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Keith Hernandez Wife And Net Worth: Salary Parents And Cocaine Controversy

Who is Keith Hernandez’s Wife? Keith cherished his love life with multiple beauties but has he been married? Find out!!

On Tuesday, October 20, 1953,  Keith Hernandez arrived in San Francisco. Family flowered him in pacific and Millbrae, California

 In 2022, he turned 69 years. He has retired from his professional career, which was baseman in American football(baseball)

Also, he has an impressive height of six inches and weighs 88 kg. Both eye color and hair color are the same that is dark brown. 

He transferred to Capuchino High School from Terra Nova High School during his first year. In 1971, he finished his high school graduation. 

Besides that, he was nicknamed Mex by his teammates during high school.

In this article, let’s dig deep about Keith Hernandez, his parents, his wife, net worth, and the cocaine controversy.

Keith Hernandez Wife

Keith Hernandez dated more than one. Let’s look at his dating relationship with the time frame. From 1985-1986 he dated Joan severance; in 1987, Carly Simon, in 1990 Marsha Mason, in 1992 Sally Kirkland, in 1994 Cheryl Tiegs, and Luann de Lesseps, whose dating year is not clear as of now. 

Even though he dated several, he was also a married man since 1979. Keith Hernandez’s wife at the time was Sue Broecker. His marriage oath did not last long. After five years(1983), they divorced, and he has three daughters. 

Furthermore, in 2005 he tied the knot with another partner.  this time Keith Hernandez’s wife, Kai Thompson. Again, his marriage could not sustain for more than six years. They ended their marriage in 2011. There is no information regarding children from Kai Thompson. 

Currently, he is single. 

Keith Hernandez’s Net Worth

 Keith Hernandez, a well-known American former professional baseman and the best defensive player in his baseball history, has a net worth of $16 million.

As you can see, his source of wealth is his profession, which was 31% above the league average of his time. In addition, he has received Gold Glove not once but 11 consecutive seasons in his baseman position. Due to his best defense, until now, he has been well received in the history of baseball.

Keith Hernandez Salary

legend Keith Hernandez isn't ashamed when he cried
Legend Keith Hernandez during the game.

As a salary, he earned 16 million USD$ approximately in his career. Besides that, he generated his income from various sources. He has written a book on baseball name Purebaseball.

He is also a baseball analyst, appears in TV shows, and is an established writer. Until now, he published five books. His latest one is about the entire life history of Keith during his 1980 season.

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Keith Hernandez Parents

John Hernandez and Jacqueline Hernandez are his parents. John Hernandez was also a baseball player. 

Moreover, John’s position was also baseman, and he played for  St. Louis Cardinals and New York Yankees in the 1940s. John Hernandez is no more with us. His soul departed in 1992. 

Keith Hernandez has an older brother Gary, who was also a baseball player for four seasons of minor league college baseball and at Cal. He participated in the game with athletic energy.

On the other hand, we don’t know more about his number of siblings.

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Keith Hernandez Cocaine Controversy

Keith has said that he has used Cocaine during his games as well. But he started using more when he separated from his wife in 1980. 

According to Keith, Cocaine is the devil on this earth and the devil within him. 

After watching the game of his mate, who had used Cocaine during the game, he realized that he also could not play games utilizing this substance.

Also, his experience after using it was not a pleasant one. He had awakened with nose bleeding, shakes, and thrown gam in the toilet. Then he decided to quit.

Along with other players, he got immunity as they testified in court. 

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