Naomi Nelson

Naomi Nelson Shot Death In 2019- Why Her Death News Trending On Internet?

Concerning the passing of 14-year-old Naomi Nelson, many questions have gone unanswered for far too long.

Continue reading this article as we look at the new details of the case that caused a massive uproar on the internet.

The youngster was fatally shot on May 3, 2019, at Big Yard, Carenage, during an altercation between an unmarked Police car driven by Police officers and accused shooters.

In the incident, two other guys, Kareem Roberts, 27, and Keron Eve, 30, also perished. According to the Police, locals had started shooting. Locals claimed Police drew the first blood.

Uncomfortable memories of the Big Yard case were brought back by this week’s police-involved shooting at Beetham Gardens when officers slew a man after Police approached that neighborhood in an unmarked car.

Naomi Nelson Shot- Why Her Death News Trending On Internet?

Thus far, No one in Naomi Nelson’s family is certain of the cause of her death or the exact circumstances surrounding it. In addition to the fact that delays have worsened their pain, high-ranking officials’ public comments on this issue have given them little reason to believe they will ever receive justice.

Gary Griffith, the Police commissioner at the time, stated in June 2019 that a ballistics report on the incident might take up to six years.

Naomi Nelson
Naomi Nelson family are still awaiting the justice
(Source: Trinidad and tobago newsday)

The internet went crazy after such a piece of terrible news came out. People wanted the killers to be caught and taken to justice by any means necessary. But as of now, the Police have been unable to figure out who exactly is to be blamed for the case.

Investigators are still looking for the person who fired the stray gunshot that claimed the life of 14-year-old Naomi Nelson during an incident involving Police and inhabitants of Carenage more than two years later.

Nelson, an East Mucurapo Secondary student, was struck while strolling along the street in May 2019 amid a gunfight involving law enforcement and criminals. In addition to a Police officer being shot in the chest, two men were slain.

Due to the bulletproof vest he was wearing; his injuries were not deadly.

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Naomi Nelson Case Update

Young Naomi became a part of an unlucky coincidence where she happened to be in a feud between groups of Police and criminals. Even after such high investigations, there are barely any details about who fired the stray bullet that caused the end of the young girl.

Police charged two men with firing at officers in connection with the same incident a few days later.

On May 16, 2019, the guys made their initial court appearance before magistrate Sarah Da Silva in Port of Spain. She remarked that at that time, the court exhibits that the Police typically provided at a first hearing were absent.

The court informed this omission resulted from three separate ongoing investigations.

The Police Complaints Authority, one organization that has looked into this case, was still looking into it a full year later.

The deceased’s family deserves better. The residents of Carenage deserve better. The involved Police officers merit better treatment. Furthermore, the citizens of this nation, who depend on the Police, deserve better.

Justice may be served more quickly and probably more reliably if all of the body cams and dashboard cameras that the State is constantly purchasing are deployed and used consistently by all cops.

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