dickens Imene Oliha. He is 46 years old and residing in an apartment in Fort George.

After the incident, only female relatives and family members are in the apartment. They have not given any comment regarding Charles.

Charles is a married man having four children. His children’s ages are one, three, five, and eight.

Is Charles Arrested?

After 12 hours after the incident, Charles was taken to custody immediately but released at 5 am on Monday when police testified he had diplomatic immunity.

Charles with his passport.
Charles with his passport.

One of the detectives within the NYPD’s Special Victims Unit came to know of his immunity, then Charles was set free without charge.

On Tuesday, he was not in his apartment. 

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New Yorkers are enraged by this incident. The common question is: who is Charles Oliha?

What Are Charles’s Charges?

The State Department has not verified whether to permit him to live in the country or not.

The spokesperson of the State Department commented to DailyMail.com on Tuesday that they have taken this case seriously as State Department used to take all issues seriously.

State Department is also working with the New York Police Department and the Mayor’s Office of International Affairs, which involve foreign diplomats assigned to Permanent Missions. 

Mayor Eric Admas has shared his anger over this incident and commented that no one would tolerate sexual assault.  

The UN has also commented on this incident. They said they were aware of the report, which is very concerning. The case needs to be investigated appropriately.

And this case involves a strong position of the United Nations. This incident is a bilateral issue between South Sudan and the US authorities.

Currently, there is only an allegation of rape against Charles. He has not received any charges. 

Ordinary people have shown sympathy and concern for the victims. And there is a need for proper investigation for justice. 

As martin Luther king Jr said: Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. 

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